Representative Urges Congress To Get Tough On Gun Violence | MSNBC 1

Representative Urges Congress To Get Tough On Gun Violence | MSNBC

Rep. Lauren Underwood, D-Il., discusses President Biden's visit to the state along with police reform, a country-wide rise in crime and gun violence.

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Representative Urges Congress To Get Tough On Gun Violence | MSNBC


  1. Okay, does that include cleaning up the South Side of Chicago and clearing out all the gangs?

    1. @Kristi Marie New York has more shootings but not as many deaths there’s a difference in the statistics that you’re using. and New York has a higher rate of crime so you making that comparison between a red and a blue state are moot

    2. The gangs are a creation of government that is expected when the state institutes victimless crimes and creates a black market. The drug war is, by design, corrupt in any “free” country.

      But you want more of the corrupt government from your statement. Stop being a boot-licker. Stop supporting the police state.

    3. @Kristi Marie You are very correct but what is the common denominator in all of those red states? What is the common denominator on the southside of Chicago?

  2. Rep. Lauren Underwood of Illinois sounds great! She’s a young lawmaker… who is a registered nurse as well. A grass-roots organizer.. who works for her region in northern Illinois and is outspoken in Congress. (My mom was from Chicago and met my dad during Ww2! She was involved in regional politics as a reporter later on in her life here in southern Colorado.) She would have loved to see this type of legislator! Nice to see this young lady this morning from northern Illinois! Thanks!

    1. Yea Lauren gives us great material to use to help us take back the House and the Presidency. Joe ask her about Chicago since there were 104 shot, 19 killed, 13 of them kids over the July 4 weekend and she starts talking about January 6th. Then Joe is like yea but what about Chicago Lauren, all the violence. Lauren tells Joe he’s muddling the issue. Lauren says police reform like banning choke holds, holding bad police officers. Everyone wants these things Lauren. But you never answered the question Joe was asking what about Chicago’s gun violence this past weekend.
      She looked like a fool.

  3. You girl…tell it straight to the point. You hit the nail on the head…so clear…cops need to be held accountable. The force needs better recruits. If the cops they have it tough…then as the mayor nominee states…they can go find another job that suits their sensibilities or mindset.

    1. @T. R. Campbell The fact that you’ve probably never been a police officer or had close friends or family that were a C.O.

      You have no idea how hard these men AND women in uniform actually have it. I agree wholeheartedly we need better prison reform to get people the mental services or drug rehab to people that need them, but when these radical politicians are constantly defunding them and making THEM appear like the enemy, that does nothing to help the overall situation.

      Majority of these officers are stretched thin enough as it is. My father was a police officer for 30 years (I’m mixed btw, he’s black) and he always said it was our own people that gave him the hardest time and wouldn’t comply. You don’t call a social service worker when someone is holding a gun to a pregnant woman or wielding a knife at an elderly person. It’s ignorant to think you have ANY idea what they go through! Also, did you know that our race (black) only makes up 12 % of the population, yet commits over 66% of the crime that takes place? Did you also know in 2020 alone, more unarmed white men were shot and killed instead of black people, despite having WAY MORE interactions with them? I bet the news never tells you that. Because they want to keep us divided. Because as long as we’re fighting each other we will never come together on who the real enemy is.

    2. @Brooke Taylor I believe we have to get a handle on these random traffic stops. It everything bad is happened because of these random traffic stops.. several years ago the Federal DMV reported the vast majority of traffic stops were for minor Violations.
      Years ago to females were subjected to roadside cavity searches by two Texas HP officers. We had a recent shooting involving a traffic stop about expired tags. Why not have people from DMV contact the owner about expired tags. Why should police officers be tax collectors? Random traffic stops should only be for Felony crimes. Thanks for the post.

  4. Let’s tough on those who violate the law. Let’s get up on those who commit murder with handguns or any other instrument.

  5. Pride has their lawsAsian Americans has too…so we fend for our selveswe can use that same support

  6. Have Lauren Underwood some more. She’s really great material for us to have to take back the house.

  7. Amazing that the same party that insists on photo ID to vote do not support background checks for purchasing guns…

    1. You think we are leaving? You’re all getting shot by each other. You do the math BACK THE BLUE. All lives matter. Just not one race

  8. Rubio pushed for a higher child tax credit … You have to give that one to the Republicans actually.

  9. The Code of Silence is what destroys. For example: let us say that you have a police precinct that has 10 police men or officers. Let’s say 9 of those policemen try to really do their jobs well, but know that there is a bad policeman among them who is racist and over the edge. Now let’s assume that the 1 horrible policeman abused his position and killed a young black child wouldn’t it stand to reason that the other 9 officers should be held accountable because of their code of silence and not bringing this bad officer to the light too proper authorities. Our God and Lord will hold these men guilty just as if they themselves pulled the trigger. This example can also be applied to politicians as well. NOW MENTION THIS ILLUSTRATION ON YOUR SHOW. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you truly are seeking to tell the truth to the public at large. I will be watching your show to see if you have the honor in you to do so.

  10. Loved the way she handled Joe!! He’s always interrupting if he doesn’t”t like the answers. Too bad, Joe!!

  11. Even the Lord said if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. In othe words if you live by these guns and weapons of war you shall die by them. The only one who benefits from these weapons are the weapons makers who laugh all the way to the bank to deposit their money. Keep the world frightened of one another and capitalism gets full on profit.

  12. As laws change to reform the police, the police are bound to start setting up some crime scenes to point away from themselves as being in the wrong. Body cam wasn’t working

  13. With respect to cops retiring in large numbers, it is an opportunity to recruit cops who are more attuned to the communities that the police, people who live in the community and are screened so that the future cops don’t have a history of unjustified violence against innocent black men.

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