Rep. Maloney On Corporations Suspending Contributions To Both Parties | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Rep. Maloney On Corporations Suspending Contributions To Both Parties | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


The House will begin its push to remove President Trump from office this morning as several major corporations announce they will suspend political contributions to both parties. New York Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney joins Stephanie Ruhle to react. Aired on 01/11/2021.
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Rep. Maloney On Corporations Suspending Contributions To Both Parties | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. Dems shouldn’t be punished. Companies withdraw your money from the idiots that went along with rump. The repubs could’ve had him out long ago. All they had to do was the right thing then.

    1. The bankers have been running this country for a long time. The candidate with the most campaign money always wins. Now you know who’s really in charge.

    2. @Roman Ward no-one committed ‘treasonous acts’ against Trump. The definition of treason from the constitution is, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” The media and others may have been rude to him, but that is not treason. He just needed to grow up and rise above it, like every other president has had to.
      You seem to be accusing Dominion of aiding in some conspiracy to cheat. Sydney Powel has just been sued for $1.3 billion for saying the very same thing. I’m sure accusations like those you have just made will be explored. Let’s wait and see, and perhaps watch out they don’t come after you too!
      Finally, your conclusion, “If not the democrats got away with a fraudulent election”, does not follow on from your argument. There could be other explanations, including the accusations you make just being wrong.
      Does the fact that no evidence has been shown, 60 failed lawsuits including many with Trump appointed judges, Trump supporting state election officials state that the elections were fair and william Barr said there was no fraud, carry no weight with you conspiracy junkies?

  1. So now that we have discovered all this stuff, why is Trump still there? And why are those Senators who subvert his removal still here? You know, when it’s crunch time at the workplace, it’s common for employees to work overtime to get the thing done. Is that happening here? Idk. The complacency of the Democrats has also contributed to this. This is theater. This is crap.

    1. I was hoping the Dems would start the impeachment today, they just asked Pence to use the 25th… The show goes on smh

    2. @Ricardo M The impeachment can start anytime, and continue after he’s out of office. Which is probably whats going to happen. They don’t have enough time before the 20th.

    3. Impeachment takes long even if expedited. The 25th amendment should be invoked by the republicans, but they still support Trump and/or are scared of death threats from trumpers

    1. Wesley yes you are right take away all his money and should said contribute to the poor children, the age peoples, veterans all I have to said…God bless you and family..Amen!!!

    2. I remember a different group of terrorists who attacked the United States but I don’t think it was their money alone that we took away. I would have recommended that you check with those terrorists’ leader for details, but that guy is presently SpongeBob’s neighbor under the sea.


    1. Cancer. Tumors. Trumpism.
      Whatever is needed, yes, we need to find a cure for the terminal illness of the US.

    2. Oh, yeah. They decided they were above the law a long time ago. But they never counted on a criminal of Trump caliber getting into their club.

    3. @DAVID both sides have sold their souls for money and positions outside of congress, so don’t frigging go there about dems. They didn’t storm the capital.

    1. You know, I could offer you money for something and if you said no it would get shut down right then and there.

    2. Corporations have no business in politics, period. Any use of corporate funds to further any political agenda should be a felony.

  3. Trump etc only entered politics because it’s a grifter’s dream. Why not obliterate that motive by banning corporate bribes/donations completely.

    1. That was antifa posing as “Trump supporters.”

      Satan is so stupid.

      The media and government is now in treason and sedition and rebellion against our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

      It’s time for President Trump to initiate The Insurrection Act and declare Martial Law on all you traitors.

      The Father, Son and Holy spirit ARE AT WORK AGAINST YOU ALL!!!

    2. , maybe better keep money flowing public than get mafia style…. BTW, “magahatters” really pushed it too far with their boss help…

    3. He got into it b’coz a Black man became President and he didn’t think a Black man had a right to be in a position like that so the Lying Traitor made his move but he woz always going to try to destroy America by turning the country on it’s head..
      The swamp king is a spawn from a known kkk supporter so him doing this is right up his street but I thought America woz smarter than him and would never accept him but it’s obvious that their pirate ancestors genes still exists in your country.. Maybe elect-President Biden should send them to russia I’m sure putin will have use for them.. In his own Prisons

    1. PLEASE READ: The election voting machines should of and must be examined!! Dominion voting machines are missing vital sd cards @ 47 and @ 24 times reinserted..think about it?? Thats were all the hidden election corruption is. The way to inspect them is to get a electronic forensics expert. Focusing on the ballot re-counting was meaningless..its all about these machines in the key states. If not the democrats got away with a fraudulent election. All this craziness was started 4 years ago by: The democrats, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS. They mocked and attacked President Trump every single day! People are not stupid these media’s created treasonous acts against President Trump. Now everyone will understand why President Trump is acting and feeling the way he is and all of us who are supporting him, just a reminder!! I welcome everyone reading this to continue to fight, don’t ever give up!! President Trump has accomplished more positives than any other president in our history.
      The democrats and the media’s have crossed the line

  4. The corporations also need to stop advertising on Fox, or at least stop advertising on the opinion shows.

    1. Totally agree, all they are a misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theorists and blatant lies to make money, it’s always profit over human lives and the people that post support for Fox news and Trump and his Republican minions are traitors,they’ve been lied to for years and have been brainwashed to think that everyone who opposes trump is somehow a bad American, what’s happening now is exactly what happened in 1933 Germany where the people where lied to by propaganda machines and conspiracy theories and look what happened to them, this is insurrection and treason brought on by a narcissist con man who cares nothing about his followers and only about himself and his ego. Fox news and Q and news max are a clear and present danger to the country

    1. @jimmy r that’s not a sanders political stance, that’s a common democratic stance. Sanders gets called a commie because his leftward form of populism gives shelter to tankies and actual communists in the same ways that Trump gives to fascists and white supremacists, and he has repeatedly refused to denounce them. In fact, he openly fans the conspiracy theories his base creates no matter how leftward they are. Remember when he refused to denounce his supporters calling Gabbard a russian agent? Remember when he refused to denounce his supporters for not getting in lockstep with the rest of the democrats even after they showed up to his house and protested outside of it? Sanders is only barely better than Trump, we should not be choosing him as the future of democratic leadership. If you like progressive ideals, vote warren. She’s all the progressive without any of the populism.

    2. @ChickenManiac 123 warren may not be a populist but she isn’t as progressive as she pretends to be either. She fits in with corporate establishment dems quite easily.

  5. Here’s a thought: those representing The People should stop accepting campaign contributions from all corporations.

    1. Get the GOP to agree with that bub. Yeah, when pigs fly they’ll agree to that. Otherwise friend you are just virtue signaling. I’m not into unilateral disarmament by Democrats. If like Sen. Romney you are GOP, then have a talk with your own party.

    2. @Tony Boies We’ve been trying for years. It can easily be legislated into solid, black letter, unassailable law. Guess who’s been stopping that from happening? LOL! Just kidding, we all know it’s the Gang Of Pedophiles.

    3. Require all members of Congress and Executive branch members over GS15 & SES to place their assets into blind trusts. Limit political donations, including corporations, to $3,000. Ban lobbyists buying senators and representatives meal and drinks and junkets. Make all members of the Government report on the OGE 450. Make all members of Government comply with the same ethical rules that GS employees are expected to comply with. That would make a good start.

  6. The officer that used himself as bait to lure rioters away from an unsecured Senate Floor is a hero. #EUGENEGOODMAN

  7. I’m so tired of Bernie Sanders being 100% right about everything for 30 years and being labelled a “commie” for his trouble!

    1. Yeah, the GOP demonization of the word “socialist” has really set us back, conflating totalitarian communism with socialism. I think the word is perhaps beyond rehabilitation (along with “radical” and “feminism”). Let’s come up with a new name for it.

    2. @Shawn Wales In Europe it’s called Social Democracy. It’s been around for 75 years, it includes medicare for all, 6 weeks vacation, paid family leave, free higher education, etc.

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