Rep. Swalwell: March 4th Warning "Aligns" With What We've Heard Before And After Capitol Riots 1

Rep. Swalwell: March 4th Warning “Aligns” With What We’ve Heard Before And After Capitol Riots


Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Ca.) joins Andrea Mitchell with some reactions to the joint Senate committee hearing into the failures of the law enforcement response to the January 6 riot at the Capitol. “It was a failure in leadership across law enforcement and the Department of Defense that day,” he said. Swalwell also accused his colleagues in the House and the Senate for perpetuating a lie about election fraud and compelling their radicalized followers to act violently. “That just emboldens and inspires people who have already been radicalized," he said. Aired on 3/03/2021.
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Rep. Swalwell: March 4th Warning "Aligns" With What We've Heard Before And After Capitol Riots


  1. Im guessing that with all the media this has had about 10 people will show. But be prepared. I’ve been wrong before.

  2. If these people want to see the might of the Federal Government let them show up again, Biden is NOW President. These people know now Trump will not and can not pardon them


    2. @Micah Ben-Avraham This is kinda like the inserectionists trying to save something by destroying it.

    3. @Johanne Beerbaum Okay you are not very smart! Biden can’t get rid of the Filibuster rule only the Senate can! Next minimum wage cant be included in this bill because the senate rules prohibit it! They will likely do that in a separate package. As far as the rest of your points give the man some time! You must be very young because you use all caps and you clearly do not understand how things work in Washington. Particularly when you have a 50/50 split in the Senate.

    4. @grabnrun granny What lives are those? Sure arent American lives, that’s been apparent since day one. So his elitist buddies or his China puppet masters?

  3. You know who should be held accountable as well…. and I have no heard one person mention his name… RUPERT MURDOCH! He is the wealthy billionaire that allows all of this disgusting behavior and misinformation by the republican party to be spread!

    1. @icy purple Hahahahahahahaha omg, how uninformed can you be? Murdock is left-wing? Yeah, and we all live on Mars.

    2. Yes, Rupert Murdoch allows the brainwashing of countries because it’s very profitable. Man without a soul.

  4. Just arm the security with soap, water and toothpaste, and they will certainly run away……..

    1. Did you know the KKK member invented the tooth brush? If anyone else would have invented it he or she would have called it a teeth brush.

  5. I don’t understand why people keep saying it was “a failure” in law enforcement. When the so called “failure” was deliberate, it is not a failure. It was an attempted coup that failed.

    1. @Liron Deline Hi Liron, thanks for the reply. We have to get politicians in there that represent every realistic political spectrum. My dream team is Nina Turner, Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabber, and Dan Crenshaw. Those four personality types working together is necessary for a better world. I consider myself slightly conservative but vote outside my party every election to help fill areas that need attention.

    2. @Liron Deline I will have to look closer at what they are trying to pass because I am ill-informed about the subject.

    3. @Politicians are cancer Deserve to hang Hi, politicians are cancer. It may be time to relax and forget about politics. I bet the person who focuses on what they can achieve in life instead of all this nonsense will be the real winner.

  6. ANYONE making DEATH THREATS to ANY Representatives and their families needs to go to jail for a MINIMUM of 10 years!

    1. @Andrew Enriquez Right… — __ — ignorant, hateful “what-aboutism” AND false equivalencies

    2. @Donee Stoner no she made legitimate death threats in the same capacity trump incited riots and insurrections.

  7. March 4th is just Q anon b.s. bubbling over . amazing how what started out as some clown in his mom’s basement has blossomed into the American isis.

    1. I think it was a bet amount Russian two guys at a disinformation farm made a bet to see if Americans were as gullible as we seemed, the guy who bet against us lost.

    2. @Jane Goodall from Europe and the Country I live in, and our Grandparents who fought Fascism in WWII….we are all anti- Fascist and Always will be. And have no qualms about it.
      To us Fascism is a ‘Human Evil’ that should always be fought against. It has caused nothing but utter destruction to humanity every time it surfaces as a clear and present danger, as it is now in America since 2017. As we in Europe recognize fascism in all its guises with our lived History…. As again, it is clear and present in America now in its current Trumpian guise.
      None of the above is moveable by your comment.
      My original comment in this comment section was of an irony which remains a fact, as well as an irony.

      Take care.

    3. This did not start with someone in their basement…this “Q” bs was started by Michael Flynn!! Just saw the documentary about this on tv the other day….do not be decieved!!!

  8. Well that is old school mafia moves, Foxholes sicking the goons on a duly elected Rep. and his family, with the blessings of the don. RICO charges for the whole seditious team anyone?

  9. Christians that follow trump and his golden statue have never read the 2nd commandment about idols they have not Learn from the last time I guess and Revelation 9:20

    1. They don’t read anything. The churches they go to are the type that are highly political and discourage people from reading and understanding the Bible themselves. They just do as they’re told.

    2. @Dexel Dubbelton oh really….you dont know much then do you. Do you think that the “other side” cant do anything? Im sure you know exactly what im saying. Maybe you should go to the yt vid on “secret archives of the vatican”. Strong delusion………… rethink myself.

    1. @Qualicum Wilson Pluto is not a planet which shows you science is made up as they go along
      1900 Pluto not a planet
      1930 Pluto is a planet
      2005 Pluto not a planet
      yet each time is was stated as fact
      If science is perfect show me one medicine without a side effect I’ll wait crickets

    2. @Jane Goodall Goofy is not a Planet
      Goofy is not a Planet
      Goofy is not a Planet
      Oh Pluto is not a planet because it does not fulfill all the requirements of being a planet. But Goofy people are still Goofy, I mean Pluto.

  10. They need cops at the ready to arrest these people and get them incarcerated immediately for treason if they try to storm the capital again. There should be minimum prison sentences for these people.

    1. @Kevin Dawson no bro treason is punishable by death its literally IN THE CONSTITUTION…..

    2. @Kevin Dawson §2381. Treason

      Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
      (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

    3. @Politicians are cancer Deserve to hang When did any left wing “terrorists” invade the House and Senate? When?
      Didn’t happen. Goober.

  11. Have to get Cruz, Hawley, Green, an Graham OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT an ALL others that belong to these groups, WTH !!!!!

  12. These people thinking about attacking the Capital has completely lost their minds and they are gonna get themselves killed at worst. Go to prison for life at best.

    1. @Jane Goodall “gutted many US cities like Portland”, garbage, one block was affected in Portland not the whole city.

  13. “Keeping us from doing our job.”

    When Obama was President, McConnell and others dedicated every day in office to denying Democrats progress on virtually every piece of legislation – over 125 of them.

    Now, the suppression of democracy continues with true malice, as right-wing legislators intimidate Democratic and independent members if Congress with real threats if violence in order to stop them from conducting the business of the nation.

    I wonder if the Democratic Party understands that we are truly in a state of war? The opportunity for compromise grows slimmer each day.

    1. Number 1…he is black…number 2…he is democrat…number 3…they are big baby Republicans. They need to watch sesame street and learn COOPERATION! We are ALL a part of this country and as long as we can’t agree on things not much is gonna get done and after the trump fiasco it’s just gonna get WORSE!

  14. How the heII is a two-party government going to do anything about domestic terrorism when one of those parties is a domestic terrorist organization?

    1. @Milo Music hey moron, this country is american instead of German bc of antifascists who fought fascists like hitler..this country is FREE bc of antifa..80% of this country today are antifascists meaning antifa..your grandpa, grocery clerk, teachers, doctor, nurse, pharmacist are most likely antifa…only ppl NOT antifa? The right..antifascists would NEVER pull the ignorant destructive murdering crime spree the right did on jan 6th..BLM is a serious movement with a shitton of financial backing and auxiliary stupid to risk THAT..they didnt..

    2. @Frank Conrad Every Democrat candidate last summer repeatedly condemned the rioting and even specifically said they don’t support senseless violence and looting. This talking point from the Fox News choir is utter nonsense.

    3. @Fuddyduddy Horsemanship I know that you are looking for @jasiel morales to explain. But I will try and explain, even though I am a democrat. The right wing has consistent talking points, throughout their media and politician blaming BLM and antifa for all the violence associated with nationwide protest this summer. Then they claim that the democratic party, who support BLM’s issue supports violence.

      But there is no solid evidence that either of those organizations support violence. Whenever there are crowds, people with criminal intentions can easily blend in. Unfortunately, there are a large number of people who resort to crime, due to misdirection in their youth. Our FBI labels most that commit crimes during these protests as “opportunists”. And some right wing people have been accused of committing crimes at demonstrations to make the left look worse. I have links to support this.

      I hope this helps, if you were really seeking answers.

    4. the trump rhinos need to go ahead and start a new Party…. and leave the GOP because that is trump now completely…good conservatives will follow the new party and know it is not trump territory and maybe some good guys.

    1. Fox News should be taken off the air, they help to incite hatred towards our democratic system with lies.

    2. Right?!?! I thought that was WAY out of line…. but then again, this is Fox News, they like to be horrible and this is probably not the worst they have done… no oversight, I guess lets them just do whateves and nobody gonna stop ’em.

  15. The nerve of these Trumpers and Y’all-Queda. Literally threatening lawmakers in emails, as if their IP address can’t be traced back to them by any ISP.

    1. @Jane Goodall They did know about covid way before us. In fact, some senators got investigated over buying selling stocks related to the upcoming pandemic.

    2. @Henry Parsons and then denied it in public so that they could make money off the stocks they purchased

    3. @Jane Goodall You do understand the concept of a Novo (Latin for NEW or never seen before)Virus? Nostra Damus has been dead for a few years now.

    1. Seditionists. They need to come to Jesus on the fact it’s all a big lie, or they’re going to find out the new gospel is Retaliations 5.56 and 7.62

    2. In any other country an attack on the capitol would be greeted with shooting the terrorists on sight! How horrible that our congress is being threatened by their colleagues and their crazy followers.

    3. This time, with the National Guard, surround them all and let them out one at a time on foot or in bags, if that is their preference. I guess in handcuffs might be OK too.

  16. Swalwell was quick to his feet when Republicans acted like they were going to physically intimidate another Democrat on the floor. Respect.

    1. IKR? I was about to comment on that as well. LOL I’m proud to have him rep his district here in the Bay Area!

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