Rep. Jayapal Slams Barr For Claiming He Was Unaware Of Armed Protesters In Michigan | MSNBC

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wa., criticized attorney general William Barr for the difference in federal response to armed protesters in Michigan over stay-at-home mandates and the actions taken against protests over the death of George Floyd. Aired on 07/28/2020.
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Rep. Jayapal Slams Barr For Claiming He Was Unaware Of Armed Protesters In Michigan | MSNBC


    1. actually BLM started about the time Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman.
      But yes the armed nazis with trump and confederate flags going to the Michigan and other state houses was before the current up swelling of BLM protestors

    2. yeah, and they were perfectly peaceful. no violence, nobody shot and killed, no arson, no attacking police. The floyd rioters should learn from them

    1. @B Dub Keep dreaming, pal. And you like it when GOP crooks break the law. The only way Trump wins is by cheating!

    1. @II nosferatu II But they did threaten the Governor of that state along with carry confederate flags, Nazi flags and disrespected the police. You conservative rightwing punks love to try and cloak your bigotry!

    2. @Greg Scott if I have to take responsibility for my bad people, then you have to take responsibility for our cities being burned down.

    3. @II nosferatu II Barr is a criminal and most of those protests are peaceful. So, spare me the BS you are speaking!

    4. @Greg Scott most of the protests are peaceful. Thats why I differentiate the protesters from the rioters. Something the left doesn’t do. Democrats won’t even acknowledge and let alone condem the riots.

  1. I’m so glad I live in a multi-cultural tolerant relatively happy country in Western Europe….

  2. TRUMP DOESN’T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE’S HEALTH/lives, HE ONLY CARES ABOUT HIS ELECTION/power! But how long does it take for people to realize it❓

  3. Oh my goodness, I want to stand up and give her an ovation, Bravo, good job, Barr is the draft Dodgers puppet

    1. and it was perfectly peaceful with zero violence. No arson, no police officers attacked. And it wasnt on federal property. this dopey women got embarrassed. oh and she is also a racist

  4. It’s not a quantum leap of logic that some of those armed, dressed in battle gear, MI white supremacists may be part of Barrs goon squad.

    1. @B Dub I thought it was usually the swastikas that give them away or does some other group besides neo-nazis and white supremacists brandish those nowadays…. 🤔

    2. they were not white supremacists, that just a racist smear. and the michigan protests were peaceful, did you notice how no cops were attacked, no arson, no violence like the thugs in Portland do.

    3. @Paul Allen There were no threats against the terrible governors and all those firearms were legal, even in the statehouse. You have no point.

  5. “Many protesters” that was the only protest back then when these thugs with guns stormed Michigan. SMH.

  6. Wow, Mr. Barr said that he did NOT know about the Michigan incidents! What a bold face liar!

    1. @Woodie thompson Dummy DUMB-DUMB, if the AG of the United States of America does NOT politically know what is happening within the US, he ought to step down from the post he now cherishes and work at McDonalds or pick corn in the fields!

    2. @Leonardi Laurenti yeah you are right he should kn0w e ery crime committed on every state and every city!
      What kind of AG does he think he is anyway? Let a crime occur somewhere and him not know totally rediculous.. you Democrats should go right ahead and impeach him. Who would oppose that ? Are you totally insane ?

    3. How do you know he is lying? do you work with Barr? and what was wrong with the michigan protest? it was perfectly peaceful. no violence, not cops attacked or beatin ,nobody was murdered, and no arson. And why did she say white men? she is racist

    4. @Woodie thompson That is bulls–t and you know it. Barr knew about that mess. It was all over the news. Barr is a Trump flunky. Don’t try that federal crap because Trump say that he was sending the feds in Chicago, Detroit, and other cities to try and reduce local crime. Barr was full of s–t with that federal argument!

    5. @Woodie thompson You republicans love crooked AGs. John Mitchell is a good example. The Dems do have enough to impeach him and if they choose to, he would be impeached. I think that waiting until Trump loses, then bring Barr up on perjury charges would be the right move here!

    1. @Greg Scott yeah I thought I’d get an answer like that ! Easy to call some one a liar knowing you cant back it up and dont have to. You are indeed a Democrat!

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