Rep. Clyburn: We Will Set An Example With Biden Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Rep. Clyburn: We Will Set An Example With Biden Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. It is so sad that a civil war over the Constitution might happen, but I will pick up a gun and defend it even if our elected leaders that swore an oath to uphold, protect and defend Constitution wont. It is a just cause for my kids and I hope grand kids. If we allow fraud in our elections to stand you know what will be coming soon, tyranny.

  1. Elected officials come and go, some we like or dislike. See clearly. Present and future Americans will suffer the trends of dishonesty in government and the lessening civil rights.

    1. @13bustah don’t waste your finger time until you’ve read the report – Mueller was a Republican.

    2. @13bustah collusion is not a crime. no problem. If all the other stuff is okay with you – go rot

    3. -The Supreme Court of the US and the State Legislatures have one simple question to ask themselves: as of 12/8/2020
      -Do you want to reward Election fraud and illegal ballots? – OR –
      -Do you want to defend/preserve our 14th Amendment and legal votes?

      One illegal ballot cancels your legal ballot. One State illegal election result, cancels another or afew other States. …Comprendes? we dont want that do we

    4. I guess Biden will have fun adapting to his shiny orange suit.
      No honest person can say that the 2020 election was fair.
      It was RIGGED.


    1. · 3h
      2020 ELECTION.🚨

      Biden, call your Office of the President-Elect.

      The Inaugural Committee fails to pass simple resolution *ACKNOWLEDGING BIDEN AS PRESIDENT-ELECT* after all Republicans opposed.

      The resolution fails 3-3. It means all preparations to swear in Biden are premature.
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    2. ​@Robert Ray Trump is shining the light on all the scam and scammers that have been going on for decades. Therefore pimples= criminals and crimes are bursting & exploding under the weight of their own scam.
      1. Why is this not a good thing?
      2. Why are you siding with the criminals?
      3. Why are you accusing someone of something he did not?
      4. What do you an grown man believe that your feeling matter more than our constitution?

    1. I guess Biden will have fun adapting to his shiny orange suit.
      No honest person can say that the 2020 election was fair.
      It was RIGGED.

    2. @J Groovy The fact is that Joe Biden is not a president-elect, yet!!
      Joe Biden is just president-elect-wannaBEE or president-elect-Beggar!
      Biden can be elected as you wish
      even if the Biden family are alleged to be seriously corrupted with China CCP.
      Imagine that Corrupt President Joe in white house and his son Hunter in jail???!!!!

    1. @Z Song so what part did you have in it? How dumb are you, or how dumb do you think we are? You are trying to get me to believe that sleepy good for nothing Joe after 47 years of nothing fired people up enough to capture 80Mil votes in the same election that the opposing fired up candidate broke the record of votes received of any presidential candidate in the history if the nation. And that cripple won And? And you believe that? You’re a very special kind if stupid.

    2. @Z Song that’s what trump supporters have been saying the past 4 years but it looks like you guys still haven’t gotten over it yet hhhaha

    3. @Steven Mack People who are in the Trump Cult, such as yourself, should be advised by family and friends to seek deprogramming. You are in the minority. You claim that everybody is lying to you – all the news networks (except the Fox and other wacko fringe media), all the scientists, all of Republicans who are appalled by Trump’s stupid and immoral behavior, and Democrats. It is SO EASY to fact check Trump’s idiotic comments, but you don’t WANT to.

  2. Was the Breitbart reward offered for proving this male was called the N word at The Tea Party March at the DC Mall ever get claimed? Will he be the New Plantation Master or will Barry?

  3. Those soldiers earned those benefits, should receive compensation backdated. All of them, going back to the 54th Mass.

    1. I followed up on the suggested reading, anyone reading this please do the same. Sgt Isaac Woodard was raised in NC, not too far me, Fort Bragg is in NC, Fort Woodard sounds proper.

      Dude unloaded ships under enemy fire.

    1. If he does become President(hope not), he wont be for very long he barely complete a thought. Harris is the one that is going to be running things.

  4. Remember 4 years ago how the Democrats responded to Trumps win?
    Hopefully the Republicans respond the same….

  5. This guy didn’t know what “virtual” referred to before being on this “committee”. Haha what a joke

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