Rep. Crow: Congressmen Traveling To Afghanistan Was ‘Irresponsible’

House Armed Services Committee member and Afghanistan veteran, Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), joined Chris Jansing to discuss the news that two members of Congress secretly traveled to Kabul without government approval. He says the situation on the ground in Afghanistan is "dire" and calls for the White House to extend the August 31 troop withdrawal deadline.

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Rep. Crow: Congressmen Traveling To Afghanistan Was 'Irresponsible'


    1. Yes, how responsible for these two military veterans, from different parties, to risk their lives to find out what is really happening. They should have just believed all the conflicting reports, and voted to give the military whatever funds they want, no matter how badly things are bungled. Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee have no business personally seeing how our foreign affairs are conducted.

  1. Okay, you wasted govt. money flying these publicity-seeking tourists there. But let them walk home rather waste a seat on an aircraft. I cannot imagine how frustrating this must be for both those on the ground and the air crews that are working 24/7 to pull off what will end up being the biggest humanitarian air lift in history.

    1. They paid for their tickets to the UAE transfer point and then got space available on empty plane heading into Kabul. They work for the US and this isn’t illegal. It just was frowned on because of potential stress and delay in the process of the ground there. This was an additional security hardship for those detailed to cover Kabul.

  2. Hardly “chaotic”…more of a miraculous accomplishment under incredibly difficult circumstances. I’m beginning to wonder which is worse; Trump-cult zombies or talking-head “experts” and pundits who are pandering to the former for no apparent reason.

    1. Agree! The media get hyperbolic for ratings. Apparently the biggest TV audience are trump-cult (the rest of us are busy WORKING!) So they pander to their audience.

    2. Rep Crowe is a veteran and very intelligent man, but all reports are there were some 80,000 people we need to get out. Last I checked we are at like 70,000 so 8/31 seems like a good deadline. It is not our responsibility to get every women out of Afghanistan contrary to numerous talking heads like Andrea Mitchell states.

    3. @Thomas Winston That’s right; there were over 30,000 evacuated just with the last couple of days. The videos from Afghanistan didn’t seem to project chaos thy talk about.. I am sure people are nervous and anxious, but media amplifying drama in a dangerous situation doesn’t help. Neither do these posturing morons on a photo-op trip.

    4. @Thomas Winston The two Representatives are also veterans, and they are on the Foreign Affairs Committee. When a Republican and Democrat agree something is going wrong, maybe people should listen.

  3. He’s right, if the USA doesn’t show up for their friends and their own troops now, literally everybody is going to distance themselves from the USA and nobody will step up first when they’re threatened, even closest allies will hang back. If you treat as expendible the people who risked everything for you just like the GOP did for Trump you end up alone.
    In South Africa the saying is “United we stand” and people talk about Ubuntu, and community, because people learned their lesson – after the Apartheid government had caused so much division and damage the only way was to unite. The USA defines itself by exclusion and elitism, they’re finding out like the Nazis did that when you make an enemy out of literally everyone and become paranoid pretty soon there’s no one to rely on and not by choice but by default when you’ve burned all your bridges. This is going to be a very significant 6 days in the history of the USA.

  4. They are idiots trying to get a photo op, but taking security away from the airport and onto them, and if someone attacked the military would end up defending them, not anyone else. It would be a massacre. Those congressmen should be in trouble.

    1. If they play their cards right, they just might become martyrs not because they want to but because they couldn’t be kept safe.

  5. If they want to investigate this they should just go down to good ol’ George Bush’s ranch and ask him why he went into Iraq based on lies and took resources away from Afghanistan.

  6. They need to be arrested and found guilty of impeding a military mission. There’s gotta be a law like that somewhere.

    1. There is in the UCMJ, but these idiots are civilians…and apparently laws don’t matter anymore anyway

  7. Air-Drops Of Supplies Into The Panjshir Valley Will Help
    The Resistance Is Called The Northern Alliance

  8. Everybody is an expert on Afghanistan lately. Let the ones in charge do their jobs, they’re the ones with Intel. There will be time to critique it later as the facts come out.

  9. The problem is that there is no cut off without a deadline.
    Where do you draw the line? Is America supposed to evacuate a million people? 2 million?

  10. They only went there for assurances that the heroin deliveries would continue on the agreed upon timetable.

  11. I sure hope that Rep. Jason Crow of Aurora, Colorado helps the situation in Afghanistan. It’s a tough situation. Daily! Very hard right now. Yup, from southern Colorado!

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