Rep. Jim Clyburn: ‘Reform Policing In This Country’ Instead Of Defunding | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Barbara Holliday for who? 750,000 cops, who needs the training? How many of that number has a single violation or complaint against them?

    1. If you’re too stupid to understand the problems in our society, don’t expect others to provide you answers. Maybe that’s the problem with society in itself but I digress.

      Racial inequality is a symptom of a disease. The disease is the decay of middle class, corporate America that is sucking the blood of working Americans like a vampire squid.

      But the establishment only cares about the symptoms. They have no reasons to address the disease. In fact they rely on the disease to get votes. That’s how broken humans are.

    2. Correct. Jim Clyburn is sickening. In endorsing the hopelessly corrupt Biden he destroyed the possibility of real progress for minorities in this presidential cycle. Clyburn made a name for himself half a century ago and as soon as he got real power, he sold us out. He’s an Uncle Tom, through and through.

  1. Defunding, to me, means demilitarizing neighborhoods and reinvesting in those things that a community needs.

    1. @manmadegod100 you just complained about reinvestment. And I asked what you meant by reinvestment.

      Your reply was grocery stores. With no police to stop looters.

      So what’s your solution? More kneeling? It hurts to think doesn’t it?

    2. @manmadegod100 everybody needs food. Food is subsidized. You just complained about lack of investment and grocery stores.

      So what’s your solution? Don’t demand things you can’tdefine. Because you will never get it.

    3. @John Adams you seem to think that black people are genetically predispositioned towards violence.

    4. @manmadegod100 I urge you to define what you want. Then do what you can to change your life first.

  2. Exactly, ‘defund police’ sounds like a talking point fed to the protest movement with the express intent of getting older conservative voters all worked up and paranoid.

  3. US American police need longer training time (like 3-4years) before they can go out into the field. Not only so they can learn how to handle intense situations, etc but also to give more time to see if any trainees are mentally unstable, racist, incapable of handling stress.

    1. It’s a stressful job, you’re literally dealing with the worst people each day. Maybe mental health evaluations are needed more frequently

  4. The police work for us, they have forgotten that.
    If you employ a tradesman and they don’t do the job you ask them to do, they don’t get your money.

  5. Defunding is NOT the answer .. it is a throw the baby out with the bathwater knee jerk reaction. REFORM yes.. big time … restructure .. make new mission statement… intensive NEW method training.. and HIGH levels of accountability.. HIGH levels of vetting before and during an officer’s time on the force. They should not make the same mistake here they are making with the opioid “crisis” … They need to think carefully about all the contingencies .. make a plan and refine the plan until it works for all the people.

    1. An institution that faulty from its foundation needs to be completely demolished and rebuilt. Reform is a word that means nothing in the U.S. We have been reforming the police for over a decade now and nothing is actually changing.

  6. 100% reform not defund. Create a independent community body that investigates complaints. Fire all officers who have been found guilty of misconduct but are still employed. Go on a nation wide hiring spree, and let that same independent community body APPROVE the hiring of each new officer. Give the independent body power to investigate and prosecute police officers found guilty of misconduct.

  7. Put citizens first for once..we are the country and that is OUR white house Trump not yours,!!!

  8. Military industrial complex and police state tactics are no longer keeping the people silent.

  9. I wish this had been the full interview. Because, Mr. Clyburn said something very thoughtful and profound about how SNCC was lead astray. Loosely, he said he doesn’t want to see the same thing happen to this movement by integrating it with police defunding.

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