Rep. Katie Porter’s Master Class In Witness Questioning | The Last Word | MSNBC

Congresswoman Katie Porter is ending the year with a new position on the Oversight committee because of her expert questioning style in Congressional hearings. Lawrence O’Donnell talks with the Congresswoman about where she learned her Q&A techniques, how much the Democrats accomplished in 2019 and how the transition from single mom to Congresswoman went for Porter in her first year on Capitol Hill. Aired on 12/24/19.
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Rep. Katie Porter’s Master Class In Witness Questioning | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. I would not like to face Katie Porter in any 5 minute question session with her if I were working in the Trump Administration at all.

    1. @The Alpengeist It is easy to identify you as a Trumpet by the sheer joy you get from your third grade bully cruelty. You have my best wishes on the hope that someday you will grow up to be a human being.

  2. We need more women in government, especially educated ones like Katie Porter, who’s like a Hungry Tiger when she starts questioning these corporate types, and Trump’s flunkies, that are just tokens of a racially balanced cabinet, and are totally unqualified to fill those positions.

    1. @Chaz Jackson..
      Really Chaz, tell us why the black race sides with the same serpent line that enslaved the black race. The black race spites the white human for what the white serpents did decade after decade..and then side with the democratic deep state corporate beast system Antichrist network serpent legion of death pushing full beast system demonic tyranny and the destruction of humanity paving the way for the Antichrist right now.
      Don’t believe me? Why would I lie.? The real news is at JUDICIAL WATCH.. Go check out the latest summary vid on Judicial Watch then compare it with msnbc serpent brainwashing operatives.
      Then watch the movies Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen 2, THEY LIVE, THE children of the Korn, and HELLRAISER 3 So you know what’s coming. The democratic serpent left Antichrist network has plans to destroy the black race.. You want proof.. When Obama was president care packages were sent to Africa in the disguise of care with vaccinations filled with HIV that’s why half of African population has HIV.. Do your own research. The serpent left pulled all the mass shootings and terrorism.. MSNBC spread the fear and lies

    2. John Barber you mean as long as the educated woman is not conservative….like Elise Stefanik who has a Harvard education for what that’s worth.

    1. @Richard Darlington You don’t have to. I did it for you. Carson acts as if he forgot where he came from. You dont have to stay there but you need to remember and have some humility.

    1. It’s an appropriate comparison. Her job as an educator was to determine who knew the subject and who didn’t. And she’s very good at it.

    1. @liberty Ann I thought about that. But, decided we have enough leeway in the House to make it Ok. If she was in the Senate, I would agree with you.🌝

    1. No doubt, when you see questioning of a witness at this level, you begin to understand what a fine art it can be. She should teach a class to all in Congress who may want to learn how it’s done.

    2. for what? they cant even stick to reality. time for talking to trump sympathizers is over. you dont talk to traitors you lock them up.

    3. @q p If she could question them in a televised forum, she’d nail them to the wall and America would see it. Katie Porter is capable of turning some of Trump’s supporters against him with hard FACTS.

  3. I have said since she took office, Katie Porter is highly intelligent and more than a match for anyone! I have never seen her be overcome. Pity the vast majority of people don’t have a clue about her. I am glad to see that is changing. She is definitely presidential grade and beyond.

    1. @tstandri Are you kidding? Katie asked him about an REO and he says “Oreo?” He WAS stupid, or at least intentionally attempting to divert the attention from the subject.

    2. @tstandri … Ben Carson is just another no excuse for a so-called politician, that is a despicable traitor like Trump. Carson has no worth. Katie Porter has already proven her worth. And, what is easy for Carson and the rest of republicans, is to purposely betray their sworn oath and the Constitution of the United States of America. Obviously, it’s also easy for you to be a reject of a U.S. citizen and a traitor.

    3. @Doctor James … The damned TROLL gets his so-called information from FOX so-called News. He’s worthless and a despicable traitor.

  4. There are too many incompetent fools in both sides of the government, but particularly those close to Donnie. Why can’t the voters see that?

  5. She had too take a Brain Surgeon, Back to School and correctly Educate him, Now she’s got to help Educate the other Republicans ! 🤔

  6. Katie would stare at Trump and ask him if he knew anything about the Constitution. He would say, for example, ” I don’t need to tell you, everybody knows I know everything about everything”. Then she would say , for example, “who is George Washington”. Trump is unqualified to be a president and would fail a civics class.

  7. The potus is now saying moscow mitch is a fair and honest man,no chance for Impeachment with corrupt moscow mitch in control.

    1. well trump has already been impeached. that ship has sailed. the question is will the senate convict and remove from office. (and with moscow mitch in charge chances are slim to none that it will be a fair and impartial trial.)

  8. Next time her committee hears an issue, the Dems should simply yield their time to her. We’d finally get a true narrative of each hearing.

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