Rep. Tlaib Rejects Offer To Visit Israel Under ‘Oppressive Conditions’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., has released a statement rejecting an offer to visit her grandmother in Israel. NBC News' Kristen Welker has details.
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Rep. Tlaib Rejects Offer To Visit Israel Under 'Oppressive Conditions' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. It’s certainly a sign of terrible weakness by Trump, calling on another country to take action against his political opponents who he’s been cravenly racist about. That’s not what a worthy leader does, regardless of your political outlook or which party, if any, you support.

    1. Trump is not a true Republican, he would switch parties if he thought he could manipulate things to his advantage.

    1. @Terri Jones
      Then do America a favor. And put a fking Gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Make the sound of music.. BANG .. !! SPLAT !!

    2. @Bobby Nelson you are just one more person who should never be allowed within ten feet of a gun. I think gun background checks should include a review of all public internet comments. That would solve a lot of problems.

    1. What is Ilhan Omar real name?
      Immigration fraud

      why would Israel let Ilhan Omar on their soil, when they know she entered the US as a fraudulent member of the Omar family and her Father was Top Propaganda Official in Genocidal Barre Regime!

    2. If any still following Donny Dumbo you’re a fascist plain and simple. Logic doesn’t matter, he just come out and lie every day!!🤪

  2. As always with trump,the art of distraction,it is absolutely the only thing that he understands, and is good at.

    1. He also likes to lie although to a sane non-Trump supporter he’s not very good at lying but he gives it the good old college try.

  3. I’m a Jew.. Trump and Yahu’s actions over these 2 Muslim females is just dumb… They’re 2 woman…. What are you afraid of Israel!!!!

  4. Israel has effectively morphed into exactly the same type of totalitarian, racist state that many of them fled from during WWII. Good job, Netanyahu.

  5. Good for her standing up to the Orange Goblin but I feel bad that she’s missing out on visiting her Grandmother.

  6. Trump told them to go back to their countries and now he’s telling those countries not to let them in. And yes, one is Palestinian and has a grandmother living there so Israel, Palestine, Somalia are their countries. Thanks.

  7. Trynp is Abusing his power & Terriorizing Americans & interfering with there freedom to travel , visit family or what ever!!!

  8. Oh Tlaib you are the hateful anti Semite that wants to destroy Israel and now that you’ve been disgraced for your racism you want to try and play the victim and race card haha
    So pathetic and predictable,,,,,
    The democrats should be ashamed for having such anti Semitic hate in Congress, their members are now being banned from other country’s because of it.

  9. Israel shouldn’t have refused the Congresswomen. But Tlaib should go. She can’t have it both ways. It’s her duty to go. As for Omar, she’s truly antisemitic. Antisemitism is rampant in Islam. It’s unchecked. Whatever you read on Youtube from commentators is almost always hate filled rhetoric and stereotypes from Muslims and Christians of every color, and Muslims often don’t even know when they’re being antisemitic. This rhetoric is rampant and normalized. Christians likely at least know when they’re saying something antisemitic. Omar doesn’t know and neither do young Jewish people who think she’s awesome. The relationship between Jews and Palestinians is more nuanced. A Palestinian likely knows Jews personally. If they hate or love, they probably have personal relationships that coincide with their feelings. Tlaib likely is antisemitic but she knows when a comment steps out of bounds and into Loony JewHaterVille, so she avoids those comments and Omar does not. My opinion is Tlaib needs to go to Israel. It’s more important than making by not going. The statement is too easy and going would be the harder but better work.

  10. What the heck? Last night she vowed to fight…. now she won’t go??? She wanted to keep her victim status.

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