Republicans Dodge Questions On Trump's Violent Removal Of Peaceful Protest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Republicans Dodge Questions On Trump’s Violent Removal Of Peaceful Protest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


MSNBC's Kasie Hunt tried to get multiple Republicans to respond to the Trump White House having a peaceful protest violently removed so the president could have a photo op with a Bible. Aired on 6/2/2020.
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Republicans Dodge Questions On Trump's Violent Removal Of Peaceful Protest | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Except it wasn’t tear gas and no one has to answer to activist in the media lying. It’s a fact it was smoke bombs not tear gas

    2. Mash M I’ll bet u $10000 and give u 3-1 odds. First. Trump wins landslide. Second. Educate urself. It was smoke bombs. We’re u there? My journalist friend was and said no tear gas was used

    1. And if you listen carefully to that silence, what do you hear? Complicity? Sounds like your Republic dying to me?

    2. Well, TBH, they don’t really need to respond to pre conceived accusations. Now, if there were an actual question, then yes, I would expect an answer, but there wasn’t. There WERE political agendas disguised, not too cleverly, as questions, which the senators ignored, and good for them. Shitheads masquerading as reporters do not need to be validated nor respected.

    3. if they got gas masks on its tear gas, you can ask the australian government soon. we’ll see whos liars, the people who are a buncha tiki torch marching liars or everyone else.

    1. sim aikhaw : Trump Troll Click Bait? Coz’ we all LOVE Malware, huh? . . . How DUMB do you think we are?

    2. @The Alpengeist ya know, i would try to explain it to you, but we both know you don’t really care about those lives, just like you don’t really care about children’s lives, you just repeat the party line by rote so your bigoted self can feel important ….

  1. The standard response is “I didn’t see enough”. Why don’t they ask “isn’t it your job to know”?

    1. ….acting not knowing i.e. i am not a scientist; i was not there…..well dorks there are things such as research , ask your staff, study……or you just want to be there being useless elected lawmakers for nothing !

    1. @RuBaron715 You wish you had my education, and by the way my loans paid back, no hand out from the goverment.

    2. @Jeff Libby contraire there’s nothing you have that I’m interested in. What makes you think I would want to regress.

  2. There can only be two losers come November
    One is Trump
    If not, the other is democracy that fails the people and voters

    1. If trump is out , you all be doing him a favourite no one wants to deal with U.S this country is going down.The Elite will take over and one world order be set…watch!

    2. Trump democracy and democracy is a sham. Americans know that. We are a Constitine republic. Democracy is mob rule. And no tear gas was used

    3. @Davy Crockett you might not see it but they are crushing everyone who isnt russia, saudi arabia, or a billionaire

    4. @Davy Crockett Davy Crockett died at the Alamo . The Alamo was fought over keeping Slavery in Texas while it was a Terr. of Mexico, Mexico Outlawed Slavery and refused to let Southern US settlers in Mexican Terr. keep slaves. Thus the War that resulted in Crockett’s death. He fought to keep slaves. Do your Research. Ain’t you Proud Bigot

    1. You already tried that and you will lose big this time around ! Another day Another TRUMP VICTORY !

    2. @j t Your morbidly obese, weak, corrupt, incompetent, unstable, petty, vindictive, vulgar, borish, whiny, orange cult leader is well behind in the national polls and in the battleground states. 40 million out of work. 108k dead. The country is on fire and all Trump can do is pull ridiculous stunts in front of a church and threaten to use the military against American citizens for protesting police brutality. Trump may be popular among your neighbors in your trailer park, but you aren’t the majority.

  3. The US peaceful protesters who protected by the First Amendment of US Constitution pay taxes to pay law enforcements to attack them. LET THAT SINK IN. THE Protesters pay them not the presidents and governments. That’s why no governments speak up about this

    1. They are terrorist and rioters. How about u feel bad for innocent Americans who lost eveything to these thugs. And no tear gas was used

  4. They dont care until it directly affects them, and that is happening but they don’t know it just yet.

    1. Listen carefully, and tell me what you hear in that silence? I hear Complicity. That’s the sound a Republic makes, when it dies

  5. The GOP is turning the USA into a fascist state as surely as Mussolini did in Italy last century.

    1. ​@Phylum You will be the first to cut and run if things go south. The 2nd amendement applies to all, not just MAGA nutjobs. The world stands with us… If we burn, you will burn with us.

    2. @Phylum You think you care about the truth when you claim Hillary Clinton and George Soros are these big puppet masters controlling everything? To paraphrase Jack Nicholson, I sincerely doubt you can handle the truth. But, what has happened to the US under Trump is eerily reminiscent of pre-WWII fascist movements. The hyper-nationalism, the cult-like devotion to a populist demagogue, the slogan hearkening back to the glory days of the fatherland (MAGA!), the “uniform” (red hats vs brown shirts and arm bands) the scapegoating and denigration of minorities, the conspiratorial attacks on long-standing institutions that get in the way of the dear leader’s actions (like US intelligence agencies and law enforcement), the rise in white supremacist terrorism and violence, the Orwellian attacks on the established media (attacking reports critical of dear leader as “fake news” while conspiracy theory (Qanon, etc.)is the actual “truth”)), the cavalier disregard for the rule of law and Constitutional restraints, the suppression of the truth and cover-up of the dear leader’s crimes (thank you GOP Senate for white-washing the impeachment process), the vicious and immediate attacks on those who are perceived as disloyal to the dear leader (remember the rain of hate coming down on long time Republicans like McCain and Romney on Fox News when they dared challenge Trump), the revenge firings of against those daring to bring dear leader’s crimes to light and against those that would contradict Trump’s pronouncements (the list of these folks is long), and now the threat to use the military against US citizens. And, you ask “how so?” Perhaps you need to study some history.

    3. You mean the DNC?? I think you’ll find ANTIFA, Hillary, Pelosi, and Schiff are much closer to Il Duce than Trump. Might want to actually read history, then work to understand it BEFORE you use it to comment.

    4. ​@Romulus Paradise i see, you understand history better than anyone, just like the “president”. went to trump university, did you?

  6. Just keep on goose-stepping Republicans, right behind the the orange fascist-in-chief. You’ll all me out of office soon!

  7. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
    There are none so deaf as those who will not hear.

  8. For a bunch of old men, they move pretty quick when they’re trying to dodge a question.


    2. @Romulus Paradise If by political agenda you mean trying save american democracy and the constitution, then you’re probably right.

    3. @Romulus Paradise strange that you think asking questions about protecting the constitutional rights of americans is a liberal political agenda

  9. Trump: “I’m not taking responsibility for any of this. People are acting like I’m a REAL president and a real leader. I’m the same guy who betrayed America in front of the entire world in Helsinki. I’m nothing more than a fraud, who with the help of Putin, managed to con my way into the Oval Office. Plus most people knew I was fundamentally unfit intellectually, morally, temperamentally, emotionally, and psychologically to be president.  Someone as mentally unstable and divorced from reality as I clearly am, should have NEVER been allowed anywhere near the White House…

    So again, don’t blame me, blame the people who were dumb enough to vote for me. Blame republicans in Congress who aided, abetted, and pardoned my crimes. Blame people like Lindsey Graham and Moscow Mitch. They both know exactly who and what I am, but yet they continue to defend me. For crying out loud, Lindsey Graham even stated on fox, that I was in fact, a Krazy, race-baiting bigot. So you see, I’m the same person that I’ve always been, an irredeemable con-man and a sociopath, but you already knew that.”

    1. After looking at your posts I have one question. Are you a sheep or a goat…seriously which one.

    2. Putin: I didn’t have to do much, all I did was did my magic and put you in place. We knew you’d fk things up.

  10. Cowards that are afraid of a bigger Coward.
    This is what Politically Castrated humans look like.

    1. @DLordSadow Bunker Boy is a backwards unevolved POS, but he has been gas lighting us for 4 years.

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