Reporters repeatedly ask Rand Paul about his Trump investigation tweet. See his response

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) refused to answer reporters when asked about a tweet he posted saying Alvin Bragg, Manhattan DA investigating former President Trump, "should be put in jail." #CNN #News


  1. So let me get this straight. Jail people who are following the law, keep people who are breaking the law out of jail. Is this opposite day?

  2. These politicians are supposed to work for us and if they are asked a question they’re supposed to answer it. I wish I could run away when my boss asked me to do something.

    1. The fact a sitting politician calls to jail anyone that dares hold Trump accountable, and then calls THAT an abuse of power is laughable. The irony is lost on their MAGA supporters.

    2. @The Great Gazoo when they wrote that it was a country with slavery, times have changed and now we have more poc in power than ever.

    1. ​@Max Niven but it wasnt political violence. It was violence used against a terrible human being who happened to be his neighbor 😅

    2. @Billy Kay where’d you go little billy🤷 out getting getting your own family another dose of poison 🤭😂

    3. ​@Max NivenIf Trump doesn’t end up doing some jail time, you can’t make me care about anything else that’s criminal in the lower rungs of society. That’s the country you want I guess. Ok then.

  3. The very fact that we have a norm about not prosecuting sitting politicians is truly disturbing.

  4. I wish journalists would follow rand Paul around like they followed Santos around. In swarms. Every day.

    1. @Corbs Corbs fun fact in the 53 years prior to the PAB there wee 28 republican administrations and 25 democrat administrations there were 3 democrats indicted for corruption 1 was convicted and served jail time there were 120 republicans indicted for corruption 89 were convicted and 34 served jail time

  5. Rand Paul looks like he can run almost as fast as Josh Hawley 🏃‍♂🏃‍♂

  6. This is getting old higher ups don’t go to jail, we do. This will continue to happen until we all do something about it

  7. This makes me so glad we have judges instead of senators that have the exclusive mandate to jail people.

  8. Utterly shocking that Rand Paul was unable to provide an articulate response to any of those reporters. (⊙_⊙)

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