Reporter reveals what Trump told Rupert Murdoch after election

Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Gabriel Sherman joins CNN This Morning to share an inside look into media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s legal battles, family feuds, health problems, and his relationship with Trump. #CNN #News


    1. @LiberalHawk_LINE ‘EM UP!!!!!! not matter trump or desantis, they will both lose… neither are popular

    2. @Eduardo Oliveira Uh huh. Keep chalking up the indictments. His approval rating is dropping with each trial. 😂

  1. Cops : Sir, we need to do cavity search.

    Trump : Careful, there are so many Republicans and Fox hosts inside. Some of them like Lyndsay, Hannity don’t want to move out.

  2. Dominion, and then Smartmatic. How about a class action suit for the millions of us who have lost our parents to Fox?

  3. Hahahahaha…..Murdoch is regretful for the monster he helped create.

    Hahaha….these people of power crack me up. They always have the “I didn’t know it would go this far excuse.”

    I am surprised he didn’t like Arrested Development…. that is more similar than Succession.
    Rubert reminds me more of Oscar Bluth than Logan Roy.

  4. Murdoch has used his age to help him before here in the UK, he acted like as senile old fool in front of a Parliamentary committee investigating him, a week later and hey presto he was back to normal, he is probably doing it again now.

    1. It what happens when society puts unintelligent people and con-artists in front of TV cameras. As an Australian I feel for you over there. Murdoch has been doing damage to innocent people all his adult life. He and his media empire have done untold damage here in OZ for years, and still is. Just don’t send him back here, we don’t want him. Stay safe and go well.

  5. As you sow, so shall you reap. I suspect that Mr Murdoch is oblivious to the fact that he is paying the consequences for his own actions. But then he’s a hateful man and hate is indeed a kind of blindness.

    1. Trump: “I love the uneducated”
      sheepl(remember how they called everyone else ^^): “we love you too, your are our saviour”

    1. @blue ocean 1961 Exactly. Just shows how unintelligent some US Citizens are. Of course most American’s know nothing of their own country, and absolutely nothing about other cultures and people. Stay safe and go well.

  6. There is a difference between trying to run a huge cut throat corporation, and providing mentoring and stewardship. Murdock is the former, Buffet is the later.

    1. @K Mick who said he was a saint I just said that he’s far more circumspect about what he does.

    2. @K Mick Buffet is an investor and philantropist, not an evil conspirator. Murdoch and Buffet are worlds apart.

    1. ​@George Pantazishe wasn’t kicked out lol he gave up his Australian citizenship to become American .

    1. @Higgs Boson Interesting is he fought fascism. Or, as the right would say, he was an Antifa. I bet Murdoch is also a very sweet kind man too.

    2. As noted in my comment above: Does anyone else think that the incredibly evil Rupert Murdoch looks like the picture of Dorian Gray right before Gray slashes the picture and dies? I don’t care who you are, but, to quote Jean Kerr “If you’re going to live to be 110, you’re going to be in the way.” I think that aptly describes this decripit and vile old man.

    3. In 2020, while his TV stations and newspapers were busily downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19 and the need for masking and distancing and all the rest of it, he cancelled his own 89th birthday party because he knew he was in a high-risk group for exposure to the virus.

  7. Every time I read Rupert Murdoch’s name I hope it is an obituary, one of these days it will be…..

    1. Only one thing left on my bucket list now. Outlive Murdoch and read his death notice. Happy to shuffle off after that.

    2. Really – I would never want him to get off that easy – I hope he stays here and is forced to witness his empire burned to the ground and he can do nothing to stop

    3. Politely put he should just f-fade away.
      What a despicable individual, the lasting damage he has done to Democracies around the world is incalculable.

  8. I’d be happy if rupert murdoch has a (very) few miserable years left to contemplate about what he has done with his power. 😊

    1. Lets not forgetvhis eldest son had called all this out and walked away from the empire years ago.

  9. I wish R. Murdoch, his family , Fox News and all those talkshow hosts “working” there lots of bad luck. May Dominion prevail and heal some of the damage done by those liars!

    1. That’s what Mary Shelley was getting at went when she wrote her famous novel, Frankenstein in 1818. The book is different from all the movies that sprang forth in the 20th century. An interesting observation. I think you may be on to something.👍

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