Republicans Dodge Questions About Substance Of Trump's Ukraine Misconduct | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Republicans Dodge Questions About Substance Of Trump’s Ukraine Misconduct | The Last Word | MSNBC


As new information about the Ukraine scandal comes out, Republicans are being forced to confront the facts of the case against Trump, facts that they have tried to avoid by ignoring reporters, ducking into elevators, and even head-butting a camera. Jennifer Rubin tells Ali Velshi "this is not a sustainable strategy" for Republicans. E.J. Dionne also joins. Aired on 11/01/19.
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Republicans Dodge Questions About Substance Of Trump's Ukraine Misconduct | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Ive a feeling that many of the most ardent congressional supporters are being paid in one form or another. Others are being threatened with compromat.
      By whom/how?
      By whom/how?

    2. Putting “Deep State” orders above the People! The “Deep State” being a group of ultra wealthy families controlling the world in secret, for centuries, for their own monetary benefit! They are the wolves, we are the sheep! To keep attention off them, they pit us against each other! It’s worked so far, for centuries! They profit greatly during war, lending money to both sides!

  1. Love watching these spineless weasels squirm when asked if it’s ok to ask foreign countries to interfere in elections…….better than watching comedy central

    1. @Aliens Yes he did but you are fine with that as long as brown children as put in cages before being auctioned off by Devos and Trump. Barr got rid of Epstein because he was competition.

    2. Yes, but if you’ve been paying attention, former Ambassador Yovanovitch confirmed Trump did not go through the proper channels to request the investigations. Also, impeachment is a political process, not a criminal one – the House does not need to show Trump broke the law in order to impeach him, it just helps if they can.

    1. It’s all going to come together the Russian oligarch paying Lev and Rudy Huge sums of money to start a campaign against the 1.
      Ukraine US ambassador and
      2.get dirt on Biden and
      3. a conspiracy about Ukraine hacking the 2016 election for trump. All the time using taxpayer aid as a cudgel being held over the weaker Ukraine government

    2. @TJ W GOP Reps in congress can’t imagine anything about the Trump team needs to be investigated in spite of all the credible witnesses coming forth but they are certain Hunter Biden’s time on the board of a Ukrainian gas company is a sure sign of corruption in spite of no evidence except from Rudy Colludie.

    1. @DarthSailorMoon drumpf may throw them under the bus first. He’s not as brave and confident as he portray himself. He’s nasty, conning and a big liar.

    2. At least they’re guilty of supporting Lil Donnie… or hiding his actions, sweeping his ‘mistakes’ under the rug…

    3. @Jeff Drake you better read the Constitution buddy. it clearly says you can’t ask for favors of any kind from anyone .

  2. Out of all the mountains that republicans could have chosen to fight and die on, they chose to fight and die on Bull Mountain.

    1. @martin winther how can you say voting is the best way to remove a president…there have been 5 presidents in the history of the US government that have won by the electoral college but have lost by number the majority of the votes. So tell us just how is an election better when there is gerrymandering and voter suppression???

    2. @martin winther again, I agree. This is all happening but it is no ones fault and there is no one to blame but I must say, the actions of the POTUS himself. I’ve said it before but seems quite often lately, these forums get not only intense but can ugly. It is adults combined with politics of course and people are passionate, understandably, personal as well. As issues hit close to home for many.

    3. @martin winther Well, you clearly haven’t forgotten about Nixon so why would you assume that other people have?

    1. Agreed. His vanity is the least of his character flaws, but it is ironic that such a virulent racist is faking melanin production.

    1. spud2go Yes, and they might actually succeed in warding justice by ganging up in the Senate and voting out or against the articles of impeachment. The solution then is for the American people to say “enough” and vote every Republican out of office. That only happens if we can feel some good candidates and especially if we get out the blue vote.

    1. Are they really the Republican Party or are they now the fascist party following the Trump fascist family, doing the bid of Putin… ya right, America first. These are scary times when these power hungry congress people & Moscow Mitch & his house are more worried about losing their cushy do nothing jobs for the people. Fly around on the tax payers money, have the best health care on the tax payers money, feel like movie stars, loving to always be on camera, they are traitors to the constitution and our democracy and to the people of our country. Vote all these small limp cowards out of office.

    2. Trump’s GOP does not resemble the GOP before 2017. The smarter party members have already left to become independents. Those in the cult of Trump are in for a shock.

    1. @Trumpenstein The “always” term here irredeemably disqualifies the relevance of your comment . Indeed such an assertion by essentializing the moral virtues of a political denomination enables Trump and consorts to ride on the historically mythologized virtue of Abe’s party and to disparage the symmetrical Dem sins in the same sweeping ignorant and boring analysis .
      You could have used the more prudent “long has been” , eventually propose a date or an approximative time line for whence the GOP pivoted to the attitudes you decry , you even might choose to find the seeds of such corruption in the very foundational features of said “grand old party ” and yet you chose not to.
      Btw ain’t it rather odd that such a name should stick all the whilst its main rival is demonstrably older ? Such epistemological oddities should always be held as warnings of significant or as signifying some sort of a conjuror’s mind trick .
      My favorite illustration of that kind of trick is the UK’s public schools denomination for very high end private schools. Such paradoxical denominations are not in the least rare or unusual if you should care for hermeneutics and indeed are a warning to any earnestly attempting to make sense of the little knowledge they have managed to muster that words are powerful but very traitorous tools .
      PS such considerations have just brought back a recent memory pertinent (I think ) to the gist of my comment , here’s a link about worst anxiety nightmares of one very British “JOB”

    2. The storming of the secure impeachment-room was a spectacle worthy of “big-tent” and I do not speak of the political sort but of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. (apologies for insulting the Ringling’s & Barnum and Bailey)
      Fitting for the Circus that that they have and continue to create out of the Whitehouse/Washington. Only further proving what Americans already knew but reinforcing it to the rest of the world, that Americas politicians are just a bunch of Clowns.

    1. @John Swofford While the numbers are still in Trump’s favor they will, the moment they turn the other way, he will be destroyed because he has insulted, embarrassed, bulied and corrupted them. The question is if those numbers are gong to change.
      You can tell that McConnell has his file ready to smash it over Trump’s head.

    1. Jim Sweeney Agreed but they are only going to go down if we vote and get as many people to vote blue as we possibly can.

  3. No matter what they say, not a single republican is honest. They will vote as Putin and Moscow Mitch tell them.

  4. 2:26 – The aide says, “Just asking over and over again won’t get you anywhere.”
    Just like repeatedly pushing the elevator button won’t make it come any faster.
    How’d they time that so perfectly?

  5. Don’t let America become like China.. controlled by the Rich and corrupt people. People should stand up and protest to this.

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