1. I love this…he’s still talking to himself as he put the camera into the car still rolling. Hilarious. 🤣🤣

    1. @Blue Rascal You alright. You just get diagnosed or something? I have anxiety myself, so if u wanna talk about it.

    1. @Elkslayer Wouw, you’re desperate. Some good advice… do already now prepare yourself for a Trump landslide win. Then you might not get as cringy as you were when he won in 2016. Try to get used to the thought. It’s also for your own sake. High blood pressure is not healthy.
      PS. I do think that democrat’s *_Scream helplessly at the sky_* event should be held when Trump wins again. That was hllarious to watch. I have never laughed so much in my life.

  2. Horror movies have seriously underestimated the average black person’s situational life expectancy. I feel cheated.

    1. @Nick Crim I can never forget it!!!! People can check…if it’s real…Still the best Reaction…..EVER! (BOOM…. GONE…WTF???) LOL

  3. Bison are mean so he did the right thing. However his response and continued talking was hilarious. He’s definitely not from Montana lol

    1. Leah Renea
      Sometimes. But not always. They can be ornery and it’s better to be safe than sorry, but there are cases where people have been able to pet them.

    1. @Da_Most_Shady Yea but they be the first ones seen getting attack or killed. Ya’ll can have that curiosity.

  4. This reporter is the poster child of someone with brains who’s actually using his smarts to do the right thing. Kudos to him👍

    1. @Elkslayer I’m real Billybob. I know that government handouts are a tool Democrats use to oppress my people economically through dependence.

    1. There’s a classic episode of Blackish where Andre explains perfectly why black people think white people are idiots for liking the outdoors.
      (not intended to be racist in any way…just funny)

  5. Every single black person knows this feeling. Man you know when it’s time to bounce. Bruh why you let NBC Montana send you up there? 😂🤣 oh no I ain’t messin wit chu lol

    1. Benjamin Mertz Lol, yep. I don’t want to check anything out or see anything. I’m walking right past danger without an inkling of curiosity. Bye!!!

    2. 😂Does that mean I will never have a colored man go bear hunting with me..
      I feel the “spidey sense” could come in very handy.
      I can never tell they are coming until they are breathing on my neck..

  6. As a rule, I never get near or mess with any animal that’s larger than me, out weighs me, and I couldn’t physically manhandle myself. ( Farm animals don’t count). That’s called having respect for larger animals.😃 It could save your life, or save you from severe injury and pain.

    1. I’m sorry have you seen real love farm animals . I’m not talking about the small petting zoo animal .

    2. That’s called being smart. There are dumb people out their. One got out of his car, in the middle of a lion pride…to take a picture. I’m sure the lions thought “wow…delivery” and the idiot thought..”they look so cute” He was eaten while his wife watched in the car. Youtube it.

  7. What did the father buffalo say to his son as he left for college?…………….”BISON”

    1. If that is your own joke ; cool you’ve got a talent for comedy. If you borrowed it then thanks for sharing it because it’s worth stealing 👍

    1. @Crown royal 😂🤣😂I am not being disrespectful but even Buffalo do not even see that many black people. They were just heading over to say hello

    2. Demetrius Middleton 👍👍,don’t think this guy would have tried that.. He had R E S P E C T. 😆

  8. Reporter: Rushes out of frame
    Cameraman: Crawls into trunk

    (I know it was probably just the camera but I perceived it differently)

    1. I got chased by a longhorn bull once on a farm. They are about twice has fast as I am. Glad they don’t climb.

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