Rep. Plaskett: ‘We Are Going To Continue To Do The People’s Business’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

Rep. Plaskett: ‘We Are Going To Continue To Do The People’s Business’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


  1. Screaming about cancel culture, then they cancel people for going against dear leader. These guys have straight up gone authoritarian hero worship. For Trump. He isn’t that good, he just represents a way for them to be the awful ppl they want to be. He makes it ok to say the N-word out loud. That’s the only reason

    1. @Sharon Mores We were ripe for the picking. He knew just how to play the people that recognized him for the rot that lives in them.

    1. @Gattobuono just like it’s “their country” idk who gave it to them. But we got a few other ppl that live here to ya know

    2. Idk either but they want to take it back from whoever has it!!!
      Who’s got it?? When did they get it….who??

  2. Respect Rep Plaskett! Do the people’s business under the 14th amendment and bar trump for running for office ever again!

    1. 😆 I love how they keep getting your hopes up with pipe dreams. The 14th amendment requires 2/3 of both houses. How do you plan on doing that?

    2. @DJ Jones 14th amendment only requires 51 senators. It is different from impeachment. Do your homework.

  3. Their is no political footing in the GOP if they continue to back Trump. At least six Republicans stood up for the United States Constitution, Oath of Office and its democracy.

    1. And they are anti all of that.
      The GOP didn’t send them to DC to uphold the constitution, honor their oaths of office, support law and order, democracy, our Republic….
      They sent them to play defense for a fascist lawless dictator.
      And THEY didn’t send them. The voters did. At least they have admitted that they are wholly ANTI CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I watched the trial.
      Democrats not once provided a text that called for violence. Incitement has to include violence. (I’m talking real violent texts and words, not twisted).

      Republicans showed how the Democrats doctored evidence, among other things.

      A good defense is not your personal feelings but the best argument based on the evidence.

    1. @Profound Thoughts aye for sure. The three days in bed comment was in reference to what she said she did when she lost her first election. I heartedly laughed at that during the impeachment. Other than that and trump’s lawyers, nothing was funny re the 6/1. And I’m not even American. Best wishes to you and yours too.

  4. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:3-4) The Republican right is wrong party. The true is false and the false is true

  5. “We didn’t send him there to do the right thing” fall in line and follow instructions in our fascist movement! Guess we need to pick out uniforms so the wrong folks don’t get shot!

    1. @Constituent A
      That’s fine.
      But it is an intellectually dishonest argument to show a video of people storming the Capitol and put a Trump tweet next to it, making it appear that he sent it that day

    2. That is exactly wrong. See, they have no idea what our govt works like. The people send them to represent them, but they say an oath to defend and protect the Constitution. They are part of a whole, to serve the country. and that means using their common sense and courage to do the right thing, even if it is against the racist people that sent them to congress. The uniforms will look like a flag of the south.

    3. Twit, in order to insult me I first have to value your opinion, nice try tho. And look in the mirror, you will see a racist as well. Boo.

  6. Richard Burr is my Senator. I begged him via phone, email, and written letter to vote as he did.
    I find it infuriating that the NC GOP would censure him for listening to his constituents.
    Arizona censured Cindy McCain, a private citizen, for not supporting a fascist dictator for president. Who do they think they are? And how do we censure them back?

    1. It is called a Recall Petition and anyone can begin one. But you have to look at your States Constitution to see the procedure, if they have one. Good Luck.

    2. @Free Wheeln Thank you. I am livid about the way they’re handing out censures like candy as if they have any right whatsoever to control who and what people support. Cindy McCain? As if the McCain family owe him anything after the attacks he made on John McCain as a POW after his cowardly 5 fake bone spur deferments.
      It’s beyond pathetic and totally fascist.

  7. It just hurts. It hurts like it will never go away, like we can’t go back to being world leaders and we will never be safe again. It hurts like the truth no longer matters and being cruel is more advantageous than being honorable. It hurts like a darkness is encompassing humanity, democracy first.

    1. In the UK and it hurts us just as bad . We always looked up to you ( Cant say we always agreed though lol ) , we are looking in and totally confused by how the lessons learned from late 1930s Europe were not learned .

    2. The problem with the US has always been that they think they are worth looking up to. You aren’t and haven’t been for a long time. Absorb that, reflect on it, get your home in order and be humble for the next 20yrs and maybe you can someday make that claim again.

    3. @David R Can’t use, “they” anymore, it’s a nation divided. This misinformation was intentional. These people were targeted, Christians for their faith, and rural voters for their loyal nature. The orange monster never did deserve their support. I think they will be the ones to deal with him. Humans need to water each other’s good seeds, ya know? We could learn from one another with a little humility. Thanks. 🙂

    4. @David R We could if the rest of the world did not demand we fix their problems. Stop loving your Dictators, stop having kids your soil can not support. Stop begging.

  8. STACY PLASKET!! I felt so proud and so strong , the more U spoke .. your elegance , your clarity , well spoken , I can go on and on. U literally brought me to tears. Cause of your presence on that stage. U are my picture of BLACKEXCELLENCE !! I’m very glad u came to the for front for the world 🌎 to see.

    1. we, the good guys, have all the best people … the crass right wing only has villains … with no plans to lead what so ever, not a whiff!

  9. Stand strong , this impeachment and how it was handled will go down in history ,you wrote trumps downfall regardless of how the weak kneed republicans votes , their names will go down in infamy

    1. As cowards of America. They should have voted trump out for all his lies, which by the way is 1 of the 10 commandments you ” call yourself Christians” seem to ignore. Is it that you don’t even know the 10 Commandments or you just can’t read, or you just got smashed in the head one too many times to be able to process thoughts?

  10. Moscow Mitch has slipped out of his mind, and he is so delirious he’s hoping we don’t notice! No one has called him out, have they?

  11. Mitch is talking again with a 2 sided face 2 mouth and with his long crooked tongue we need more like her 🌿 🙈🙉🙊

  12. I give each Republican that took a stand against that liar we had to deal with for the last 4 years a big KUDOS! I AM SO GLAD TO FIND SOME OF YOU STILL STAND FOR TRUTH!


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