1. The country is so divided, we can’t agree on whether the sky is blue. We’re living in a broken country. No way this gets implemented.

  2. As I stated turtle island is composed of direct democracy of nations in district for elected admirators to reflect off each other in service of all stwareds on the land in service of it’s nations right to trade in all districts without molesting on each turtle island nation… Can an emabssy under the Vatican registery accross the pond violate the Two row wampum regulation rules and it’s laws when conducting trade on turtle island…. The letter of the law starts with international …do not violate the jay treaty with contra band trade with an embassy permit from the UK quarantine space..

    1. @Sebastian not when in relation to minors being gr00med/SA’ed + it being a result of it.
      Cadets fall under CAF

  3. This government is absolutely impotent, whenever there is a problem they can’t throw money at.

  4. What about the government at all levels sexual offense with a slap on the hand. Or put under the carpet..

    1. Or leaving a rich private school in the middle of the year, and having everyone sign a non disclosure agreement

  5. Supreme Court is the only organization that should be looking at any matters, provincial courts should be shut, I seen nothing but substance abusers their.

  6. Certainly.
    And while we’re at it. instead of RCMP courts handling local police cases (and vice-versa), they should also be tried by civilian courts.
    The Government should not be in charge of policing themselves, no matter if it’s an “external” department, in any capacity.

  7. just get drunk guys, that absolves you of all responsibility according to the courts..
    this legal system is a joke, really hope someone in control here will make some better choices.

  8. Military and Paramilitary should not be policing themselves. They have an abhorrent track record of malfeasance and corruption. I suggest jury trials be carried out where members of such organizations are judged by their civilian peers. If a crime was committed the matter should be handled as a criminal offence.

    1. Spoken like someone who has no idea how the military justice system works or why it’s necessary

    2. @Imported Cheese If your referring to me. Father WW2 Uncle KIA WW2 Brother 35 yrs Myself 5 yrs and now my son 3rd year military University. I know how the military justice system works. Most times guilty till proven innocent or not. Easy to get railroaded in the military, Just today saw a news report how a veterans life was ruined because the military said he was not stationed over seas and he had pictures to prove it. Took years for him to clean his name

  9. No one should investigate his own actions. A lot of our politicians would be in jail if we had true and independant investigations.

  10. Truth Duty Valour is the moto of RMC they have to start with that. Every where the cadets go they should see this every where. They should be reminded every day of the moto and live by this

  11. I should think so! The Canadian military murdered Shidane Arone, promoted serial killer Russel Williams to Colonel, the Canadian military talks ‘band of brothers’ but once in, it’s kiss up kick down.

  12. Woman only have to always say “Yes” and then there would never be any sexual abuse cases. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

  13. HUGE difference between physical assault and sexual harassment. Is only sexual harassment if she does not find you attractive, otherwise it is flirting.

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