Rep. Adam Schiff: Why Wouldn’t GOP Senators Want To Hear From John Bolton? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rep. Adam Schiff, a House impeachment manager, talks with Rachel Maddow about what he would ask Republican senators if he could, and what he wants to hear from John Bolton if enough Republican senators agree to allow witnesses. Aired on 1/28/2020.
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Rep. Adam Schiff: Why Wouldn't GOP Senators Want To Hear From John Bolton? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. The Republicons don’t want to hear witnesses because then they would have to acknowledge the truth and as long as they don’t hear the truth they can claim ignorance. They are cowards and traitors to our country and constitution.

  2. Great question. I would think if the table was turned and they let’s say trying to IMPEACH HC REPUBLICAN’S would take any all information and witness they could find.
    What hypocrite’s

    1. Even coerce or blackmail into testifying like Ken Starr did to Monica Lewinsky in the Bill Clinton Impeachment.

    1. @Bernard Wilson because the House rammed it through and did not do their job before bringing it to the Senate.

    2. @Liberty or Death the House did their job, Trump was using the court system to delay the process indefinitely. Nixon and Clinton both faced impeachment for much less offenses than Trump has committed.

    3. @Blink Once on Sunday! you do not understand how our separation of powers or our constitution works. I would not expect you to though because they don’t teach it anymore in our hijacked educational systems. The only thing they teach is that there are no absolutes, you can be one or more of many genders and use whatever bathroom you want, our founding fathers were nothing more than a bunch of racists, white men sit down and shut up, morality is subjective.

    4. wait… im confused..why would the Republicans want to call on the bidens as witnesses? were the bidens being shady af or what? i want answers. i think most Americans want answers about the bidens. why does it seem like the house was all secretive and unwilling to budge or compromise on anything during the first part of the impeachment process, but now they are crying about the trial being unfair?? or is it just me?

    1. Through all of these shenanigans and criminal acts, lies, and far fetched defense of this president the American people are being played

    2. @Don’t SSleep I see that you have no rebutle, I didn’t think you would as it might require you to put sentances together.

  3. Republicans have two options. They can either do right by the American people, and bring in witnesses and evidence, or they can all throw themselves on a handgrenade for their dear cult leader.

    1. What what a witness say in what evidence. Read the transcript the phone call Trump said do Us favor he never said will give you javelins if you spying on the Biden’s for me The whole reason why Adam Schiff next Pelosi and Chuck Schumer white witnesses if he goes they know their cases is week all the witnesses are all hearsay The Ukraine president said he was not pressured they got there aid and Ukraine never looked into the Biden’s Adam Schiff is lying to you Donald Trump did not want leverage to help him in 2020 nothing that it was held up because the past Ukraine president was corrupt and he wanted to make sure that our taxpayers money was going to go to good Cause instead of corruption

  4. Trump appears to have permanent tardive dyskenisia now, I wonder how many years he has been on anti psychotic meds? Slurring his words horribly, tongue sticking out involuntarily, body and hand spasms. Fat granpa is toast. SOTU will be major proof he is ready for a nursing home and treatment.


  5. John Bolton? “La, La, La, la, La- I’m not listening” said the Republican who just last week was whining about no witnesses having first hand knowledge.

    1. 3LD – The Democrat party doesn’t need smearing, they do a good job of it all by themselves. You’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

    2. OMG! you mean there IS a FIRST hand witness who is willing to testify?!!
      Time to scurry like roaches when the lights come on.

      OR republicans, you can stand up to the mobster in chief and take your medicine like grown ups.

    1. progressive humanist, If the democrat mob were in power, our Republic would cease to exist. But that’s going to happen.  And by the way, you and your fellow leftist freaks are neither progressive nor humanist. The democrat mob is an affront to civilized humanity, and it ought to be eliminated, by any means necessary.

    2. Our nation is now the strongest economy in the world, we have the lowest unemployment levels EVER, we are making trade deals that even other countries are now wanting to mimic as well, we are about to make history in bringing peace to the middle east between the Palestinians and the Israelis, we have for the first time in our history, a president who stands against the world who have been taking our jobs and our money for decades without a single dispute from any previous Presidency. If this is the attack that you’re talking about, then I say keep the attacks coming, bring the whole dam war.

    3. Tony Bobér – Good job Tony! Well said. The liberal scum bag America haters can’t stand seeing the country do well. They’ve been so brain washed by the Democrat Party that they don’t even realize they are the new slaves. I bet the Democrat Politicians laugh at these morons behind their backs. The KKK was good at scaring folks. Seems they still do this.

  6. Every trial Trump has been in throughout his life, even those he himself started, if they’ve ended up with witnesses and evidence, they have been a disaster for him because they have always ruled against him.

    So of course we can understand why Trump is deathly afraid of witnesses and evidence in this trial.

    The only cases Trump has ever won in courts are those where he has financially had more money than his opponent (whether he sued them or they sued him) and he has exhausted them financially in the court process that they gave up and threw the towel in to not be bankrupted by further litigation. These gave Trump his legal “wins” not based on legal merit, but based on the deepest pocket.

    Luckily for the American people, this is one trial which is being conducted by congressional prosecutors, by and for the American people, and they have the pockets of the US government to prevent Trump dragging it out to exhaustion.

    1. OMG! you mean there IS a FIRST hand witness who is willing to testify?!!
      Time to scurry like roaches when the lights come on.

      OR republicans, you can stand up to the mobster in chief and take your medicine like grown ups.

  7. The one thing I’ve noticed since this whole impeachment process was started, is that Dems are considerably smarter and better organized than their republican counterparts in both the House and the Senate.

    1. Mueller failed his country at the hour it most needed him and that is saying a lot considering his heroic record. He failed because he was too much of a boy scout and was hoodwinked by his fellow Republicans.

    2. @El Draco That is brutally true, but he deserves no dishonor that I can see. It appears he did the best he could; we all get old and nobody gets out of here alive. You likely know that many of his closest associates said toward the end that he was not the man he once was . . . and it can happen to us all. He was severely bullied by sociopaths with no honor, and as you said, he was a boy scout, and he was not on his game. Pity nobody picked up the ball when he fumbled; he took it to the one yard line, and should get credit for that.

  8. no wittiness allowed means gop cover up because tr’mp and his admin are dirty … vote the gop out ASAP, mystery solved

  9. Simple; after hearing the witnesses they will have to remove Trump from office and from the 2020 election ballot.

    1. Actually they haven’t heard from the one witnesses that was interviewed in Adams basement scif during the hipsci investigation. There were 18 people interviewed in the scif. Adam has repeatedly said there was only 17. Why has Michael Atkinson’s testimony been completely ignored. If the intelligence community’s inspector general’s testimony is hidden from the public what exactly does that mean? If you all want the truth then this testimony must be shown!

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