1. I am volunteering my small condo unit for free to one Afganis Refugee Family, as they have served US Forces for 20 years.

    1. If any make it. You almost need to fly in and rescue the refugees on your own. Terrorism jo and kackling kamala are no where in sight.

    2. Lily Jade .. May God bless for your compassion. I’m doing the same with my properties in the. U.K…

  2. To have our Generals say that they are depending on diplomacy with the Taliban is an unbelievable scenario. Negotiating with the Taliban is like dealing with the devil. – Nikki Haley tweet

    1. Having Trump and Pompeo negotiating on your behave, is worse. They will sell you out for a contribution to their election fund.

  3. So in other words Trump set a trap for Biden and he fell for it? I don’t think so, no one is that stupid.

    1. Biden said to Stephenopolis that he regretted nothing and would not have done it any other way. So Slow Joe OWNS this.

  4. This is sick. We could go in right now and get our people. Somehow they want to blame Trump for us not rescuing our people and shutting down our air base before pulling out the women and children. WTH

    1. Defending Baghram would mean more troops in the thousands, for a base 30 miles from Kabul. Would have set off a storm.
      The Americans there should have left last year, if they stayed till the last minute, they shared the risk. Probably for the extra check.
      As for our helpers, did they assume some risk taking sides in a civil war? We would never lie like the Taliban, would we?
      Imagine how we would have reacted if the Brits had occupied Richmond “to get their people out safely ” in 1865.

    2. Trump signed a deal with America’s enemies behind the backs of the Afghan government, the Afghan army and NATO partners. Trump is even admitting in public that he did this knowing the Afghan army would collapse. He’s openly admitted to sabotaging his own country’s efforts, and the efforts of allies.
      Biden is an imbecile for going along with it and handling it the way it’s been handled, but make no mistake about this – Both Biden and Trump are to blame for everything happening there now, and the inevitable attacks America and allies will suffer in the decades to come.

    3. ​@C Thomas You guys have complete control of all branches of the government and you are still talking about Trump. You cant be a victim right now. Wait until you lose an election. lol

    1. @Equality For All you’re stuck on that democrat plantation education 😂 acting like a female. Complaining and whining 🙄

    2. @My Perspective
      Aug 13th came and went 🙂
      And you’re whining! LOL!!!!
      Happily blocked…troll 🙂

    3. @Equality For All whatever you believe. tin foil hat or is it that democrat plantation education talking for you?

  5. Shout out to George Floyd on fifteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕

    Where was the sympathy when the US were bombing Afghanistan for 20 years??
    Now you blame Joe who put a STOP to it?

  7. We Could Air-Drop Supplies To Northern Alliance ( Panjshir Valley)
    Cross Country Motor Biles To Carry RPGs &
    Walmart Drones To Carry And Deliver Small Bombs
    And The Taliban Would Listen Louder

    1. Keystone XL
      Ongoing Border Crisis
      $5 gasoline
      2-3% inflation
      Covid out of control
      Afgahn withdrawal Debacle

      But hey at least one can now join the military for the sole purpose of getting taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgeries.
      ALL this in 7 Months.
      Trump makes Biden look like Jimmy Carter.

    1. Good to see other people being honest about this when it seems almost all the U.S. media is so politically fanatical none of them are able to tell the truth. I expect it from the nuts at Fox but it’s disappointing to see Maddow and others being almost as bad as them in denying the reality of what Biden has done here.

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