Rep. Dean (D-PA) On Capitol Security Briefing | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) speaks on improving Capitol security measures and infrastructure. Aired on 03/09/2021.
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Rep. Dean (D-PA) On Capitol Security Briefing | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr
      Are you still envying the black man chenkov skabeeva?
      Stop it komrade

    2. @Biden Sucks
      Gramps are your brainy friends with you?
      How’s your new account working out for you??

    3. @B. T.
      I know I’m retired and love letting these morons know they are simply entertaining Americans 😂👍🏻😂

  1. It’s pretty sad that our own Capitol has to be protected NOT from an outside threat, it has to be protected from our own homegrown terrorists.

    1. @pinco pallino Are you trolling?
      That will never happen here. No matter how much the insurrectionist reich wing uses it as a fear tactic.

    2. @T S.
      How did the “Pink hat lady” with the bullhorn know exactly how to get to the senate chamber?
      And, what was with the tours the day before the riot?
      All tours were supposed to be cancelled due to Covid.🌼

  2. The congressional members that conspired with the insurrectionists are a clear and present danger

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr
      Ok Pavlov skabeeva we believe youuuuuu komrade 😂👍🏻😂

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr no trump cheated and still lost, he’s the best looser he just keeps on loosing just like you looser.

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Hush now with that nonsense , now run along and go make sure the cinderblocks under your trailer are still crooked.

    1. @flip phone wizard Isn’t China where Trump makes ties and didn’t his daughter’s company get some deal marketing her crap in China, and isn’t Trump $300 million dollars in debt to a bank in China owned by the Chinese government, that is, the Communist Party of China?


    1. Something is seriously wrong with your brain. You shouldn’t be discussing anything with normal people. Go back to talking with magatards.

  3. General Honore is an excellent, honorable, and intelligent man. If he says something, you’d better pay attention.

  4. The lesson we have learned from the capitol seize on Jan. 6 is that we the people should never trust politicians who would want to use the violence and hypocrisy to radicalize their supporters by spreading lies and provoking their anger toward their opponents, for the purpose of their own selfish agenda.

  5. I think the Fencing needs to stay up just like the do on a Military Base, I say treat it like a Military Base.

  6. The mayor of DC who is elected must be the one with authority to do whatever needs to be done to keep DC safe. The mayor should be able to call whatever aid is needed.

  7. Twenty years on and we still have intrusive inspections by the TSA and restricted areas in airports. Two months on, and some members of Congress want restrictions around the Capitol lifted, when we don’t know if other attacks are in the works?

  8. I still get a thrill the msnbc thank you at the end of each of their clips, ha! There’s mud in your eye Fox and the koolaid kids.

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