Report: Mar-a-Lago insider cooperating with DOJ in docs case

A person who worked at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort is cooperating with federal prosecutors in their investigation into possible mishandling of classified documents, according to a New York Times report. #CNN #News


  1. poor donnie…rape trial…lost his case against the ny times and his niece … his private army convicted …. now snitches …

    1. @kelperdude
      Thr recycling night shift golibukzzz are chirping for borscht 😂

    2. After all, Trump was right. We’re finally saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again and as early as in May 🤣🤣🤣.

    3. After all, Trump was right. We’re finally saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again and as early as in May 🤣🤣🤣.

  2. I assumed there were cooperators since before the search warrant. I would guess there are even more now. Pretending otherwise is really rather silly.

  3. That expression “trumpworld” really grinds my gears. It’s like they’re making this into reporting on a game show or something.

    1. Trump’s handling of his so-called “presidency” was totally like a reality show. Hence – Trumpworld. Kinda like a clown show circus 🤡🎪

  4. Maybe it’s a disgruntled staff member at Mar A Lago that got tired of cleaning ketchup off the wall.😅

  5. Slovenian lady: Don’t tell-a Mr Donald I-a talk-it to you.
    Jack: No worries.
    Slovenian Lady: Ok. Be best.

  6. How else was Trump suppose to show these documents to the Saudis? After all he wanted them to back his golf course.

    1. You dont find it weird that its really mainly made up scenarios in the comment section. Not to good for real debates

  7. One of these days soon, one of the Judges is going to ask for a Mental Competency Exam.

  8. I wish King would interview Trump. He’d push
    back strongly. Collins will get pushed around, we all know that.

    1. …it’s more like a tossed up ketchup bottle hit the fan and the lights shortcircuit 😆

  9. After all the times trump has thrown people that work for him under the bus , it is refreshing to hear that someone who works for him using truth , justice and the American way ( think super hero ) to put trump in his rightful place.

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