Rep. Schiff: I Have ‘Profound Concerns’ Over Safety Of Congress Members | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Rep. Schiff: I Have ‘Profound Concerns’ Over Safety Of Congress Members | The Last Word | MSNBC


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) says he has mixed feelings over his Republican colleagues who advised him to stay out of sight during the Capitol invasion. Schiff tells Lawrence O’Donnell their concern was appreciated, but also recognized his “safety was in peril because they joined the president in telling big lies about me for the last four years.” Aired on 01/14/2021.
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Rep. Schiff: I Have ‘Profound Concerns’ Over Safety Of Congress Members | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. I probably sound crazy but I’m worried that you can see the kid in the picture behind Schiff. People are insane.

    1. @HMQ -ha! So there, no harm, no foul, people watch far too many movies and mini series nowadays it seems, life’s all about nonsense instead of reality, thanks for the check.

    1. omg like this summer as cities burned and peoples businesses looted and burned- 4 yrs of lying schiff calling trump a foreign agent and Russian collusion, he said he had proof but it was all lies!! crazy people on both sides and they are all wrong call them all out not both sides are more about there political party and gaining power than helping the American people. wake up they divide us to increase there power!!!!

    2. @Michael Lee more than enough according to whom? I will be fine but my grandchildren most likely will experience an anti capitalist society, dependant on big gov. Look at the effort the left is taking to protect our self from our self already. Oops I said grandchildren, some leftist putts already has a bill to remove any gender identifying language. The left will eventually come for our guns, money, and identity. Its worrisome that any conservative thought needs to be purged and silenced by the media and society.

    1. @George March better yet, if they won’t go thru the metal detector have them removed from the building. You, I, basically everyone but law enforcement on official business it’s a crime to carry a firearm (or any deadly weapon) into a federal building. Subject to 1 year prison and a fine up to 250,000$ and if it’s brought in with the intent or used for another crime it adds a 5 year sentence.

      Elected officials should have to follow the same rules they enforce on we the people. I personally think that any law congress passes that excludes themselves should be unconstitutional. After all, this is supposed to be a government represented by our citizens, here to represent the citizens.

    2. Then, they can simply be told that they are fired. Lock them out, so when the next set of protestors come, the military can shoot the treasonous GOP members too!

    3. @Heavy John Robbie good thing the Republican Party hasn’t turned into the party supportive of dictatorship and seditious insurrection or anything. LoL

  2. Republicans are complaining that they now have to go through metal detectors at the Capitol. They can’t be expected to live like the rest of us.

  3. Who told Schiff he or she “know these people and can talk to these people?” FBI needs to talk to that Congress member. Why didn’t the self assured Republican get from under the desk and go talk to their friends? Because that Congress person was full of it. They have blood on their hands because they kept repeating lies about the election to these domestic terrorists.

    1. In my opinion Trump put his representatives who knew that helps him and he had many in his hand, with fear? With black mail? Corruption?? Who knows .

  4. All they have to say is that the Election had no widespread fraud and that it is all on Trump!! Well ok, that would mean Republicans need to TELL THE TRUTH, oh yea, maybe that isn’t the truth THEY KNEW there wasn’t any fraud!!

  5. Best summary of our current situation: be careful of your neighbor: he/she/both – may need to take you out. A result of Trump-ian desire. Our U.S. Capitol was attacked, by Republicans. Good luck in your own home.

  6. IAll Democrat felt disrespected and under threat. Trump kicked free speech out of his fund raking gatherings .Free speech isn’t free when it cost liives. In my opinion

  7. How hasn’t Trump blamed Obama for the insurrection and the death of 5 people plus the reason he got impeached again

  8. Former president Donald j Trump – the greatest of all time in his unwavering commitment to be impeached more than any other president in US history

  9. He shld be worried. Some Capitol police looked really scared and we know some are involved in the Riots. They better drain the swamp of those bad guys on Capitol police force.

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