Rep. Schiff: ‘Donald Trump Was Missing In Action’ On COVID Relief Bill Negotiations | The Last Word

Rep. Schiff: ‘Donald Trump Was Missing In Action’ On COVID Relief Bill Negotiations | The Last Word 1


Rep. Adam Schiff joins Ali Velshi to discuss why it’s “appalling” that Donald Trump is threatening to not sign the Covid-19 relief bill without changes when the need for relief is so immense around the country. Aired on 12/23/2020.
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Rep. Schiff: ‘Donald Trump Was Missing In Action’ On COVID Relief Bill Negotiations | The Last Word

51 Comments on "Rep. Schiff: ‘Donald Trump Was Missing In Action’ On COVID Relief Bill Negotiations | The Last Word"

  1. As it turns out, Trump can shoot his own party in the middle of Time Square and no one would care.

    • The secretary of treasury had a 1.9 trillion deal that had $1,200 payment and offered Pelosi. She’s the one that waited months

    • @Cathie Ludemann yes!

    • @Jean Rhodes You must be one of those New Yorkers LOL

    • @Gwendolyn Alowolodu Those millions of dollars is how America has maintained it’s standing in the world and it’s peanuts compare to what is spent on wars. Much cheaper to help than fight in the long run. This is part of the country’s regular spending, not added this year. What’s different is that this administration has not governed or passed any needed bills of any kind this year or in the last four for that matter.

    • jay sutterland | December 23, 2020 at 7:38 PM | Reply

      no , all of America should hang both parties:


  2. This was a set up. Trump is making a fool of Mitch Mcconnell

  3. Poor ppl suffers again
    Caught up in the Political war fare
    Americans V Americans

  4. Angel Delcourt | December 23, 2020 at 1:02 AM | Reply

    More politics in the never ending circus. They don’t care. We are struggling in our country and they don’t care. Games and more games.

    • So who will be the Republican(s) that return to Washington DC to object the the unanimous consent?
      – – – Will be interesting !

    • Democrars wanted a larger releif bill, don’t give me this sh*t about them not caring because Republicans wouldn’t go along with it.

    • @lunarstars Trump wanted a clean bill. Not 10 billion going to egypt and everyone else. Just money to the american people

    • @Travis Howett I suggest a little research. It wasn’t only the relief package that was under consideration-it was also 2021 FUNDING.
      That’s why $ for museums and foreign aid was laid out. Go look at his budget, check the numbers, and maybe realize there is more going on than you assume.
      That budget has to be approved by a certain time.

    • And the grift goes on. Thanks Congress.

  5. An excuse to delay payment further.

    • 85.5 million to cambodia
      134 million to burma
      1.3 billion Egypt & egyptian military
      25 million democracy & gender program pakistan
      505 million belize & costa rica el salvador gustamala honduras nicaragua panama
      40 million kennedy center & washington (closed for business)
      1 B smithsonian
      154 million national gallery of art
      7 million reef fish management
      25 million combat asian carp
      2.5 million combat amberjack fish
      566 million contructions at fbi buildings
      $1800 families for illegal aliens

      $600 / each person hardworking taxpayers

  6. If you take time to read the bill, it’s show’s just how much of tax payers money is wasted on corporate America and the military and other countries. While we get bread crumbs. It time for a change in our government with trem limits for every one in government

  7. Thank you for calling it a relief bill and not a “stimulus”. Now it just needs to not be another business giveaway. In case you haven’t seen the stock market, the ultra rich are thriving.


  9. Chances are he’s leaving for Christmas and not coming back.

  10. Kevin Robinson | December 23, 2020 at 2:33 AM | Reply

    It looks like congress and the senate was missing to much aide abroad while we need help.

  11. People that added all these extras in the bill need to be called out so we the people know who tried to slide this in the bill. VOTE THEM OUT!!! BLUE or RED

  12. choctaw bigguns | December 23, 2020 at 5:30 AM | Reply

    Donald told us months ago that their bill was ridiculous and he wasn’t signing anything cause they would come to an agreement with him. He backed off, let them make their crazy bill and then came back in the room like “🤌🏽 “

  13. Drop everything else and just do for the people

  14. It’s truly sad that we are seeing how corrupt our government is today where they only care about the wealthy and could care less with the people starving, who were let go from work, who may get evicted in the next month. It’s all about profit over people. Next thing you know, there will be hunger games to identify the few that are allowed to live with the wealthy class.

  15. Schiff has a lot to hide. Investigate the standard hotel and his relationship with Ed Buck. Human garbage!

  16. If you can’t be a good president, be the worst we ever had…

  17. You know it’s a gimmick. At our expense. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  18. Funny how they didn’t mention all the money in this bill going to foreign countries..

    • Billions are going to the wealthy! Democrats are between a rock and a hard place, I mean they wanted to give $300 per person and Pelosi said no, now they doubled that begrudgingly and yet it is nothing towards helping the strugglers. I am below poverty as a disabled person with 3 autoimmune disorders, I make $850 per month, I don’t qualify for food stamps yet the price of food has skyrocketed, I mean the #CorruptGOP doesn’t have to care, they have all the money they need to eat.

    • None of mainslime media is talking about the Democrat pork in this bill.

    • It’s not one bill. The COVID relief bill is attached to an omnibus spending bill.

    • Exactly

  19. Absolutely disgusting. It’s impossible to trust the media or politicians.

  20. Snake Eyes 420 | December 23, 2020 at 3:28 PM | Reply

    “Shiftys back”
    “Back again”
    “Shiftys back”
    “Shiftys back”
    “Shiftys back” …..

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