Rep. Josh Gottheimer: 'It’s Going To Take Us All Working Together’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

Rep. Josh Gottheimer: ‘It’s Going To Take Us All Working Together’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


Rep. Tom Reed and Rep. Josh Gottheimer join MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss bipartisanship going into the Biden administration. Aired on 01/21/2021.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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Rep. Josh Gottheimer: 'It’s Going To Take Us All Working Together’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Oh now republicans are calling for unity and working together? Y’all just going to brush aside the 130 members of the House who voted against certifying the election, which is what those seditionists were calling for? Oh, that’s cute.

  2. when republican lose control of the house or senate they then say it’ s important to work across the aisle .makes you wonder of there motives

    1. They are simply recouping…They realized that their separatist ideas and exclusive attitudes are still residing in their hearts. Repubs probably have not changed….they are just waiting for another opportunity to exploit. Many Americans saw what the inserection actually looked like and it was ugly!

  3. When the GOP has the majority they NEVER cross the aisle. We need to get everything we want done. They went low and if necessary we go lower. No more Mr. Nice guy Dems.

    1. Honestly I don’t call it going ‘lower’ to do what’s necessary to ensure NO ONE can do what Trump almost did EVER! Elections have consequences and Democrats won; therefore more ‘LIBERAL’ policies will be put through but Biden has to ‘dance with the ones who brought him’! He has to ensure he puts into place at the very least the FOUNDATIONS of what will support the different groups that supported his ‘ride’ to the White House. He also has to do what he’s promised: get ahead of Covid and bring ‘decency’ and ‘civility’ back to government.

    2. Why didn’t Obama get you everything you wanted when he owned all 3 branches?
      No wonder your color is blue.
      Always holding your breath hoping that maybe now they will really care about you.

  4. Like that young lady who so eloquently provided that inaguration poem… These legistlators need to set aside their own personal gains and focus on how unity can help the people. The very people who vote them in and out of office.
    This country belongs to ALL of us.

  5. Meghan stop making this personal; I have an idea, run for office and you can be relevant. As for now you are like all Americans; hopeful. This is not just about you; this is about everyone!

  6. There seems to be a remarkable number of Republican members, some who were refusing to certify the election, but are now very keen that both parties should ensure they “work together” for the sake of the whole country. I wonder what particular circumstance prompted this refreshing and original idea?

  7. Trump’s new Party the ‘PATRIOTS’ will spell the end of conservative politics for a long time…The Democrats will never lose

  8. Tom Reed, NY23 hasn’t held a public town hall meeting since 2017, and really doesn’t care about his constituents. He’s owned by the health insurance and Big Pharma industries, and talks a blue streak about common ground, yet didn’t care to give his people a $2000 stimulus check.

  9. My god…watching republicans discuss compromise is as disturbing as watching a snuff film. After the last 4 year dumpster fire where they fully backed an authoritarian and failed to hold him accountable for thousands of lies and crimes, the country should work with them? They should resign in shame and beg for forgiveness from every American.

  10. Yeah, they want unity when they don’t have power, but didn’t give two cents for most of the people of the united states when they did. This guy is an a hole. The republikkkans can bite me!

  11. MSNBC spent ZERO time “listening” to Hilary Clinton’s voters, but now they want us to listen to Trump’s losing side. This country is DOOMED. Media wants the downfall of the country to keep their ratings up

  12. Time for Democrats to step up and make some real decisions! WTF is Maconnell doing still being the boss of the Senate?

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