Rep. Engel On Sending Impeachment Articles To Senate: ‘Want To See A Fair Trial’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) joins Meet The Press Daily to discuss the aftermath of Pres. Trump's impeachment and what to expect from the Senate trial. Aired on 12/19/19.
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Rep. Engel On Sending Impeachment Articles To Senate: 'Want To See A Fair Trial' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. “THIS DOES NOT FEEL LIKE AN IMPEACHMENT”, TRUMP INSISTS! Wow, this man-child really knows everything about everything. Otherwise, how would he know what an impeachment feels like? There’s hardly any doubt that from Trump’s alternative-reality point of view an impeachment that does not feel like one is not an impeachment at all! Of course, Trump’s whores in Congress and the Faux News neo-fascists will echo his deranged reasoning.

    1. As history making as this was. It fell flat. Nothing will happen to trump. Impeachment had a 45-50% approval before the investigation. It’s numbers have stayed. Democrats couldn’t convince anyone but themselves of a crime

    2. @Logan McLean trump will still go own in history as being impeached regardless of what the senate does!! That’s a good, not “flat!!”

  2. No reason to be uncomfortable? Why this weird question. The central matter now is that we have a fight for power over the process, and in a way where the congress is the underdog even if they have the power of impeachment. So if Pelosi plays the leverage wisely it will be possible to get Trump to withdraw.

    And the GOP should not use Trump as 2020 candidate for (re)election.

    1. You make zero sense. There is no fight for power between DJT and Congress. Just as the Republicans are the minority in the House and had no say in the Impeachment process; the Democrats have no say in how the trial is conducted in the Senate. These are the 2 chambers of Congress . If Rep Pelosi hangs onto the articles of impeachment too long she will make them moot. It’s a bad play and will lead to an even deeper schism in the USA. The civil war started like this as well.

    2. Dibald Gyfm I’ll write this slowly:) Trump has NOT been impeached. The house can not impeach, they can only vote for or against impeachment. Now they have voted, it goes to a Senate OR Supreme Court trial. Both have to vote to impeach BEFORE he is removed from office. Why is Pelosi holding it back? It’s doomed to fail just like the 2016 FISA abuses that are now coming to light, the Mueller report that found nothing but influenced the 2018 election and now impeachment to influence the 2020 elections. The Dems think you are stupid.

    1. The Issue is The senete is demand Clinton ” level of rules …Dims want to throw the rules out and make new rules …no kidding

    2. @Bob Marshel Are you hoping that Trump will get away with his crimes..? Fat chance of that — he’s finished.

  3. I’m not sure what that offer how is it going to have every bit responsibilities that are on my who’s going to say a how they got to say and who’s going to talk about this is one of them make sure that I understand very carefully about a dad to make sure that everyone well who got something more

    1. Arkancide yourself….Jesus says you must sacrifice yourself… you are ENTIRELY expendable to the living world.

    1. Unfortunately the answer is yes he can run for a second term. Only removal from office by the Senate ends his ability to run again It was explained to me this way: The House, lead by Speaker Pelosi is the sheriff they determine the offense and vote to bring charges for prosecution against the President. The Senate, lead by Mitch McConnell are the judge and jury who by vote decide to allow the President to remain in office (free to run again) or remove him.

    1. U mean for only americans right, because im tiyerd of paying medicare for everybodies grandma and grandpa,that are not even legal

    2. @Alphonse Ahrens I’m on disability and I have Medicare. I had to get a lawyer and go before a judge in a court room. There was documentation that the court psychiatrist and the judge both reviewed. I had to answer the judges questions out loud. I couldn’t just nod yes or no. My lawyer would gently nudge my elbow to remind me because I kept forgetting.

      I know people talk about illegal immigrants getting Medicare and Medicaid. But unless you have one standing in front of you I urge you to be sceptical. And if you do find someone like that you should call the police and report fraud. Only citizens of the United States are eligible for these services.

      The services that are used by the undocumented are emergency rooms and urgent care. And believe me when I tell you they will bounce you back out of their as fast as they can manage it once they find out you can’t pay. Previous to being judged disabled I definitely got bounced.

      A friend of my daughter’s, who fell off a mountain and nearly died was taken *out* of intensive care and put in a room with another patient (not intensive care anymore) abruptly when the hospital realised there was no one to pay her bill.

      My daughter and I were visiting and walked in on the move, which happened when her husband wasn’t there. Which was lucky as we were able to take care of her personal items while the medical staff moved all the medical equipment she still needed.

      And that is the kind of thing which needs to end. If an American Citizen becomes sick or injured their medical care should not hinge on them going into work. That’s the point. When you’re sick or hurt you can’t work. My daughter’s friend was from work. But it was seasonal and her employer didn’t supply insurance.

      And recently, when auto workers striked GM took their health insurance from them. That puts people in a situation where you have to either work in a bad situation or go without healthcare. It’s not like those GM employees strike every other week.

      Anyway, that’s more answer than you probably expected, but you understand a little better where I’m coming from.

    3. I really hope everithing works out for the good for u , and that u are able to get better God bless u, now i have seen this with my own eyes in sanctuary cities like Chicago, couple of my neighbours have done very expensive medical prosedures with out being legal ,they claim taxes for people who are not even in the country ,or are even americans ,i have seen them live off of food stamps and even get tax exemptions so that they can start their own buisness, i served my country and after Desert storm when i came back i walked in to ask for food stamps things where really hard for me ,and could not get a job ,i was told by a lady who can barely speak english at the desk that unfortunetly i did not qualify because i was an american who could get a job with out any problem, at the same time i saw my neighboer who was an ilegal ,who had a job at the same office aplying for food stamps wich he got accepted and also got even emergency cash , i know this because he loved telling people how easy it was to get help, i almost whent to jail that day ,because of complaining about what i seen i was so enraged ,thinking to myself how many friends i lost in the middle east, and how many times i risked my own life to see this happen when we got back ,trust me im not the only one who feels this way ,and for sure not the only one that can see what happens, its about principle and respect , its avout honor ,since that happened i have seen many more do the same ,is why americans shop for clothes for their kids in walmart and drive a crappy car and ,their kids are wearing nikes and drive beautifull new trucks and suvs, i have my own buisness now and have never got a tax exemption like they can ,once they kbow how they will drain the sistem, sorry to hear what happened to u ,i really am

  4. What would happen if a juror in a real trial, (which the impeachment won’t be a real trial), if said juror stood up and said that regardless of the evidence he/she would enter a vote of not guilty?

  5. Are you a republican Chuck? Comfortable holding off? Uhm…No. the trial will be so unfair it’s not worth it.

  6. Good God how old are these people in the White House? From what I have seen most of them have one foot in the grave already, both Republicans and Democrats…. now I am a boomer and I have to say I much prefer my pollies a little out of the dementia stage of life and if this means younger than me, then that’s fine too lol

  7. Imagine that McConnell & Lindsey Graham publicly stating they will not be fair in Senate hearing. Wow!! where have we come as a country when we would be okay with protecting a Criminal.

  8. Because Of These Zombies Democrats My People All Around America Are Switching To Republicans These Democrats Are Losing Their Minds.

  9. Regardless of your political persuasion do you really think the house Democrat majority was ever going to NOT vote to impeach? However now it has to go to the next stage, the Senate, they are ‘worried’ because the Republicans control the Senate. Did they not think about this scenario?

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