1. Remember January 6th.Trump must be held accountable. I’d like to thank the subscribers. Soon we will be able to have live streams. There is strength in numbers

    2. @Kenneth Shaffer Alabama keeps proving why they are the dumbest state in the Nation. Florida and Texas are putting up a good fight though!

    1. @Chewie Knievel
      I don’t believe Pelosi was setting a trap. I believe she fully intended to conduct a committee of equal partisan. When McCarthy pulled his stunt, then she knew what to do to fix his idiotic maneuver.

    2. @Freewheelin’ Franklin McCarthy couldn’t have screwed that up worse if he’d let Guiliani handle it.

    3. @J J lol. Ok bud, keep telling yourself that. If you think the gop right now is anything other than obstructionists with no real agenda aside from making money for the richest portion of our country, then you have been had. You can be better!

    1. GOP is the party of lies….lies and more lies…. They lie because they are miserable failures at everything but being corrupt….I usually vote Democrat and i support police 110 ten percent….we all saw on Jan 6 that they are liars when they say they support the police.


    3. He failed at Auburn cause he couldn’t make players and alumni happy. He thinks he can make a state happy.

    4. @Stan Wilson the police finally motivated George to give up on drugs. He’s got nearly 15 months of sobriety.

  1. LOLZ no wonder he quit coaching. Gotta love the GOP clown car, an endless source of hilarity where each dumb act / comment / statement / gesture is somehow always outdone

    1. 2024: I alone can fix this.
      Trump isn’t much of a thinker. He will just repeat the same nonsense. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t run the exact same “voter fraud” scam after the election… regardless if he won or not.

    2. If Donnie boy doesn’t want to own his failures, he’s NOT presidential material. It would be UTTERLY FOOLISH and EMBARRASSING if he thinks he stands even an ATOM’S chance of winning in 2024.

  2. This is what happens when somebody makes the mistake of believing his own party’s lies about their opponents.

    1. @S RKH Do you remember when CNN fact checked Trumps claim that he’d get a vaccine developed within a year?

      Ha ha.

    1. Joe Biden needs his soiled diaper changed. You’re elected. Spartacus is stiil a big mouth eejit & loser. LOL.

    2. @Robert Jeffcoat every time you post, beat your chest, you show how bad your oppositional defiant disorder really is. I’m laughing at you.

    3. @Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe Tuberville forwarded an amendment that banned defunding the police at the senatorial level. He thought this would create a situation where Democrats had to vote no and therefore have a record he and the GOP could use against them.

      Unfortunately he was a victim of his own BS because none of the Democratic Senators want to defund the police and he just gave them the opportunity to vote for his amendment. Therefore the GOP just lost that talking point at the senatorial level because Tuberville just gave Democrats a voting record that proves they don’t want to defund the police.

      He screwed himself and His GOP colleagues out of a positive issue they could have used.

    1. The one thing dump actually accomplished during his term was to make truth and facts completely valueless to the GOP.

  3. Wasn’t these the same people who deny the January 6th attack. These were the same people who claimed the police were lying about what happened

    1. weren’t these the same people wanting to defund the capitol police? Republicans are quite wacky to watch.

  4. “The men and women in blue”, he said. The same men and women in blue the GQP abandoned in the aftermath of Insurrection Day!

    1. @kleivn 420 It wasn’t her responsibility. AND, reinforcing the Capitol Police & DC Police with the DC National Guard Personnel was & is the responsibility of the POTUS. DJT had no problem calling out the DC Guard Personnel so he could amble over to the church & take a picture with an upside-down bible.

    2. @kleivn 420 It takes a simple google search to debunk this. She had no authority over capitol police. This misunderstanding most likely didn’t occur due to the amount of substances smoked, but can be blamed on the source that provided you with this false information. This is not the kind of clarity that you can get from eyedrops or a sober mind. It comes from challenging what you agree with just as much as what you don’t agree with.

    3. And also lets be smart about this. When it comes to punishments, whoever started the riot will be in line first. Then whoever was suppose to provide security.

    4. @Tremori They really are stupid enough to believe that Pelosi has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with security at the Capitol, lol! All Dear Leader had to do was blow the dog whistle and the hounds are off and running!

  5. Now Tubervill should come up with an “open boarders” amendment, so the democrats can put that stupidity to bed too

  6. Poor Tommy, let’s get them Dems that want to defund the police, all the while us Repugs are claiming the insurrection was “Just a normal tourist vist with people huuging the police”. FFS you ignorant fool!

  7. apparently, football coaching is different than being a senator. it seems celebrities aren’t usually good at governing

  8. The Dems should put forth a bill that allows for the removal of any politician trying to stall or whitewash the Jan 6th Capitol attack investigation.
    Instant firing for any who downplay what the Capitol police went through.
    How about that?
    If I were on the Hill, that’s the amendment I would have pushed for.
    Fair is fair, right?

    1. They should put forth a bill that any politician with lineage ties to legally owning slaves should not be allowed to run for office…

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