Rep. Welch: ‘We Have To Find Ways To Make Progress Even If We Lose The Battle’

Vermont leads the country in vaccinations and recently, that state’s Republican Governor Phil Scott signed a bill into law expanding voting rights. Congressman Peter Welch (D-VT) joins Ali Velshi to discuss the Republican governor leading a largely Democratic state.  
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  1. Fully Vaccinated Here!
    Ever have smallpox? No?
    Ever see that “needle”? No?
    You’re welcome.

    1. Good way of looking at it. This suppression crap is their big last stand. They will either be destroyed at the midterms or take down democracy permanently, changing America forever, into an oligarchy in which you only get to vote if you vote for Putin . . . er . . . I mean, “Trump.”

  2. Who lives in Vermont?
    I thought somebody was paying 2k dollars for people to move to Vermont.

  3. Yes to making Election Day a Federal Holiday; new Voting Rights Act; universal mail-in voting; non-partisan primaries; ranked or cardinal choice voting; abolishment of the antiquated, undemocratic Electoral College; overturning horrendous, corrupt Republican SCOTUS Citizens United decision; enacting campaign finance limits that get dark money and big money out of elections!

    1. Another one that cnn has corrupted.
      They will never get Dark Money out of Politics. They claim that’s why they want millions in tax dollars to go to each candidate. I tell you what, they pass that corrupt HB1 and I will run every election just to collect millions in campaign cash. I don’t care if I get any votes or not, just hook me up to that dollar IV.

  4. when they make these “best place to live” rankings they should use things like vaccination levels and ability to vote.

    1. @N W : Who would? What’s your point? Washington might be less attractive to people now, but those weren’t local people doing all the rioting. They travelled from all over the country, so it’s complicated. In the wake of the summer’s civil unrest, of last year, the only people facing serious charges turned out to be agent provocateurs, working for far right organisations. So, you can’t take it all on face value. You have to trust law enforcement’s assessment of the people responsible.

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  6. You can’t, “lose the battle.” Especially for votes! Suppression is criminally unconstitutional. Period! And Covid? If people can’t accept reality, that’s their problem. Why should they make it ours? Whether you’re a Covid-Gravity-Denier or not, it’s just a needle that makes you more healthy, three minutes of your time, and then we can all get back to our lives. Time to stop sponging off the tax payer, trump trolls.

    1. Eliminating the underage, the foreign, those who have not established Domicile, those who are unregistered is not voter suppression.

    2. @T. R. Campbell how about just expecting actual humans to be alive and use the identification currently

    3. @Bad Wig that they do. They swallow every thing the msm and the democrats tell them.
      There’s no fixing them. They are the people that warning labels are for, things that we use common sense for, they need a warning label. Things like, don’t stick your arm in a running lawnmower. We know better, but if a lefty does not have a warning label he’s sticking his hands in there

  7. Quaint has always been an ideal adjective for Vermont. Now Vermont is so quaint, it has Republicans who are still human beings.

  8. If we are too progressive we lost the battle? Of course we will lose. We can’t be overly extreme. If we are, we lose. Moderation is the key to success.


  10. Are SJWs still pushing trigger warnings? Why not put trigger warnings before showing needles going into people?

  11. 2:26 I never thought you had fraud, but I’m concerned now because you feel like you have to tell me.

  12. If a polling place has people trying to keep you from voting. Tell someone. Take pics. Call the TV stations.
    (Unless you’re illegal or showed up late on purpose)

  13. It takes us 8 months to Correctly count votes but we’re taking people on space flights? Reconcile that gap CNN NBC CBS 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. I also saw a comment on a video on youtube and gave them a trial, they’re superb. Thanks you intellectwebscom

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