Rep. Castro: This Is A Dangerous Man Who Is Occupying The Oval Office | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

Rep. Castro: This Is A Dangerous Man Who Is Occupying The Oval Office | Katy Tur | MSNBC


Democrats have now introduced one article of impeachment against the president for inciting insurrection. A vote could come as soon as Wednesday. Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas joisn Katy Tur to discuss. Aired on 01/11/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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Rep. Castro: This Is A Dangerous Man Who Is Occupying The Oval Office | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. “It’s gonna be wild.” –Donald Trump. Sounds like somebody knew what was gonna happen ahead of time.

    1. @Alba1970 Crawl back under your rock, maybe you can commiserate with the other conspiracy nuts. Your guy lost in a free and fair election, as attested to by his own administration. Instead of acting like a man and leaving graciously he tried to overthrow the government. It’s over, get used to it.

    1. Protection from the secret service of a government that he is trying to overthrow is unspeakable. He should be confined to a private location for questioning.

  2. If you’re attacking your own government alongside Nazis and conspiracy theorists, you’ve made some bad choices. That is the wrong side of history. It doesn’t make you a patriot. It makes you a traitor.

    1. @Seymour Butts Trump’s chief of the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration actually supports the Flat Earth Model. I am not being cute. We have come to the very edge, and our nation is about to fall off. (The metaphor is real, anyway.)

    2. @Blue Collar Silver Dollar The traitors won’t treat anyone well on the other side. That’s why all decent people are united against them and this coup is failing.

  3. Why wouldn’t Pence invoke the 25th. Amendment after Trump’s Goons went looking for to Lynch him on the gallows they brought along?

    1. He cannot do it by himself. He needs a majority of the Csbinet, too. Also, Trump can claim he is fit. Then the decision returns to Congress.

    2. pense writes letter to trump to ascertain trumps fitness, trump responds with “i am fit”, and it’s pretty much an uphill battle because his cabinet has to chime in and when all is said and done they have up to about 3 weeks to get it done. I think there are enough angry republicans (at least ones that realize their re-election may depend on them removing trump) to get him gone this time.

    1. lets face the facts the election was stolen it was facilitated in conjunction with media, formats like twitter and facebook as well as the democrat party, with the aim of turning America into a communist state with the arch communist uncle Joe “Stalin” Biden at the helm and Kamala Harris in charge of the Politburo with the intention to turn America into DRSSA or Democratik Republik of Socialist States of Amerika

    2. @Alba1970 Let’s face the fact your Devil Trump lost the vote, because more people voted for Biden instead of your Devil Trump so do yourself a favor and start being a leader instead of a follower, and Wake Up Boo

    3. Fart noise!!! Trump is a fart noise, he’ll be gone in no time,his smell Will be around for a while but will eventually vanish into thin air.

    4. @Alba1970 You are an idiotic trumpTURD troll and nobody believes your crap here. You are wasting your time.

  4. All the Republicans in Senate and House who were complicit with Trump, need to stand up grow a spine and let all Americans know they lied to them.

  5. “Let’s have trial by combat.”
    -Ruby Fooliani

    “Fight for Trump.”
    -Donald Trump Jr

    “It’s going to be wild.”
    -Donald Trump

    “No Trogan Men Republicans.”

  6. All the rioters should lose all govt benefits, jobs, be banned from govt buildings, be banned from air travel, lose right to vote. Cosequences for attacking their own govt. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO BE THIS STUPID.

    1. I can imagine a bunch of proto-magats considering an attack on the White House during Obama’s presidency.

    2. @Alex Mitchell Oh yeah there’s definitely a line from the Tea Party to this that will be picked apart by historians

    3. @SteelFisher I’ve just read Obama’s “A Promised Land” and he makes some interesting contrasts on that subject.

  7. Crystal Mason got sentenced to 5 years for unknowingly voting when she was not eligible. I wonder how many years insurrection gets you?

  8. Truth, justice and the American way demands that the consequences for *everyone* involved in *any* treasonous coup attempt must be so severe that no one will have the stomach to attempt it ever again.

  9. “President Donald Trump will leave office as a man without a country”
    – James Mattis Former United States Secretary of Defense 2021

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