Republicans are relieved Trump won’t campaign with Walker. Here’s why

Former President Donald Trump will not return to Georgia to campaign with Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker during the runoff election. CNN's Harry Enten explains why Republicans are relieved by Trump's absence. #CNN #News


  1. Don’t count Donnie out! He will overreach in the end into failure…he can’t stop himself….it’s his brand.
    Donnie gonna Donnie…just watch…

    1. Donnie will make Herschel talk smack about “Ye”, who had the audacity to get “uppity” with Donnie by suggesting Donnie take the VP role on the ticket.
      Donnie don’t share Ye….
      Donnie don’t share…

  2. The combined stupidity between Trump and Herschel Walker in the same room would cause stupidity sparks and start a fire.

  3. I’m a big boy, and I realize that a certain amount of cynicism is going to be present among politicians in any mass democracy, but I must say that the GOP’s assertion that Herschel Walker is fit to be U.S. Senator is simply beyond the pale.

    1. @R McDud Mk2 how do you like the awesome Supreme Court super majority we have ? The law of the land where the buck stops 😊
      You realize it’s gonna stay that way for decades don’t you?

    2. @Ligma Johnson 👈 This poster ghost posted to me. Liggy, if you’re to much of a wuss to engage me openly, you’re not worth the time or effort.

  4. Um, because Hersch is LOSING, bigly! Doesn’t need the endorsement/”kiss of death,” from Trump. He’s failing fine all by himself.

  5. The only reason Walker got that close in the general election was Kemp. you are not going to have people turn-out just to vote for Walker.

    1. Hopefully they will see that warnok is an enemy of God wolfe in sheeps clothes he voted for murder of children and voted last year on a bill about muslims that will persecute anyone who speaks against islam and does not protect all others who want to practice their religion under the constitution its only benefit is muslims protected from people speaking truth about them . well what about all others rights un our constitution?

    2. But they might turn out to vote against warnock

      And vice versa.

      I don’t see Warnock losing, but we’ll see what happens.

    3. Facts! Trump’s election analysts have likely already told him this. Donald demands all the credit, none of the blame. He wouldn’t distance himself from Walker’s campaign now if they thought he would win. Trump don’t want to be seen on stage next to a loser.

  6. Yeah, unfortunately trump he said that he wasn’t going to announce his reelection until he did , so it’s only a matter of time that he break his promise not to step away from Walker campaigning.

  7. Damn! That would have been a campaign filled to the brim with unintentionally hilarious moments. I wish he would! He probably will anyway. He never does what he says, so…

  8. If Republicans were smart they would of let Trump campaign so they could of blamed him when Walker inevitably loses 🤦

    1. If Dems were smart they would stop pointing fingers at conservatives claiming Republicans are racist when Democrats founded the KKK 😂🤣….prove me wrong

  9. Unbelievable how many people are so naive when they vote. I’m stunned by how so many people vote for one party regardless if they are worthless.

    1. @sgtwrench69 why bring up my mom are you 12? You definitely need to go back to school and learn something you said waste of skin 😂

  10. “I’ma Herschel Walker an let me tella bout vampyres, wherewufwufs and zumbies.” I’ma a police oficer and I’ma running for Erection.”

    Herschel Walker Quote

    1. @Timothy Cahill * Head concussions, carrying a handgun without a legal license, domestic violence, Walker has been stupid all his life. Surely Georgia has better.

  11. No Matter what political persuasion you find yourself in, ask yourself;
    “Would I Want Walker with me, lost in the Amazon, trying to decide the best way back….?”

  12. I see from the thumbnail that Herschel’s mastered the Nazi salute. Must be so embarrassing for his 27 secret kids.

  13. Why’s Walker bothering campaigning? Can’t he just wave his toy police badge around and threaten to arrest anyone who doesn’t vote for him?

  14. When kids Knock on Herschel Walker’s door, half of them ask for candy. The other half are asking for chid support.

  15. The same people who told Colin Kaepernick and Lebron James, “Shut up and stick to sports,” never said that to Herschel Walker. Gee, I wonder why?

  16. Seems like those Republicans are learning when you align yourself with the orange man you’re going to crash and burn🤔

  17. Just like most democrats didn’t want biden in their states, there’s some republicans that feel the same about trump. But considering that biden is president and many Democrats didn’t want him says a lot.

  18. How can somebody who’s so incredibly unqualified actually even be in a runoff?! Walker should throw in the towel to save any remnants of “face”.

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