Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Let’s Help Veterans Keep Their Promises To Afghan Allies

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls on the U.S. to help our veterans keep their personal promises to America’s Afghan allies and accept as many refugees from Afghanistan as possible, as the 20-years-long war draws to a close.

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  1. There are many vets that feel like they were betrayed by the mission, their government and sometimes by the people they served. It will take years of playing it out in your head of “wtf was I there for?” , often you may look at your physical scars as a memory of pain but that mental scar just never seems to go away. Please stay away from alcohol and narcotics, it’s the war statistic nobody mentions.

    1. @Mary Ann M China does not control Vietnam they actually had a short war in 1975 & do have border skirmishes occasionally in the south china sea. They trade but are not allies.

    2. Overdue what exactly has Joe actually passed?

      No student loan forgiveness
      No medicare-for-all nor public option
      No national use of marijuana
      No defund the law enforcement
      No Fico Bank regulations ex. Wells Fargo
      No Voting right protection
      No UBI ( thru epidemic)
      No true federal mortgage, rent support
      No $15 minimum wage
      No Union protection
      No real climate change solutions
      No cut off taxes for Wall Street
      No roll back, Trump immigration policies
      No more SMS privacy on your mobile
      No right to freedom – censor internet posts
      No dismantle of the Parliament
      No challenge to supersede underlying ruling
      No veto to HR-1 W/hidden poison pills 💊

      Like Joe Biden already had mentioned nothing will fundamentally change. As of now Joe Biden is bombing in Somalia Africa, yes Africa ! 😬

    3. Would it not be a sight to see a king fight his own battles instead of sending young men to their death, $2.5 trill 20 yrs for what is everyone’s question I talk with.

  2. This situation (withdrawal from Afghanistan) is a test of our national integrity, of our common humanity. If we can pass this test, we can begin a new, more enlightened age.

    1. @Jaja Nyan The average person pays more in taxes than huge corporations that make billions. AOC, and many others, want these companies to pay their fair share. It is your money, my money, Uncle Joe’s money, that is being given back to the people in targeted ways. Stop listening to the fear mongers who lie in order to make you afraid. “There are two ways to control a population: fear and hope.” One party uses fear and one uses hope. You decide which is which and which is controlling you.

    2. @Jaja Nyan Did you watch the video? If yes, we can discuss. If no, I am no longer interested in this conversation. You are merely spouting cult talking points.

  3. Former guy gave Afghanistan to the Taliban. This is on him. Trolls should go back to the conspiracy theories channels.

    1. @Winston Smith Not so much working WITH Putin as being manipulated BY Putin. Because the dementia addled orange traitor is such a drooling moron dictators around the world easily controlled him like a puppet and used him to destroy America for them.

      And no, Putin isn’t Q. That’s idiotic. They already know who Q is. Though it’s been multiple people, after the first group which originally created it got arrested.

    2. @Chinfuzz Chet Biden sent notice to all Americans and allies in April to get out of the country because the US was pulling out. Not his fault they chose to stay.


  4. My son was only in 7th grade when 9/11 happened. Tragically, here we are 20 years later! Let’s roll ….on leaving this nightmare! We can’t stay forever!!

    1. America when everything seems to be wrong that is the time you should think right. Next time do not vote an incompetent and ALZHEIMER oldman president…..Now your leaders are very weak and no proper planning at all. Joe a big mess.

    2. @Doug Hilton Q is a Conspiracy theory., a dangerous one , too…I am very sorry for your loss. I am sure there is a support group for Gold Parents.

  5. Every governor form Kathy Hochul to Ron DeSantis need to go before the cameras and pledge the number of our Afghan allies that they will welcome to their state. Let us see and hear who the American patriots are.

    1. Why are you confused between patriotism and letting in un wanted foreigners durring a time when we shouldn’t be inviting over house guests ?

    2. @Roger Maize you don’t know whether ALL who claimed to have helped the american troops are not imposters. How to proof Check before you end up with Taliban and ISIS on your door step.?

    3. Every democrat leading official from Schumer,, to Pelosi to Clyburn to Harris to Obama need to go before the American people and explain why they abandoned Americans to the enemy. Their decisions led to this fiasco. Biden is just a figurehead.

    1. @Chaos Russians are white and many racist usually Anglo/republican and racist would befriend them immidiatley without problems if their were any to come over.

    2. @Larry Nottingham uhh, from what I seen and experienced, Russian mostly roll with the others card, not White.

    3. @Larry Nottingham oh btw, you might want to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself who’s the real racist. Cause you having a playlist on your YouTube title as “Racist” is telling me that topic is always on your head. Stop thinking about it cause you are manifesting about it. It’s always going to be on your mind. I’m fact, think how we gonna be unit. Be optimistic and stop with the pessimistic thinking.

    4. @Hung Nguyen Maybe you need to view some of that playlist on the racist topic before you even speak you may find some truth whatever side your on. And if your views don’t aline with mine that may be your problem not mine. I’m sure you are well aware that the playlist titles are not chosen by me but are chosen by the powers that be so mind your freaking business you a&s. Buh-bye.

    5. No they really don’t. I mean, yes immigrants who had a lot of the same values and religious norms as the 1st settler’s probably made it great but you can’t just keep making everything about Is diversity. The reality is these people live a backwards life for a reason

  6. 0:35 WELL TO BE FAIR … they have been taking int a lot of the Syrian ones… i think what was it Germany alone took in i think a million Syrian refugees and thats excluding the climate refugees from north Africa so maybe lets not be tooo scathing of them not taking in Afghani refugees at least not until the us has takes a good few 100,000 mmkay?

  7. Every vet SHOULD TREASURE EVERY MOMENT trying to bring Afghanistan into the 21st Century. The Afghan people are grateful for those moments.


  8. Defend a wide open unsecure border that as reported by honest journalist has terrorists pouring in creating a national security catastrophe. defend that.

  9. There has been over a MILLION “refugees” cross the Southern border this year and AOC wants to raise the cap to 200,000? 🤪

    1. The money to feed them should come out of AOC’s check. Like a typical socialist, she wants the middle class to pay for everything.

  10. I think there was a lot of lib supporters in the riot? Name and expose and investigate all the rioters. Don’t just stop at 10.

  11. Lol Is literally everything with this woman turns into immigration. She better hope I never see her in person

  12. I hear all the moral arguments for getting the Afghans that helped us out of the country but that’s not the strongest. The fact that many of them have a intimate knowledge about how our military and intelligence operations work makes them an asset to our enemies. I am sure China and Russia see this as an opportunity.

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