Rep. Kim Talks Donating Suit He Wore To Clean Up Capitol Riot To Smithsonian 1

Rep. Kim Talks Donating Suit He Wore To Clean Up Capitol Riot To Smithsonian

“Talking to the Smithsonian, I realized it was an image that gave a lot of people some sense of hope and resilience on an otherwise tragic and dark day in our democracy,” says Rep. Andy Kim. 
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  1. short answer: “I was just an American, helping to clean up my Capitol Building” (what I did was not “exceptional’, but, as an American, self-evident)

  2. Rep. Kim is humble and kind. He saw the mostly Black janitors having to clean up the trash left by the rioters and joined in to help. We are our brother’s keeper. Thank you, Sir. Blessings

  3. I will NEVER understand WHY the Crime Scene at the Capitol wasn’t PROPERLY PROCESSED! This wasn’t like the day after a concert or a sporting event gone wild!! IF we HAD those Properly Processed cigarette butts, we would have DNA!

    1. Nearly everyone who entered that building illegally was carrying a phone and a shocking number of those were recording their POV and thus the faces/identities of many of the people in their vicinity. With the FBI utilizing facial recognition software hundreds of people are now either awaiting trial or have been processed through the justice system on the backs of those recordings, which were later spewed all over social media. They have the video evidence, in hindsight. Though so many people were inside the building, I don’t know if it’s possible for much of the physical evidence they left behind to be contaminated by all the people who followed in their path.

      Also, in order to identify a seditionist through a dna sample you would need to, what, track down and sample all the people who flew into the city that night and subsequently flew out that same night, plus all those who lived in the area, and that would be a chore. That being said, I think it’s might be unconstitutional to do any of this. Like it being unconstitutional for the government to send people to your door to force inject you with a moderna vaccine. Maybe it’s the 4th or 5th amendment or just the Bill of Rights. Not sure. Either way, we’re lucky they were such braggards.

  4. That’s okay…but one of the Capitol Police’s uniforms would be even better. The cop who led rioters away from our leaders, for example.

    1. Well maybe the Smithsonian is getting it and we just haven’t heard about it. I’d think that they’d be working hard to get notable artifacts, after all, this was history happening right in front of them.

    1. @Armando Sanchez This is as sacred to liberals as the twin towers was to right wingers. It’s ugly to say, but true

    2. @Chris Martin Oh, I know you people care. But wasn’t it Biden who said about Giuliani: ‘a noun a verb and nine/11’? 9/eleven became the Right’s raison d’etre. It justified everything they said and did. Just like how the Left is making One/Six their entire reason for existing. Surely you understand that point, right? And no, I’m not a russian or a klansman.

    3. @John Clarke right. But 9/11 was an attack from outside forces. 1/6 was a President encouraging violent sedition so he could illegally stay in office to keep immunity.

      And, as an aside, we liberals didn’t use 9/11 as a pretext for an illegal war

  5. Rep. Kim is a good representative of the service to others. Thank you for making us see what true service is. Not shouting on his high horse but solemnly helping people.

  6. That the Smithsonian wants to preserve Rep. Kim’s suit at all, speaks volumes. I mean, here we have an institution, globally recognized for curating historical artifacts, reaching out to this Congressman for the suit he wore on THAT day, as he was cleaning up in the aftermath of what happened on Jan 6th. This means that they’re already focused on creating an historical ‘archive’ of things associated with the events of Jan 6th, that carry some sort of overall significance to the overall picture of those events….and their aftermath. I’m looking forward to the final presentation by the Smith, when they finish compiling everything for their display! Seems they’re on the right track, though!

    1. @Yvonne Plant One would hope so!
      I’m certain the Smith will use their usual care and standards when presenting their collection on Jan 6th. I think the best narrative is the truth, without bias and I can picture the Smith linking artifacts to relevant photographs. That should pretty much tell the story, all by itself.

  7. People should remember the day. Even a cigarette butt should be displayed there to show people that it was a part of traitors behaviors inside the Capitol.

  8. Some of them people were probably walking around shell shocked helping not even aware of there surroundings (zombie like) not fully comprehending the events of the day.

  9. “Seeing the temple of our democracy … in such shambles, with debris & garbage everywhere, even cigarette butts put out on statues, I felt an instinct to do what I can. It was really just trying to right the wrongs as quickly & as tangibly as possible.”

    This is what *patriotism* looks like. Not what the backwater losers did— those who are demanding that the USA be ruled by one person, & that elections need to be retired.

  10. Why does it not surprise me that of all the elected officials that work there, a lone democratic lawmaker is the only one cleaning up the republican’s mess. We’re still trying to clean it up, and they’re fighting it tooth and nail.

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