Rep. Ocasio-Cortez calls out Rep. Higgins for calling a witness ‘boo’ | USA TODAY

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez called out Rep. Higgins over the way he was speaking to a Congressional witness.

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  1. If you fail at everything you try in life, at least you can always become a republican..🤣👍

    1. @Captain Fanta She was yelling into her microphone. There’s videos of her yelling/throwing a hissy fit in other hearings, too. Gaslighter.

  2. Did a member of congress just call an expert witness “my good lady” and “boo”? During a hearing? On camera? In front of other congress people? People voted for that?

  3. Higgins was TOTALLY Disrespectful of the witness which is typical of republican congressmen. AOC was within her right to call him out on the carpet. Maybe the witness should have responded with “I’m sorry bubba, you are interrupting my answer to your question”.

  4. The white hood of kkk originated to be a ghost costume to scare blacks back in the day. Being close to Halloween he was trying to be Casper the friendly ghost.

  5. After Alexandria becomes our President of the United States of America she needs to be the speaker of the house, and remain in that position until she dies of natural causes. Alexandria is a hero , we only get people of Alexandria’s calibre once in a lifetime , once in this world. She is as important as Dr. Martin Luther King , She is as important as John F. Kennedy. I believe she will continue to gain more and more power , influence within this nation because the people will give it to her . We believe in Alexandria, we trust Alexandria, and we love Alexandria. Thank you Alexandria for the sacrifice you have made to represent the people and for you love and protection. We love you . Make sure to protect yourself and be safe out there. We know the lengths the establishment will go to stay in power we need to expose them and clean house

    1. i’m truly frightened that people like you exist & are not only proud of your misguided beliefs but are allowed to vote.

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