Rep. Thompson Discusses Efforts To Help Migrant Children In U.S. Custody | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Rep. Thompson Discusses Efforts To Help Migrant Children In U.S. Custody | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., spoke to Andrea Mitchell about the current efforts underway to help the growing number of unaccompanied migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border, and said "it will be a problem" if press is not given access to the facilities soon. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Rep. Thompson Discusses Efforts To Help Migrant Children In U.S. Custody | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. By encouraging them to cross the boarder illegally then throwing them in a trashy shipping container with bars over the windows?

    2. How can you justify Joe Biden releasing unaccompanied children into a country that’s defined by white supremacy. There’s no excuse for it.

  1. It’s just the backlog that Baby Cheesus kept bottled up in Mexico bursting the seams. Plus there wouldn’t probably be so many migrants in the first place if the Toddler Messiah didn’t cut off funding to the Northern Triangle countries on a racist whim.

    1. @watchwinder Okay, so you’re a wingnut liberal. Nothing to be ashamed of, be proud of who you are.

    2. Backlog? You make it sound like a waiting line queue to get on an amusement park ride. Almost like the migrants are entitled to enter the US illegally. What a joke.

    1. @T. R. Campbell that’s right but our founder’s did use biblical percepts in creating our government.

    2. @Lmr May The founders also said that we must not mix religion and government. There is no Bible references in the current immigration law that was drafted by our “Lion of the Senate “Ted Kennedy. Do you promise the American people that if we passed his legislation into law they would be no need for amnesty nor will there be any more illegal for a nation of charging our borders. The Democrats I feel we must honor dead Kennedys pledge to the nation.

    1. So you’re going to ignore Biden repealing Trump’s remain in Mexico policy?
      You’re going to ignore Biden stating during the primary debates that there’d be a surge at the border if he was elected?
      You’re going to ignore the White House official being asked if migrants should turn back, then responding in Spanish that, “the border is open.”

    2. @Peter Bills Mexico sure did pay for the wall that Trump said would solve the problem. I bet you contributed to Bannon’s Build the Wall scam.

    1. Pretty disgusting stuff. How anyone can justify treating people this way, it’s just inexcusable.

  2. We’re a nation that says, ‘You want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.” – Joe Biden .
    At least have a plan though bud like who looks after them , where the money is coming from where they are going to stay

  3. All these foreign national minors need to be sent back to their home country. United States law and the laws in most states prevent minors from making a life altering decision until they reach the age of majority. Minors cannot buy tobacco or alcohol, minors cannot enter into contracts, minors cannot buy real estate until they are at least 21 years of age in most states.
    These minors need to be returned to their home countries immediately so that they can be returned to their parents or guardians. The laws of the United States must be enforced.

    1. They need to be reunited first with their families, sending them back alone will expose them to potential human trafficking.

    1. No I have to disagree. Do not take in for a national runaways. Minors in the United States cannot make life-changing decisions until they are 21 years of age. If you take one of these for initials into your house you have no idea who they are or where they came from or what their intentions are. Do United States must follow the law and send the juveniles back to their home country so they can be reunited with their parents or family members.

    have the United Nations Refugee program SETUP immediate camps along Mexico and Guatemala coasts

    1. @Caskas No, Obama did not separate families, he only held kids who crossed the border alone, they were kept only for 3 days for safety purposes in a detention center not in cages like Trump kept them indefinitely. Kids were reunited with family members, and families were kept together in larger migrant facilities with rooms and playgrounds while they waited for their court day. It wasn’t perfect, but was not horrible like it was under the Trump administration. I was actively paying close attention at the time.

    2. @Caskas Why? Because I’m well informed and have been following Immigration issues for years, including Obama policy? I didn’t agree with Obama, but Trump is the literal Antichrist.

    3. @Angel Light you sound like a Karen. All I hear from you is baa baa like a sheep. Go live your life with your head in the sand.

  5. Photos or not I trust President Biden I know his character and I know his focus is on protection of those kids because he has shown the world who he is and I’m good with that because I know he is working on it no matter what the Republicans say because they can’t say anything else those kids started walking way before President Biden said anything

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