Rep. Adam Schiff: Timing On Impeachment Driven By Urgency | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Adam Schiff: Timing On Impeachment Driven By Urgency | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Intel Chair, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., says explains the timing for the articles of impeachment against the president. Aired on 12/18/19.
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Rep. Adam Schiff: Timing On Impeachment Driven By Urgency | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump’s the Traitor and Chief, and the Commander and Thief, He can Control ya’ll, But he can’t Control us all !

    1. ma,ma gee’s gospel Do you really believe these idiotic statements you make? Russia can’t love the Trump presidency, the first thing he did was infringe in their Liquid Natural Gas trade with key European partners, like Poland and Germany. The next thing? Boosted NATO spending by tens of billions PER YEAR.

      Sorry to come in here and destroy your narrative with publicly available information. But I have no choice, liberals don’t read. Too emotional I guess

    1. FORGIVE THOSE Republicon politricks..
      FOR THEY knows.

    2. yes indeed bring him on. He will help bring the corrupt crooks in the democrat swamp down and hopefully work with Bar to put some people in Prison like Comey and Clinton and former heads of the CIA like Brenar.

    1. @Dirt Dog Again,, it is not likely to shift 20 Senators, but even 4 or 5 will be a big indictment of trumpy, and will gum up Mitch’s plans.
      Realistically, none of the Dem senators want this to delay, as many need to be in Iowa and New Hampshire in early Feb.
      The thing is, I believe that the majority of the American population know that trumpy stinks and that they will be fair in their assessment of the Impeach process.
      It is the very vocal minority that is worrying.

    2. @Dirt Dog You can win the battle, but lose the war. The Senate will be a battle, outcome not guaranteed, surprises can happen. Nixon had unprecedented support, and within a few months it evaporated.

    3. @An Sar whatever you need to tell yourself you dumb c*nt I’ll check back in with you after he’s been acquitted oh and the Senate impeachment trail is is not a legal trial it’s a political trial but of course you’re too fcking stupid to know that you need 20 republican senators to vote for removal on your best day you might get three but again you’re too fcking stupid to know this

    1. Jim Allen this so called pattern is no different than any other President went through in a midterm. You continue to NOT see or admit that the very fact that Trump is President means there has been a shift an American politics that changed the political landscape. The Democratic establishment is more hated now than when they rejected the CENTRIST, corporatist hack Hillary. If the Democrats choose another neoliberal like Biden they will lose, and that 22 thousand edge Trump got in Wisconsin will triple.

    2. Creator I suppose you get your news from CNN and MSNBC if after all the crap this country has been through you still blame it on the Russians.

  2. Schiff has done a great job and will be recorded in history!
    Impeachment something like crime court trial. No crime guy will say he is guilty ….

    1. It is hysterical that people have praised this absolute moron for anything other than preside over this blue clown circus..

    2. Umm, Schiff committed Organized Criminal Fraud in order to start this Phony Impeachment. He works for CCP-owned DNC. He and most of the Dems should be registered as Foreign Agents.

    3. Siway chen
      yeah Schiff will go down as the politician who led the way for the Democrats to lose in 2020. LOL
      If by some small chance the Republicans get the House again I doubt Schiff will ever be heard from again.

  3. THE GREAT AWAKENING…happening right now. There are hundreds of traitors in our government. We will soon see how and why trillions of dollars have vanished.

    1. Democrats and Republicans, left wing, right wing, same cursed bird of capitalism — which is the bird that has flown away with trillions of dollars. Began with Bush & Company, with Rumsfeld at the Pentagon. Billions in cash vanished, and part of 9/11 emotional manipulation of Americans using “terrorism” as the trance message. Today? Trance message is “hoax” and “witch-hunt”. The hoax is being played out on Americans democracy devolving into oligarchy and the “witch-hunt” is on for special treatment of non-white Americans, immigrants or not.

    2. Because DemoRats wasted it on Fake Hoaxes and other Fake Operatives ! The DNC is being investigated as we speak !

    1. @Anti Trumper ya, drag in hunter, joe, Eric holder, obama, hillary, lynch, Wasserman schultz, Schiff, maxine, whistleblower, rice, arwan brothers, macabe, struyk, comey, brennan, lisa page etc etc

    2. McConnell does have a point. Why did the house not use its full power to sanction and bring in the witnesses. They did it during Nixon impeachment but Nadler and Schiff were sheepish and only charged them with contempt and left it at that. It’s going to come back and bite them.

    1. @DasEichenlaub Nah, trump can face accountability. Former presidents have nothing to do with the current one, whataboutard.

  4. Schiff nailed it. They don’t want to see the evidence, they want to complain about the process. And we all know why.

    1. Schiff committed Organized Criminal Fraud in order to start this Phony Impeachment. He works for CCP-owned DNC. He and most of the Dems should be registered as Foreign Agents.

    1. ShadowMoses165 It’s in his bank records,,,taxes,,and manafort,Cohen, and djtj said they get there money from..THE RUSSIAN.

  5. Trump never stopped having Rally’s….Golf….Conspiring with Russian Intelligence…Rally’s…..and no work done for America.

    1. Let’s get rid of due process all together heh? Let’s just sentencing criminals on the spot. No need for due process nor trial. Let’s see how many criminals we can put in jail without due process. This is why it is so scary to live under extreme leftist ideology. They can shoot you on spot just like what China would do to drug dealers.

  6. It’s obvious that the criminal crook has been working entirely since last year to cheat ones again in order to win…

  7. Classic malignant narcissist. He NEEDS a rally to feel loved because he has a warped damaged ego. Bonespurs is not fit to be a dog catcher. No offence to the wonderful men and women who are dog catchers.

  8. ‘….let him be judged by the election’

    The same election he plans to cheat in….?

    Right bc principals will punish students by whether they pass the exam they have the cheat sheet to.

    Is there anything so preposterous???

    1. And Let’s notForget Joe Biden and Hunter ! Oh and Obama , who let the Ukraine Ge run over by Russia and lost a 1/3rd Of their country ! Good Job Emorats !

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