Reports Of Shooting At Duncan, Oklahoma Walmart’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

Reports Of Shooting At Duncan, Oklahoma Walmart’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


Police tell NBC News a shooting has been reported at a Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma. Craig Melvin has the latest. Aired on 11/18/19.
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Reports Of Shooting At Duncan, Oklahoma Walmart’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. @Josh Rick Does it matter?Aren’t all shootings important?Do you want more shootings?Not enough for you?What’s your point?

    2. @Deborah Freedman It’s politics, all about the guns, wake up or this will never stop! Remember the El Paso Walmart, remember who they blamed?? Witnesses dispute that claim, why did the people have to go to the EMTs for treatments, they ALWAYS go to the patient! Witness Says Mother saw 3 Shooters Dressed in Black WHY is Beto laughing? WHY did Beto take off to the scene before it even took place? The world is a stage!! There were more videos of witnesses, however due to YT censorship, they are now deleted.

    3. @Deborah Freedman We had 2 shootings in a couple of days in Cali. It is hard to keep track of the tide of shootings.

    1. It’s not a mass shooting and you fairy snowflakes are pathetic for trying to frame this as such. The guy with the gun knew the victims for crying out loud. Grow up, liberals.

    2. @Tyler Wilson This folks is an example of typical moronic gun math. One victim… Means no big deal. What is one measly life compared to my right to have 20 high-powered semi-automatic weapons that I altered to make them fully automatic that I use for “hunting” but really use to stroke my little ego.

    1. Middle East Africa and South and Central America still make us look like a paradise when it comes to murders.



  1. This shooting was caused by a domestic violence situation, if anyone’s wondering. The gunman is reportedly among the three people who died.

    1. plasticpaddy don’t know the reasoning for divorce not my side of the family. I do know Duncan is a meth and pill town every family member of mine that still lives there are messed up.

    2. @Philip Roberts there is always a cause – even kids playing with their parent’s loaded gun left lying around.

    3. @Hazel McCloy I know that there’s always a cause — that’s why I posted my original comment. So people would know why it happened.

  2. The bullets never stop flying in the GOP/NRA America do they?

    Hike up the price for ammo by 800% already.
    Bullets can’t fly if nobody can afford them…

    1. Unfortunately, there will always be some sociopath with money and an agenda, as there will be individuals also sociopaths, or perhaps just desperate, who will take any job. AR 14s are upscale guns, but if someone committed the murder with special forces weapons, it might be more difficult to believe in the “deranged lone gunman” theory. With regard to right-wing fringe murderers, I doubt that so many become hateful without being urged on by others, also with an agenda.

    2. What do you think would happen if they just increased the taxes on ammunition? A new black market would appear. Smugglers bringing in untaxed ammo illegally. People would die in exactly the same ways that innocent people die because of illegal drugs and all you have accomplished is changing the names of the victims.

  3. Is Walmart the new “going postal”? Seriously though, folks, we got a problem and it isn’t going away. There will be more shootings. Gun lobby just too strong right now.

    1. @Jeremy McClure Who tf cares? It didn’t happen in a “domestic” environment. We’ve got a huge problem on our hands.

    2. @Doctor James so now there can only be “domestic” situations at home? Well there are alot of people that lost their gun rights due to domestic violence in public that would love to hear that ruling. Think before you speak bro.

    3. @Jeremy McClure Official definition of domestic situation: “A domestic situation or atmosphere is one which involves a family and their home.
      ” So there ya’ go, bro. Glad I could help you.

    4. Well you better notify the domestic abuse hotline and let them know they are incorrect and don’t know what they are talking about then.

      “million people in the U.S. are affected by domestic violence each year. While domestic violence typically happens behind closed doors, in some cases it does happen in a public space or around friends or family members, meaning that other people may witness or be aware of the abuse.”

    5. it’s insane how obsessed people are with walmart… if the violence wasnt enough already… people just need to get a life

  4. “We have a problem and it’s called the 2nd Amendment. Some people think it’s their birthright, you see” “To give guns to babies?” “Well only in Arizona”

    1. No, our problem is was that SCOTUS misconstrued the Second Amendment to apply to individuals, in the 60’s

    2. Deborah Freedman Deb, god bless your heart. I put everything in quotes for a reason. I was quoting a scene from the HBO original, VEEP.

  5. You know it’s interesting how we’re the only country that seems to have this specific problem. More people have died from gun violence in my lifetime, than the deaths accumulated from all of the wars the US was involved in COMBINED. Australia banned all guns in 1999, I believe they introduced mandatory buy-backs, and since then, 20 years, they haven’t had a mass shooting, school shooting, a Walmart shooting (if they even have any down under). No guns, no death by guns that seems like common sense.

    1. @Jeff somersby No, I was not using it as an equal argument; I only used it to prove that the U.S. isn’t the only country with gun violence. Brazil actually has the highest death rate from gun violence at 21.9 persons per 100,000 Brazilian citizens. “In the United States, mass shootings receive the most attention by the media and therefore, many attribute the high gun deaths to mass shootings. Mass shootings, however, are only responsible for a small number of overall gun violence deaths in the United States. More than two-thirds of gun deaths in the US are suicides.”
      Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay, Philippines, Paraguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Finland, Austria, Estonia, Chile, Israel, Czech Republic, Turkey, Belarus, Venezuela, Jamaica, and Colombia all have higher rates of deaths by gun violence than the U.S.
      If you bothered to count the countries, that’s nearly 25 countries that come before the U.S. in gun violence deaths. Sure, maybe the U.S. has more mass shootings, but even with the mass shootings, the U.S. still remains relatively low on the scale of gun violence deaths.

    2. I think you need to research this better before you comment. Your comment in incorrect, check this out
      Read more: 
      Under Creative Commons License: Attribution 
      Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

      Australia -( Those who pushed for the severe restrictions on guns in Australian society can no longer claim the one success they had touted as a result of their expensive, intrusive, experiment.

      They claimed there had not been any mass murder with firearms since the law was passed.

      The latest mass public shooting/murder occurred in Darwin, Australia.  From the

      Four people are confirmed dead and police are investigating five crime scenes after a mass shooting in Darwin tonight.

      Northern Territory Police said four men are confirmed dead and one woman has also been taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital with gunshot wounds, in a stable condition, a Northern Territory Health spokeswoman said.

      NT commissioner Reece Kershaw said this evening that the alleged offender, who has since been arrested, was on parole at the time.

      The murders happened over much of Darwin over several locations. I had traveled near those locations only two weeks ago.  I recall driving by the Buff Club.  From

      The five crime scene locations were The Buffalo Club, Gardens Hill Crescent, the Palms Hotel, at a Coles Express and at the Peter McCauley Centre, NT Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw confirmed.

      Those who push for a disarmed society, used to claim, although suicides had not declined, and the gun restrictions had not affected the homicide rates, at least there had been no mass public shootings since PM John Howard pushed the extreme law through, in an emotional media blizzard, in 1997.

      This recent mass murder by shooting is the third since the 1997 law was passed.

      Much of this is moot, if you examine the facts with intellectual honesty. Mass murder with guns by deranged individuals is a minuscule portion of the total number of murders.

      Moreover, there are many other ways to commit mass murder. Focusing on guns is a way for people who do not want an armed population to create a simplistic reason to restrict guns from law abiding people.

      No guns, no murders with guns. This is a straw man fallacy.

      The point is not to reduce the murder rate with guns. The objective is to reduce the murder rate. The correct, purely pragmatic question would be: was the total murder rate reduced?

      If the murders with guns were reduced, but the total murder rate was unchanged or increased, what is the point of expending so many resources on restricting guns?

      By limiting the discussion to murders or suicides with guns, those who have an emotional aversion to guns create a false narrative. Many of the pragmatic arguments about the value of guns in society are about potential substitution effects. Those who emotionally hate guns try to eliminate those arguments by defining them out of existence.

      The usual sequence of events, when a gun control policy fails, is for the proponents of the policy to claim it did not go far enough, it was not restrictive enough, or it was not enforced in a sufficiently draconian manner.

      This has been evident in Brazil, where the proponents of a disarmed Brazil claimed the high murder rate was because their extreme gun laws had not been enforce sufficiently.  From the far left, disarmament proponent Robert Muggah:

      On paper at least, Brazil has comprehensive gun legislation. In 2003, the country passed a disarmament statute that, among other things, introduced a set of common-sense restrictions for gun ownership. For example, it permitted ownership but set a minimum age for gun possession at 25 and included mandatory background checks and requirements to renew licenses every five years. The statute suffered a major setback, however: It was never fully enforced.

      When President Bolsonaro loosened restrictions on the administration of the law, the homicide rate immediately fell.

    1. @xxSinEater if you get triggered that easily, you should check yourself into a hospital, Billy Bob. So delicate you are.

    1. @Rob Simpson Wait… Alex licks the pooper. Ever wonder how his mom licks pooper and gargles bag at the same time?

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