Rep. Ilham Omar Presents Wright Family With Flag Flown Over U.S. Capitol For Daunte 1

Rep. Ilham Omar Presents Wright Family With Flag Flown Over U.S. Capitol For Daunte


Rep. Ilham Omar presented Daunte Wright’s parents with a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol in honor of their son. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Rep. Ilham Omar Presents Wright Family With Flag Flown Over U.S. Capitol For Daunte


  1. How extremely difficult and sad today. Reaching out to Minneapolis today from southern Colorado! Bless you. Lay Dante Wright Rest In Peace.

    1. If you are near Durango CO
      Watch out for a offender named Shawn Zeimetz
      13 years old was the girl he hurt.
      His wife works for family services in Durango and literally no one knows this guy is around kids still

    1. @Paul Wilson You don’t know anything about the gun trade up in Chicago either. You don’t know nothing about the street life because you wasn’t raised around it and you don’t know anybody in it.

    2. @Paul Wilson That’s not correct at all because there’s more white people on welfare than it is blacks and Hispanics.

    3. @Paul Wilson You’re doing all this talking in the funny part is you don’t even know what you talking about. And of course you’re not going to be quiet. Because you are one of those dumb people that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. And don’t people that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They always meet their doom in The bitter end stupid.

    4. @Paul Wilson Because you are talking about a lifestyle that you don’t know anything about. And that’s going to get you caught up in a problem out here.

    1. @Sim1 Manson what about the sweet innocent black 7 year old girl named Jaslyn Adams that was shot and killed in Chicago not by a “white cop” but by another black male. Where is her justice? Where is her memorial and media attention? Where is blm? Where is her flag?
      None of you’s care about black on black crime and that’s sad. Jaslyn Adams is her name. She was only 7. Seven.

    2. @Sim1 Manson , on really ?? How about the trauma.. this young man had a choice the lady didn’t.. so him and his family are paying the consequences for his actions.. we need to stop using the race card .

      I also worked for 15 years with the African American community .. there’s a little bit off everything..
      My spiritual dad is a African American..
      I know white people ain’t no saints and that’s including my Hispanic community..

    3. @Guy North , hey your correct.. im just so fired up..
      This insanity has to stop..
      We need to own our responsibilities and see things for what they are..

      My cousin has done several trips to Afghanistan !! Thank God his alive and well ..
      My auntie or his wife hasn’t received a flag.. its ridiculous why give his mom a flag ? He didn’t do not one novel or honorable thing ..

    1. @Randall Madison I’d actually say that David Icke is a more credible conspiracy theorist than Rachel Maddow. I guess the main difference between the two is David actually believes the mad things he says, whereas Rachel knows she’s talking complete rubbish. Fact!

  2. So they are burying their only child…Lord please give this family strength bc I wouldn’t be able to live losing my child…My heart hurts for them and his son who now has to grow up without a father

    1. @tan j maz Dude he wasn’t a violent person he had a marijuana charge that’s legal now you sound ignorant I pray to god that your not able to reproduce bc folks like you should be sterile stop believing the lying media

    2. @Chey W. … he was trying to Resisting arrest ?? or was he geting in his car for his bible be for he went to jail ?? you sound ignorant .. I hope to God you don’t have dumb criminal kids out in this world …

    3. @Chey W. … nice talking to you me and my blm/antifa freinds are looting a dollor store in the name of justice for this dumb criminal … soon we will get free tv’s and nike’s … … ever time a dumb criminal gets shot we get free stuff … keep it going we need more people to peacefully protest for … free stuff is great …

    4. @tan j maz yet he was unarmed and the cop who has been on the force for 26 years don’t know the difference between a gun and a taser shouldn’t be a cop if you can arrest a mass shooter without killing them you can arrest a unarmed person without killing them so what are you trying to prove other than hateful…biased…bs rhetoric? Miss me with the bs hitler!

    5. @Chey W. … that’s right ever one is the same right ??? me and my blm freinds have dollor store’s loot it’s free day in the name of justice for a dumb criminal …. we all love stupid criminals that’s how we get free stuff … you think we care nope we just care so we can loot and burn things down for free stuff

  3. As a white male I wake up everyday and my hair feels heavy and dirty from the natural buildup of grease. This makes me feel irritable and disgusting. I can not imagine going the whole day with a greasy head of hair. I would probably act out against people in irrational ways. After my shower I feel amazing. Ready to go the entire day with no animosity towards myself and others. It is a good suggestion that other “people” may want to wash their hair everyday as well. Do not add more grease after you wash it off and dry it. It really won’t fall out. You truly will feel better. It really is that simple.

  4. I don’t have children but I lost my cat of 16 years and I’m devastated. I cry every day and think how silly I am over a cat. But she was amazing and my best friend and I can’t even fathom losing a child so young and so beautiful. I probably would want to die to. I pray for his parents and send them positive thoughts and energy. What a horrific loss. RIP Daunte.

  5. That is so very honorable to receive on behalf of his country. A good start to healing and always remembered.

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