Report Addresses Fighting Maternal Mortality | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dr. Taraneh Shirazian of Global Women's Health discusses the need for addressing high mortality rates of pregnant women across the globe. Aired on 1/2/20.
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Report Addresses Fighting Maternal Mortality | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Wow it’s almost like women would live through child birth if they had equal access or access at all to health care then lives would be saved. Funny how that works…

    1. @Quiet EntropyIt’s a silly thing called Gods love. If you’re not a Christian you won’t like how this story ends.

    2. @Quiet Entropy – #45 *did* warn them, at all those ill-willed ‘rallies’…
      “You *knew* d@mn well I was a snake when *you took me* in!” 🐍

    3. ShaunieBNaturalista And a lot of evangelicals have a medieval way of understanding the world — they accept what they’re told by their religious leaders and Fox, as opposed to the enlightenment idea that people can gather information and decide for themselves.

    4. @Dave Schultz Actually, it’s a matter of life or death. Think , how would you feel if this was someone that worked at a low paying
      job BUT worked !! and could not afford the cost of a system that
      costs twice as much
      in the rest of the modern world. Dave is your world all about
      political talking points? Don’t worry , there are many more
      independents out there than party members. These are good people and rational people. Be well

  2. USA’s maternal mortality rate is so high because they don’t have the universal health care that we in civilized countries have. At the World heath organization they rank 36th behind Costa Rica.

    1. You need to look at the bright side of this… you don’t have to worry about child support or being told what weekends and holidays you get your child…lol

    2. So if they are haveing there children in a hospital and the hospital is letting them die because of lack of insurance…..I dont think so
      If you need medical care you just go to a emergency room ask a illegal.

    1. Rich B

      Let’s have some more fun with facts!

      “Georgia, Louisiana and Indiana all had rates above 40 deaths per 100,000 live births from 2011 to 2015, a rate that puts them on par with Malaysia, Turkmenistan and Cabo Verde.”

      Funny – all deep RED states particularly hostile to Planned Parenthood and ob/gyn’s.

      The states with the lowest rates? the deep BLUE states of California (4.5) and Massachusetts (5.1).

    1. @Jorg Letchler So was the budget for the Holocaust So from your “logic” exterminating them was fine since it was a separate budget.

    2. @Brad Farrow You think republican care to think homelessness is a problem? they blocked the laws that where introduced to reduce the problem.

    3. @Dave Schultz Dc is a democratic city and yes the criminal in the white house is in the process of being convicted.

      The republicans on the other hand SUPPORT CRIME.

    1. @Deborah Freedman you think I didn’t know that! So is making it hard to impossable for women to get medical care.

    2. William H Music 2020 Because you think dead and damaged women and babies aren’t important — get that hat on tighter so it can squeeze that casual cruelty out of you

  3. Not meaning to over-simplify childbirth deaths or infant mortality, but intending to elevate this to a big picture of the more pervasive problems: (1) FOR-PROFIT healthcare, and (2) Deficit mentality about PREVENTATIVE medicine in all disciplines.

    1. @Carol Williams , You score minor points for not taking Robert Reich completely seriously. Republicans want to work on pharmacy prices to start but Congress is locked in an Impeachment death spiral.

    2. @Dave Schultz – – wait, you’re giving me points because I agree with something that you perceive to be your way of thinking. Convoluted. Really arrogant of you. Take them back 😂😂😂

    3. @Carol Williams , I’m trying to be polite. Reich is a DEMOCRAT hack, posing as an intellectual, dressed in 7yr old boys clothes.

    4. @Dave Schultz – – and Friedman is a Libertarian-leaning intellectual in bed with Ayn Rand, John Galt and Dagny Taggart. Where’s Atlas when you need him – – no thanks.

  4. she made a point of mentioning that black women die at a rate of 12 to 1. wonder if they’ll have the guts to publish the causes by race?

    1. Marius Thefaker just curious but are u asking because u genuinely want to help prevent their deaths?

  5. While education is important.. that’s not going to help anyone if they can’t afford to see their doctor while pregnant, or can’t get time off work to go see their doctor, or can’t afford to take pregnancy leave. So much of this revolves around economic issues and access to universal/affordable healthcare. Saying that we just need to educate ignorant poor people or people of color is pushing aside a HUGE part of the problem.

    1. @Julia Lerner False, all of them have solutions. And the solution other candidates have are all better than Sanders’.

  6. That is a shock! I had no idea the mortality rate was 700+ yr. It’s a wonder we haven’t all been touched in some way on a personal level.

  7. I think that humans are genetically engineered species by some kind of life or existence that we don’t really know about yet.

    1. A cat scan does not COST 3000; people are being CHARGED 3000 there is a huge difference between the two.
      A used CAT scanner can be about $65k and a state of the art new one $2.5m (again that includes the extortion profit of the company who makes them)

      Nothing stops the government to build there own machines at cost. Interns at D.A.R.P.A. might find that a fun exercise… and that can easily cut the cost of the machines itself in half.

  8. *What a shock – poor people have worse health outcomes, and America has more poor people than any other industrialized nation. Well, duh.*

  9. Go with this lead in: “Another heath ‘story’ we are following, concerns about infant mortality on a global scale.” Talk about a non-news story. A fake news story is what it is. Very fake news on a global scale, from the leader in fake news coverage, MSNBC. A prestigious spot they wrested away from CNN, the former number one leader in fake news coverage. Unfortunately, CNN’s ratings are so low that they are no longer relevant.

  10. Unemployment compensation for simply being unemployed in our at-will employment States can help increase access to healthcare sector markets.

  11. Have you considered looking at what other more successful countries do with healthcare and education? If America continues to look inward in this more women and babies will die.

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