Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) On Filibuster History, Voting Rights Act | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

House Majority Whip Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) comments on voting rights and the history of the filibuster. "Over time, especially during the Jim Crow era…that filibuster was being used to deny voting rights and civil rights, and that's a fact." Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) On Filibuster History, Voting Rights Act | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. @DAVID Who’s “we”, david? You have a mutant miniacture russian carnival barker in your pocket or just a soul-connection to 70 million bleating sheep?

    1. The Republicans are trying to hurt the American People instead of helping them especially people of color Black, Brown, Native American, Asian etc.

    1. you democrats look weird if biden is the best you can do. he looks like something out of a tales from the crypt movie.

    2. @Timothy Johnson you’re the communist democrat troll. you believe in stolen elections and think it’s good. Bernie had it stolen from him 2 times in a row cause he’s too much of a communist for the rich democrats.

  1. It’s great to learn about the original use of the Filibuster. Yepppp Biden knows what he’s doing and how this job can be done. 🌊

  2. “What next? Libs are going to say the Electoral College is racist too?!?” – actual post I saw on FB today.


  3. Them southern states that are suppressing voters rights we need to send in the national guard to make sure everyone can cast their vote like they did in the 1960s to protect civil rights.

  4. Biden needs to come out and advocate for abolishing the filibuster. Manchin and Sinema need to stop siding with the insurrectionists and remember what it’s like to act like an American again.

  5. How can a policy that allows the will of 40% frustrate the desire of 59% of representation exist in a democracy? is the government of the people reflect their will of the Majority of the people, or is it undeserved privilege gained by nepotism and elitism?
    Who’s senate it is? the people who pay for it or the senators who are paid to serve?
    WHO is Mitch McConnel if he is not a public servant paid to implement the will of the MAJORITY?
    and finally, shouldn’t Howley, Cruz and Mcconnel be charged with evil sedation and being of the human form of life, hung drawn and quartered and cooked? then reprimanded! (maybe u should add Mark Elliot Zuckerberg to that list)

    1. The Majority Voted for Trump. It was stolen by the governemnt. You dems are STUPID. You just follow the crowd. Bernie won but you clowns let the government pick the guy.

    2. @Darryl Davis Nope, the majority _did not_ vote for trump. You cannot tell us how we voted. We know how we voted. You just do not want to accept the fact that you backed the losing horse.

  6. It’s ridiculous that a minority party can control legislation by denying a democratic vote on a law. Denying change is most of the time what republicans are trying to accomplish, therefore they can get what they want by doing nothing. The filibuster must go.

  7. Make no mistake, with voter suppression not only is it against the civil rights of voters but republicans are attempting again to install a one party dictatorship like their failed attempt on the 6th

  8. it’s 2021 and whites in one party is attempting again to take away voting rights of blacks. Democrats and independents should be angry because it’s causing a drastic unbalance of power towards a party that won’t satisfy the wants of the majority in the nation. That is a dictatorship

    1. @Darryl Davis you’re a paid-troll cut/pasting the same thing over and over to every progressive comment. Whatever pennies you’re paid outside the US, we know you’re fake. You’re not part of the debate, you’re a loon, a money-grubber, maybe both, but definitely a troll, not part of the conversation. We see you.

    2. @alioxinfree you’re the paid troll. you elected an 80 year old to run the Country. you’re so stupid. He’s a rude 80 year old too. biden is senile just like you. You’re a communist troll.

  9. Let’s be honest here we’re looking for results on voting rights and civil rights issues. We’re not asking for something unjustified. Taxation while limiting voter participation is illegal and evil. We expect this Administration to get this done. I support President Biden and the manner in which he wants to get this done. Just do it!

  10. Manchin is on-record for reform. Senator Sinema needs to go on-record to agree to Filibuster Reform: end both the 60-to-vote AND 60-to-pass, make it only a talking-filibuster (not a no-show email objection) that ends when the senators stop talking. You have to be on-camera defending your minority position, and every bill needs to be voted on after the minority gets to have their say.

  11. The disgusting voting laws just passed in GA shows just how low and evil Republicans will go to suppress black voter rights. Shameful. And btw I’m white and so disgusted!!

  12. Wait a minute, if republicans had all the power and said no more filibuster what would you guys think?

  13. The John Lewis Voting Rights Act must be passed again as it was in 1965. John Roberts was wrong. Its needed now more than ever.

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