Republican strategist reveals what GOP should learn from Georgia runoff

Republican strategist Doug Heye and Democratic strategist Keith Boykin join CNN’s Jim Acosta to discuss the Georgia runoff race between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.
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    1. So embarrassing that BRANDON shakes hands with ghosts, asks for dead people in a crowd, sniffs girls hair, falls up the stairs, sleeps at world meetings.

    2. @BeHuman like the dems care about the poor or middle class. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. BRANDON just screwed over the railroad workers.
      37 million without healthcare, Joe won’t give them healthcare. 2.5 million kids in poverty. 500,000 homeless. Decades of stagnant workers pay. Yet the all dems approve 80 billion for a proxy war in corrupt Ukraine. Talk about democracy! 😂😂.
      Think before you post.

    3. @Sylvie fan of Sandy what democracy? They was taken from you decades ago. Do you live on planet earth?
      37 million without healthcare. 500,000 homeless. 2.5 million kids in poverty.
      Stagnant workers pay across the board for decades. Yet 80 billion for a proxy war in Ukraine!
      Democracy! 🤣🤣🤣😅

    4. Maybe if warnick didnt try to run his wife over with his car, and only got away with it because of his position and race he wouldn’t be.

  1. Maybe the GOP will take a good look at themselves…..Ha Ha 😅 .. no way … they will just blame someone else ..

    1. @kelperdude The GOP has no cohesive anything going for it. The party is unrecognizable. It will probably not adjust until it loses 2-3 more election cycles. We can’t have people like Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Green, let alone, Herschel Walker being the face of the party.

    2. @Harold for destroying the economy..he blame..
      Oil companies
      Price gouging
      The rest of the world
      The supply chain
      Russia again
      The pandemic
      Trump again
      War in ukraine
      oil companies again
      White supremist
      Trump again
      The rest of the world again

  2. So glad you are actually a resident of Georgia as well, unlike the other guy.
    I hope you win, Senator! You are the best man for the job and my childhood state. 💙


    1. @Seymour Butts as one of those independents, yeah. But he didn’t vote! He showed up and couldn’t be big enough to support the better of two candidates he has NOW? He’s a loser not a leader. A leader would have voted for Warnock instead of whining about the bad choice he was given in that over-paid gladiator.

  3. To quote a professor I once had, “If you are not willing to accept the results of an election unless your guy is the one who wins, you don’t actually want a democracy anymore.”

    1. @William Penn jr. And it takes time to investigate someone that had a long arm on the DOJ! Yes, it’s going to take time, so this low life can’t delay or jump through any legal hoops.

    2. @Luke sad statement and woefully uneducated. Capitol Hill was run over by idiots on the right. Get yer learn on boy…

    3. Republicans don’t want to work in a democracy. They treat the people as if they were all indifferent idiots. The Republicans don’t have a real political party anymore, and they’ve definitely lost me for the rest of my life.

  4. Walker doesn’t have a busy schedule in the last days of the race?
    That’s one way of phrasing it. Another way would be: They are hiding him. The less people see and hear from him, the less damage he can do to his own chances.
    Which is always a great sign for your candidate :-p

    1. Just like BRANDON. The less people see of his dementia, the better. The less people see him shaking hands with ghosts, asking for dead people in the crowd, and sniffing girls hair, the better.

  5. If these republican electorate is getting older, why do they keep voting for people who want to deny seniors their social security benefits? Every time someone says “party of Reagan” all I can think of is his brilliant “trickle down” theory that has wiped out our middle class and made the poor destitute.

    1. Billionaire benefit the most from big government and complex tax rules and especially the progressive income tax. All things Reagan opposed.
      You thing the average person can afford a team of lawyers financial advisers and accountants to avoid taxes?
      Beside once you start making millions you benefit from the flat tax. So why shouldn’t everyone else?

    2. I remember listening to a news report back in the early 2000. Why middle class people vote against their own interest. It was because they believed they would be in that upper rich class. It makes sense to me. Gen X is the generation of me.

  6. Looks like Walker is fed up with all the ridicule, the lack of star power on his campaign trail, and now he just wants it to be over. The GOP needs to tell us all why on Earth they let Trumpsters primary so many of their best candidates just because they were willing to say the 2020 election was stolen.

  7. It’s not possible to hide it longer and all of us should take some time to think about *AMM55X* and what it will do to the economoy. On my side I’m very optimistic with this and there is no better time to know about that than now

    1. @Mari This is a scam. One of them mentions a great deal now, and other scammers repeat how good of a deal it is. It works on weak, young people who love crypto.

    2. Are you ready? The kingdom of Heaven is at hand, repent, receive and confess Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and Lord and you shall be saved! Time is short. This is the time to wake up and be born of God. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Jesus is coming! You may check out of this world at any time. Jesus loves you. Get ready! Jesus is King!

    3. Agree, this should be a slam dunk for Warnock but the GOP and Republican voters are desperate for this Senate seat and they are working overtime to win it, they don’t care that their candidate Walker is crazy and dumb and unqualified.

    1. White, working class Georgians, can not move beyond racism to realize there is only 1 party pushing to preserve 100k checks

  8. Herschel doesn’t have a busy schedule because they have him locked away with a muzzle before he says one more damn stupid thing. And his friend, the former guy, has too many of his own woes to come help.

  9. I think it’s tragic that this thing is even close, that there’s even a question. Worst of all, McCarthy is still talking MAGA as a position.

  10. So, Walker raised half a million dollars from backers in light of his failure to raise his children. Family values.

  11. How exactly does this prove that McConnell is right? If quality of candidate is paramount, how do you explain Warnock’s narrow lead? This just smacks of party line voting and only exemplifies the fact that people are so divided they’re being willfully ignorant.

    1. @Elizabeth Warman sorry we don’t want any of what you are taking. Look what its done to you people. No thank you

    2. @Brandon Duarte what are you talking about? I was joking! For God’s sake get a life. Lithium is a mental health drug.

    3. @Elizabeth Warman thats why you and democrats take it. You are the party of mental illness and we want nothing of what you are taking. Plus leave the children alone already.

  12. Blue OR Red ….we are all saying the same thing about Walker — HELL NAH . Even the Republicans who are voting for him knows Walker is a joke. They are voting because they don’t want to “waste” their vote. Wait…now that I think about it — Walker is a waste of a vote.

  13. OK Georgians, do your thing. Vote for Warnock just like you did in 2020 when you voted for Biden! Make America proud again!

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