Rep. Omar calls death of John Lewis a ‘loss for the nation’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) explains the impact the late Rep. John Lewis had on the US and shares some of her favorite memories with him to CNN’s Ana Cabrera. #CNN #News


    1. @♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊ fake Russian Youtube account. Russian bot detected.

    2. @William H Music 2020 fake Russian Youtube account. Russian bot detected.

    3. @R Thomas lol Trump has infected your tiny brain. Talking about Lewis here pal, even though you idiots think just mentioning Trump is a mic drop or something lol

    4. I’m pretty sure Lewis was a straight man so you can better honor him by saying rest in peace. Save your rest in power for the gays that die. Google search told me that’s a gay thing. You honor gays who have passed by saying rest in power. But I’m pretty sure that’s a insult to a straight man who hung out with MLK.

    5. @Factsthat Hurtfeelings it’s not exclusive to LGBTQ, it’s meaning is to continue struggling for social justice.

    1. @Cool Hand Mark Why are you calling anyone an inbred when Omar is the one who married her own brother? LOL. If you support terrorism then you don’t deserve to be in America traitor.

    2. @Chris Martino the left doesn’t exactly depict “it’s not cool to be white” but more so that people should feel ashamed in someway because they benefit more than others because they’re white. The depiction of white fragility and white privilege among leftists are both great examples of this false accusation.

    3. @TONY Yup exactly. The media will push the narrative they feel like, and it has nothing to do with what is really going on. BLM is a disgrace.

    1. Never, I didn’t pay for 7 years, then I contacted them, and set up a payment plan was the easiest thing I ever did.

    1. i don’t think he actual lived… this is all photo shop from beginning … someone made him up on a keyboard … I ain’t falling for it… no way

  1. I only watch CNN clowns when I need a laugh. It’s funny the level of hypocrisy they display. Always ignoring the truth. After the election hope they disappear for good

    1. *When news hit of his death last night, CNN suddenly highlights how many times he was pulled over by the police in his life (over 40 times). You know the reason. You can’t even make this stuff up anymore…*

  2. I atmind of Mr. John Lewis he was excellent services and modern of human be on earth ! but Omar I don’t care .

  3. Rest in peace Congressman John Lewis. Plus, thank you for fighting and risking your life for our human and civil rights. You’ll be greatly missed.

    1. @President of the Virgin Islands That was not at a BLM protest, wtf are you talking about? That’s just a couple of extremists and the media tries to use that to justify all the violence and destruction being caused by BLM everywhere now. Antifa is real and a real threat to innocent people, and their numbers are far greater than whatever right wing group you are talking about that hardly anyone has ever heard about. You think Boogaloo or whatever that is explains everything Antifa and BLM has done wrong the past several years? LOL. Sheep believe anything Fake News tells them. Sad. Why don’t you talk about David Dorn and all the victims of BLM thug nation and the victims of Antifa left wing extremists? Again, the Left focuses on 1% of the problem and ignores the real issues just to push their desired narrative. Pathetic.

    2. It’s easy to tell when the Trump Death Cult is misquoting, lying or bring misleading about context. It’s when their lips are moving.

    1. @Marian Taylor nothing says I hate b&aners like buying a can of beans from a Mexican food company. Like literally emptying the self and maxing their profits.

    2. @Chico Dalianis at least we admit you commies are usually American citizens. So who is more off base here?

    3. @Chico Dalianis but he didn’t claim he was part of a the communist party. Your comment has no correlation within the given context.

  4. Buy Goya. Thanks for the awesome roidrage Fredo, its been a while. You made up for the lost time 🤣.

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