1. @Mr. White It’s weird people still have TDS after all this time. I thought the symptoms would wear off after a while but this seems to be a long term affliction. I pity them. Fact!

    1. Over $200k in private security. I’m sure none of them carried firearms. Most likely social workers. USE YOUR WORDS!

    1. Without those employers willing to pay a living wage people are simply opting out. So many government programs are helping them survive without the hassle of going to work.

    2. @Gran Marquis Most of them are paying a living wage. But there is too many lazy people getting too much free money from the government to stay home. Sad!

    3. @Gran Marquis and thats why the courts are allowing tnese eviction moratorium to expire….it’s bad enough inflation is going up…it will keep going up if the government keeps bailing people out simply because they don’t want to work or feel they aren’t making enough

  1. One persons nonsense is anothers facts. A quote from one of my favourite Chinese philosophers Ah K um soon.

    1. @Christie Harcourt Have you seen the fence around BLM’s Patrice Coulers Topanga Canyon mansion? It’s designed to keep people like you out.

  2. So you guys have nothing better to talk about right now? Maybe getting our citizens and Americans home…. stop the BS now!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Head on over to your camp site on the capital steps. Don’t forget the Gucci Sleeping bag and your Security Detail

  4. Yeah bad grandpa, Joe Biden, driving with his old school bro, Ted Kennedy, in the DNC impressionable school girl mystery van man man. You can plainly see the dirty old man wheels turning and curb crawling

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