Republican Georgia election official has a message for President Trump 1

Republican Georgia election official has a message for President Trump


Gabriel Sterling, the voting systems implementation manager for the Georgia Secretary of State's office, tells CNN's Amara Walker that if the Republicans were to lose either or both seats in the Georgia Senate runoff races, then the blame will "fall squarely on the shoulders of President Trump."

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    1. @Erik Odom Obama trained you to think that way. I’m white. I love all colors/races. One of my best friends is black, and I have countless black and Asian friends. I’m 1/4 Native American. I’m not mad at anybody for taking our land. I wasn’t around for that. I’m also conservative. And I’m automatically labeled a racist for being a conservative. Why is that?

    2. Obama is not in office stop using him as a scapegoat to justify Trumps devious and evil actions. Open your eyes and stop the excuses for this tyrant hitler wannabe. What’s wrong with you people?. Look at whats happening. If you don’t wake up its going to get worst. You are loyal to him but I don’t his loyalty to you is the same sorry to say.

    3. @Charles Austin that’s a very pessimistic outlook for a country that is divided, but has accomplished wonderful things. I see kindness everyday, I see people, not skin color or political party. Our problems are more cultural than racial, and right now our Government is very corrupt. If Trump had not been elected, I don’t believe the amount of corruption would have been exposed. Great things lie in store for us, but only if Americans stop depending on our Government to solve all our problems. I lost faith in our Government many years ago, but not in people.

    4. @TEAMWOOD MERICA Amazing the number of times Trump has said he was pro choice but ardent pro lifers support him because “today” he says he’s pro life. Right up there with evangelists giving him a pass on repeatedly breaking the 7th commandment.

    1. @Blue Line Videos Sterling is not an elected official – his most recent election was for a county commission and he lost. That was 2017 – he’s since been appointed to work under the Secretary of State as an elections officer. Check Ballotpedia.

    2. @Greg David You are a moron who waisted a lot of time posting edited videos! Did you not hear the phone call trump made to the Georgia secretary of state that lasted over an hour? Trump told him to find him the votes he needed and threatened him! And yes in the political world that was a threat! There wasn’t any evidence of voter fraud, they could show in any of the 60 some court cases, many with judges trump put there! THANKS FOR YOUR PART IN TRYING TO MAKE US SUFFER MORE AND THE WEALTHY BECOME RICHER. TRUMP HAS SPENT/STOLEN AT LEAST 7 TRILLION IN 4 YEARS! AND BTW IF YOU HAVE KIDS LOOK AT THEM AND KNOW YOU MADE THEIR FUTURE SUCK EVEN MORE, IF THEY DON’T GET SICK FROM THE VIRUS OR ALL THE POiSONS TRUMP HAS FREELY ALLOWED THE CORPORATIONS TO DUMP IN THE WATER AIR AND SOIL AND DIE, THEY WILL STILL BE LESS ABLE TO MAKE A DECENT LIFE!
      The democrats are not radical, but after every stupid thing the liars you believe put us through, I’m sure someday they will be! The world thinks we are idiots for voting these crooks in and a lot of countries have sent a message to trump saying he is not welcome there. Even Scotland where he owns a golf course, they hate him!
      There should be a common sense, information comprehension, and gullibility test before people are allowed to vote! And possibly be allowed to reproduce! (Not really on that last one, I’M JUST SO SICK OF YOU RIDICULOUS PEOPLE HARMING ME AND MY FAMILY I COULD SCREAM!)

    1. @Christopher Thomas You are completely right I don’t know why I do it to myself. I just can’t believe that so many people either want socialism or do not know that they are voting for socialism in this country. These people need to be defeated continuously or we will be in for a long hard ride.

    2. @The Bad Guy
      Well, I don’t want to ban oil and gas, just frackers and coal. Coal can’t even compete with renewable energy without taxpayer funded Socialism, and those frackers are destroying all of our drinkable water resources. Water is already being traded on the stock exchange. The elite have been buying up water resources for years now.

    1. @MrMoustaffa historically a third party does not tend to split off republican votes. a third party really only divides the left, because our “left” includes everyone else on the planet’s “left AND center.” there is too much money in the two main parties also, they choke out any other candidates just with dollars alone.

      most americans probably WOULD prefer a centrist, until the shift to political parties being parts of your identity and personality happened that is.

    1. Now imagine if, for the last 40 years, all the campaign money had been spent on something productive. America always has money for horseshit. And it’s make believe wealth based on nothing! Manipulated, loaned, borrowed and spent according to rules that change almost weekly. Stupid, huh?

    1. @robin o rhys rhys are you smarter than a sitting, Republican appointed judge? Are you smarter that tRumps farting attorney? If so, run with your proof of voter fraud. Till then, do us all a favor and hush.

    2. @Apache Worrier your ignorance of how elections have literally always worked is not an argument. Go get educated and come back and have a grown up conversation when you actually know something.

    3. @Brian Callahan
      You just discredited yourself. Everyone knows you mean China, when you say Russia. Do you forget that Obama said Russia was our ally, and working with him? When the Republicans said Russia was still our enemy, and they would invade the Ukraine, Obama said “The 80’s called and wants their foreign policy back”. There’s never been a communist that didn’t love a democrat, and vise versa.

    1. @The Bad Guy to be fair there is very little you can do about it anyways, so may as well not burden your mind with it. When a vote comes up, educate yourself on the options, and after that, forget about it

  1. What ever happened to Tiffany Dover
    Bring her back on a lot of us would like to know how she is doing after that shot..

  2. With 90% of the votes accounted for, now is the time where the democrats do the math on how many suitcases they need to wheel in. Wait for it……….

  3. This is going to be in the history of the United States, I can not believe that so many millions are wasted on this, ridiculous.

    1. We need campaign spending limits, an end to super pacs, and NO LAME DUCK period. Day after the election results are finalized is when we need the inauguration.

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