Report: Person of interest in Barry and Honey murder investigation

Report: Person of interest in Barry and Honey murder investigation 1


Toronto Star reporter Kevin Donovan learns more details about the Sherman case through unsealed search warrant materials.

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26 Comments on "Report: Person of interest in Barry and Honey murder investigation"

  1. It sounds like the police know who did it

  2. Of all the weird news of the past five years this was the problem that creeped me out most. Seemed like a big situation, big murder. Must have included big powers. Now, an anonymous foreign government is the source of the evidence for who might have murdered these two. So, big investigations too. If the cops cannot get the proof it might be because the killer (and invariably their powerful network) really didn’t want to be caught. So big plans. This is a big and creepy situation and every Canadian should feel on edge because of it. Because that network hasn’t gone away.

  3. Like we trust the police,

  4. Remember the police deemed this a suicide at first and closed the case. the family had to hire private investigator and then the case was re opened.

  5. It does not necessarily follow that a suspect will be charged. A charge or charges can only be laid against a suspect if and when there is sufficient evidence to put before a court for a trial. Someone can be strongly suspected of a crime but without evidence nothing can be done. The latest reports on this case suggested information had come from overseas. Any update on that, or is it going to be forgotten?

  6. I thought it was a murder suicide!

  7. iranian artist | November 25, 2020 at 9:44 AM | Reply

    Canada is mafias’ country any one here open business must living with fears from USA and local mafias’.. is not open country Canada

  8. Their company made HCQ before 2019. Now, they are dead. Weird.

    • If it competes with COVID vaccines, then competition must be removed.
      Africa has been using hydroxychloroquine for decades against malaria.
      Look at COVID infection rate in Africa, the numbers are self explanatory.

  9. Toronto homicide cops are pathetic , obviously

  10. onemotherpucker | November 25, 2020 at 11:08 AM | Reply

    And of course, they tore down the house on a unsolved case.
    Don’t want any bothersome evidence causing any problems.

  11. Wow something other than covid being reported!

    • Sadly, it may be related. Their pharmaceutical company was big on producing hydroxychloroquine, which used in early stages of infection is a very effective treatment against COVID-19.

  12. Oh this case is so SHADY like they are going to tell the truth! 🤣

  13. Finally something is done. Unfortunately the murderers are too powerful to be prosecuted.

  14. What a screw up. I wonder how many other “investigations” have been written off as being something it actually wasn’t.

  15. Could that person of interest be Barry?

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