1. Of course Moscow Mitch won’t budge until Trump tells him to.
    “They say jump and you say how high, you’re brain dead, you got a…” -Rage Against The Machine

  2. Since when did the President dictate what Congress does? I know that Congress is supposed to be co-equal to the Executive branch.
    Something is seriously wrong with McConnell. Like sick.

    1. Don’t mess with the 1st, 3rd and 4th Amendment to protect the 2nd. Protect them all !!!!! President Trump you are close to losing my vote!

  3. Washington absolutely MUST do SOMETHING! I have to get extensive background checks for my job at very least background checks must always be required to purchase any type of fire arm! Come the hell on fat cat politicians! The blood is on your hands!

    1. We have to get those who won’t do out of office. These bastards forget that they work for us. Not the other way around.

  4. Ok. We all know Tim Ryan won’t be the president but He will make a good senator or governor. He have guts.

  5. Trump and Republicans:
    “Violent Video games did this not guns”.
    So, Hitler was playing video games before he started a war against the world?
    Seems legit… right?

    1. It can’t be anything that messes with their purse strings. They go in on comprehensive gun laws and the NRA pulls funding and kickbacks. What’s innocent lives constantly loss compared to the sanctity of their bank account. Sick isn’t it?

    2. Trump and These Goofy Ole Pu$ies ( GOP) going around saying thoughts and prayers but the pain still don’t go away overnight or the next day or year from the victims of the families that went through this nightmare.

  6. Moscow Mitch is butthurt and hiding because his Grim Reaper facade has come down revealing his corruption and his service to Russia…

    1. Point of personal privilege comrade. I disagree with that statement which by default clearly makes it a racist statement. If anyone agrees with me please show jazz hands in support because clapping gives me anxiety…Thank you

  7. Where are your guts?

    Mitch : dude, are you kidding? I am Moscow Mitch man. I am a Russian asset, not a American. Go away and leave me alone while I destroy this country from within. I am waiting for instruction from treasonous Trump, Putin’s dog in the WH.

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