1. My favorite quote I’ve seen so far – “The court filing also revealed that Fox News executives had criticized some of the network’s top talent behind the scenes. Jay Wallace, the network president, said that “the North Koreans” did a “more nuanced show” than then-host Lou Dobbs.”

    1. @M Hall That tells me exactly what I need to know about you.

      BTW – why is it that so many Republicans have absolutely no sense of humor? Is it because they spend so much time being angry about culture nonsense?

    2. @M Hall Oh, you know, the network that has reporters all over the world. And real experts on their programs from here. Unlike a certain network, which will remain nameless, which has admitted in court they lie on the air and commentators (not news people) who don’t believe what they’re telling you.

  2. I knew someday they would be held responsible for their lies and propaganda!!!! I hope Domion gets every cent they sue for.

    1. @Aliza Kessler when they were deposed in the case. And their text messages show this. Are you a small child who needs a sippy cup?

    2. @BigBadJerry Rogers A toddler drinking from a sippy cup would know better and understand what a lie looks like. More like this person has stopped taking her medications for dementia is the actual problem.

    3. Fox needs a name change to LION news! It’s like fake news without all that fake stuff! Besides they’re not even clever just LIES

  3. There is a damn difference between the first amendment (which of course we all support) and yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater.

    1. FRAUD is not covered by the 1st amendment..
      They lied for ratings and PROFITS.
      These texts prove a conspiracy to commit fraud.

  4. A news organization that can intentionally look it’s viewers in the eyes and lie, deserves the most severe punishment.

    1. @Burton Moore Fox? no, they “report” what they will that gets people watching, and makes them millions of dollars, not NEWS, like real truthful type news.

    2. @Johnny Ringo 👈. Oh no, I have a wonderful life and just come here for entertainment purposes only, and you do so well entertaining. But Johnny Ringo, I thought Doc Holiday took care of you?🤔

    3. @M Hall no doubt, check out the thread i started. For the record Johnny Ringo was a damaged man who committed suicide. Don’t believe everything Hollywood sells.

  5. You know when people kept warning Fox & Fox viewers that they’re going to be on the wrong side of history? This is that.

    1. They are still ignoring reality.they still believe the lies even though they are proven to be lies. It’s what they want to hear

    2. @Belly Dancer Em For sure! Who in their right mind listen to the crap they’re spewing & doesn’t realize what a pawn they are to Fox?

  6. I’m pretty sure the aim of upholding the right to free speech was not to give people the right to broadcast false information with no repercussions.

    1. @Nanker Phelge Well if we are going to keep using hypotheticals… a serial killer can own a spoon, if the serial killer uses the spoon to kill someone the spoon doesn’t suddenly become illegal. They are charged with murder not for owning the spoon.

    2. @Kenneth Helmlinger

      These guys even talk bad about Fox News. Propaganda is intended to steer you in a certain direction, rather than just present objective truth, and let you decide for yourself.

      If you got vaccinated against COVID, you fell victim to the propaganda.

    3. @Delvien Vol Using a spoon is the same as crying fire that leads to injury and death where there is no fire ?? Ok. What exactly is the point is this conversation??

  7. Im 60 years of age and this is incredibly unprecedented. Reagan banned the Fairness Doctrine and this is the result.

    1. @Patrick Grove – Do you remember the Oscar Meyer Regan song? Ronnie Regan has a way of fking up the USA. Reganomics are why people in the hospitality industry are shorted a fair wage because “waiters and waitresses shouldn’t make as much money as doctors and lawyers.” I was kid in the 80’s so I don’t remember, but I’m guessing the average tip was 50% as opposed to 15%-20% we give today for there to be concerns that the waitress at Denny’s might be found shopping at Prada or Sac’s Fifth Avenue. Or the Republican Party was just out to screw the middle class and line the pockets of the restaurant owners. One of those things happened. If we only knew which one????

    2. @Anton Harmacinski By the way isn’t it the Biden Administration that’s really going after the tip earners these days. Or don’t you want to admit to that.

    3. @Timothy Kozlowski Hey Timmy, I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale for you. You won’t need any money. Mexico will pay for it !! BWAHHHHHH ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa trump made America great again in 2020. BY LOSING !!

    4. Say what you like about Reagan but he didn’t control the money bills . Congress continued to overspend even during his reign. When Congress borrows money to bribe their constituents, it devalues the purchasing power of the dollar, and this is the principle reason for wealth inequality.

  8. There should be a law that requires each news outlet, whether it be a solo podcaster or News media Empire to disclose, during every segment, If the information that is going to be given Is based on fact or 3rd party gossip, rumor, speculation, or personal opinion not based on fact.

    At least this way the audience will have a better understanding of the news they receive.

  9. The worst part is knowing that most of their viewers will ignore this blatant slap in their faces and go on eating up everything they spew out. Why? Because they’re too proud to admit they made a mistake.

    1. So you had no problem with CNN lying about Russian Collusion for 3 straight year’s and Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian Disinformation. I’m sure that you had no problem with Don Lemon’s lame comment either.

    2. I’m amazed their viewers allow them to lie to their faces/call them stupid to their faces and they love them for it. Seems amazing to me. I guess that’s why society calls it a cult

    3. @Rich Determan Would that be the lame cult that was lied to for 3 straight year’s about Russian Collusion and lied to about Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian Disinformation. of course those people watch CNN and MSNBC.

    4. Republicans voters were eating up FOX’s lies before the Big Lie, so it’s more than the Big lie that make watching FOX so appealing to them.
      Many GOP politicians never really believed the Big Lie, but went along with the lie because of fear of Trump and his supporters. Since Trump is now politically weakened, many GOP politicians have turned away from him and the Big lie and is now promoting culture wars instead, since the Big Lie was not winning elections, evidenced by the midterm elections.

      What the majority of regular Republican voters care about is making sure Black, Brown and certain other groups of people do not gain power, so were livid when they were told the election was stolen from Trump. Many of them are older White people who still harbor racial prejudices and their fear came to a head when President Obama was elected and so saw Trump as their savior.

      That is why Desantis and virtually every Republican in office and running for office are playing to their prejudices, when you listen to what they, GOP politicians, are saying. The GOP knows what everyday Republican voters are concerned about and they, like Trump did, are voicing it. Those concerns were what got Trump elected in the first place, while the Big Lie caused them to lose in the midterms. They have gone back to what works for them.

  10. I don’t think Dominion cares about the money, but wants to bring all this lying out in the open. Winning this law suit will help, but it seems that no matter what is brought out about them goes in one public ear, and out the other.

    1. Dominion was founded to make voting in third-world conditions accurate and tamper proof. Unlike modern U.S. companies they take pride in their business and are not after money at all. They waited to file suit thinking there would be legal repercussions to the treason of the fascist liars attacking them. They only sued because the lies continued from Anti-American Freaks like the Fox News shill liars and Traitor Trump.

    1. @doris affissio angry because anyone, democrat or republican should have been president. He’s failed as president from the beginning of his unfortunate term. So now, why do you ignore his incompetence?

    2. @James Brock When you say anyone, Republican or Democrat should have been president you are unfortunately lying.

  11. There is nothing Stunning about any of this outside of how perversely long it takes for our Justice system & media to deal with the obvious.🤦🙄😊

    1. @Horvath Sogranfume So how did that lie about Russian Collusion work out for you? Or the lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian Disinformation?

    2. @Patricia Sheck Just like the clowns who still watch CNN and MSNBC after the truth came out about their lies involving the Russian Collusion Hoax and Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian Disinformation.

    3. CNN pointing out that another news station is deceiving their audience is the pot calling the kettle black. So disingenuous.

  12. The fact that they laughed about how stupid and gullible their viewers are behind the scenes just puts a smile on my face every night before I go to sleep

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