Rep. Gallego Calls For Stripping Vet Benefits From Capitol Rioters With Military Records | MSNBC

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) discusses his call to strip veteran benefits from Capitol rioters with military service records. "This is a deterrent more than anything else," Rep. Gallego said. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Rep. Gallego (D-AZ) On Consequences For Veteran Capitol Rioters | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. The right thing to do would be to strip a POS anti American leftist loser like you of your citizenship and then ship you out of the country.

    1. @willis johns it will be a case by case thing. Not treason though. Treason requires specific technicalities. It’s either insurrection or sedition or both. Not all charged will have those charges. It will come down to what evidence the prosecutors have as to intent. Some will definitely have sedition charges.

    1. I agree 100% in principal but they weren’t current members and it was a civil offense, not one related to military service. The congressman’s initiative is the one that meets the legal acid test and is supportable under the law.

    2. @Chris Richardson If you are accepting military benefits you are still pretty much “theirs” to adjudicate over on anything related to your service, even after the fact. If you receive anything from the VA or a military branch pay system, they can take action in addition to the action taken by civil courts.

  1. Agree 100%. Benefits are lost with a Big Chicken Dinner, should be for violating their oath to protect the Constitution and abide by the law.

    1. @West House I’m sure a lot of immigrants would take up arms and fight for this country. So that’s a good idea.

    2. @West HouseHow about we deport all the traitors that attacked the Captiol that day? Lets deport them to Russia, they love Putin anyways.

  2. Makes perfect sense. The oath taken is pretty clear. I know I told guys I served with well ahead of time to not do something so stupid. We took an Oath to the Nation, not a man (or man-child).

    1. Now imagine how many veterans there are out there that are used to fighting in packs being recruited by all types of packs, biker gangs, syndicates, militias and etc.

    2. @Andra Book many of them know full well he’s a crook..and were also crooks before they joined the armed forces. The vetting process for military isn’t exactly FBI grade or above yet.

    1. @Deeann Watson
      Remember when the Democrats purchased a Fake Russian Dossier from Christopher Steele an ex-British Agent and was full of Lies about Donald Trump.
      Then used the Fake Dossier in a Fisa Court to Tap the Phones of Trump Election Headquarters in 2016?

    2. @Lucy Ricardo nope. Didn’t happen. And if they did tap the offices they would have discovered them up the necks with Russian intelligence agencies. Do you love the USA or Russia?

    3. @Deeann Watson She’s already in Russia, working for the GRU, trying to sow discord in the US by posting on the internet.

    1. Case is falling apart and your little lie of an insurrection is going down like a house of cards. The only insurrection that happened was over the summer by you POS anti American libs destroying squalid rancid feces infested big cities ran by commie Demon-crats all over the country. We all watched the looting and pillaging your side did over the summer while police stood by and did nothing. That’s what libs are good at lying and projecting. Whatever you POS libs accuse Americans of doing is what you’re guilty of doing yourselves. Stupid POS commies.

    2. @Rich Flores meanwhile, Kraken KrackedHead Sidney Powell is arguing in court that she lied about the election being stolen, and she said that only unreasonable people would have believed her. Guess who she’s calling idiots? You!

    1. Yes, anyone who works for a city, state, government or military….All of their benefits should be removed!

    1. To highlight your disgusting behaviour
      You people should be ashamed of yourselves
      Witch-hunting is to good a word for you individuals

  3. Loving this comment section – the fact that so many folk, especially the vets. that have posted are on the same page as Rep. Gallego gives me just a tiny dose of hope.

    1. I’ve got parents buried at Arlington, have always supported veterans and the VA. I was sick at heart to see the Capitol stormed by those violent terrorists. Today’s vets seem to be speaking with one voice in favor of this idea of eliminating Veterans benefits for the terrorists. Thanks.

    2. We took an oath, apparently the idiots who went to the capitol didn’t take that oath seriously. They need to be punished for their betrayal of that oath, strip the whole lot of them bare. Strip away any form of aid to the non-vets that participated as well.

    3. @Wolfman 51 They should lose their citizenship at the very least. The Oath Breakers, Snot Boys …all that entered the Capitol.

  4. I agree as well..its called treason and it falls under the UCMJ. The uniform code of military justice βš–. This veteran of 18 years will cast my vote..and if your family benefits from your service. Oh well!!!!!!you need to use better judgment period…..!!!

  5. Excellent idea…they all took oaths to support America and they ALL broke their oaths!
    We owe them NOTHING when they get out of prison!

  6. This is the strongest answer to putting a halt to such treacherous acts against our government to date. It’s time to stop playing so-called bad actors. See just how much they a willing to put on the line for real.

  7. That needs to include presidents, senators, representatives and all other politicians who had any part of the insurrection! 😑😑😑

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