Rep. Liz Cheney Stands Her Ground, Refuses To Repeat 2020 Lie Or Whitewash January 6 Riot | MSNBC 1

Rep. Liz Cheney Stands Her Ground, Refuses To Repeat 2020 Lie Or Whitewash January 6 Riot | MSNBC


Rep. Liz Cheney is standing her ground and refusing to repeat Trump's lie about the 2020 election, and she's calling for the GOP to expunge the hate and vitriol infecting her party.

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Rep. Liz Cheney Stands Her Ground, Refuses To Repeat 2020 Lie Or Whitewash Jan. 6 Riot | MSNBC


    1. Okay so you’re telling me you’re all for corporate tyranny and you’re all for a neocon Warhawk? GTFO

    1. a tip: you can watch series on Flixzone. I’ve been using it for watching lots of of movies these days.

    1. He was scared to death because he knew that that mob had no idea who was on their side and who wasn’t. They were out for blood anybody’s blood. Remember what they were chanting as they were running through there? Hang who?

      He’s only saying all this gaslighting stuff now so that he won’t lose votes from the red Hatters… like they even voted for anyone to begin with.

    2. @Mainely – “We must believe in a future where color of skin is no more significant than color of hair” – Sam Harris

      Nothing is sadder than a person that views others, and themselves, through the distorted lens of race.

      What is dividing us is a class struggle, which has been with us since the dawn of human civilization.

      Many Americans want to blame other races for their poverty or hardship in life. And both parties pander to this horrible idea, for votes and support.

      Many Americans are buying into the notion of “systemic racism” when the more insidious implicit (unconscious) bias is the likely cause. This gives rise to other bad ideas, such as Critical Race Theory.

  1. Elise Stefanik has no principles or character, so I’m sure she will meet all of their qualifications to replace Liz.

    1. You have that right so is Lee Zeldin who wants to run for governor of New York. I don’t live in their districts but I wouldn’t vote for either one for anything.

    2. The Lincoln Project said “if Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobert had attended Havard University, they’ll be just like Elise Stefanik”. What a waste of her parents money.

  2. Don’t like her as a person but respect her resolve in face of overwhelming stupidity.

  3. Yes they’re a bunch of idiots.. but still dangerous and it was still AN INSURRECTION!

    1. Merriam Webster definition of insurrection: “the act of revolting against civil authority”
      In other words what antifa and blm have been doing since last summer

    2. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII yeah, but they are fighting for things we agree with!

    3. @metfreak 101 yes so are Q and Trump supporters!
      And how many cities have we destroyed?

  4. Yes – we know all that. So what about Rep. Cheney???
    Is she being protected/kept safe?

  5. The video clearly shows how the “protesters” were just “hugging and kissing” the police…

  6. If they would have caught Pence or Nancy Pelosi they probably would have killed them

  7. If that guy said he did not feel threatened, why didn’t he go out there to meet them, rather than running into hiding? Full of sh*t.

    1. If that was hugging and kissing I would like to se johonson getting that kind of hugs and kisses ! What a disgusting human being he is it’s a pity that they voted for this disgraceful person

    2. @NiNi J I thought some people are well educated to differentiate between daylight and darkness but I was wrong.

    3. @Barbara Bretti he is a terrible guy. Power-hungry maniacs, that won’t do sh*t when power been given to them.

  8. We need to collectively round up our elected officials who are trying to excuse this, and put them in their place…. Behind bars or back into the roles of ordinary “insurrectionist uncivilians”

  9. I never thought I would say this, but this Cheney has integrity… bravo to Rep. Liz Cheney

    1. @Judith Smith There is no doubt that Cheney is a hard-right conservative, she voted 90% in agreement with tRump’s agenda. However, she just may be sacrificing her political career by standing her ground. I’m 70, a life long Democrat, and have lived in Idaho/Montana for some 45 years. I called Cheney’s DC office yesterday to thank her for standing up to the tRumplicans and denying the Big Lie, and I continue to admire her courage. Ironically, I’m being appreciative of normal. Right now we are staring fascism in the face, one only need witness the reactionary measures of current legislative sessions in red states to be aware of of the dangers. You may not like her political beliefs, ones that accurately reflect her state of Wyoming–I sure don’t–but Cheney’s credibility is solid.

    2. @Judith Smith Trump was the one who embodied her conservative beliefs the most and that’s fine. The fact that she rejected what he did after he lost is the key part – she voted Republican and rejected Trump’s agenda

  10. “Were they planning to just go up to Mike Pence and capture him?”

    Yes. Just because a dumb idea does make it harmless.

  11. For the record:
    Matt Gaetz = accepted in the GQP
    Space Lasers Green = accepted in the GQP
    Liz Cheney = not accepted in the GQP

    1. A Wyoming state representative was quoted after Gaetz’ trip to Cheyenne that Cheney represents the old GOP, Matt the new GOP. We know evangelicals continue to support Trumpism, I’m not sure I will ever be able to wrap my mind around that hypocrisy, other than remind myself they began and end as cultists.

    2. And democrats have Maxine waters whose openly called for violence. Elizabeth warden who lied about being. Native American. Both Clintons and their many scandals and crimes. Joe Biden’s racism and incompetence. Etc.
      Maybe get your house in order first?

    3. @InfinityEight Maxine Waters told people to stay on the streets. Not to destroy them. Nice spin tho!

    4. @MadLib DB protestors don’t occupy and block streets, rioters do though.
      Good self own.

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