Republicans heckle Biden during State of the Union address

Georgia Congreswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the Republicans who opposed Joe Biden’s claim that parts of the GOP wanted to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare, at his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Video captured Greene standing up and shouting "liar!" during Biden’s remarks after he accused "not even a majority" of Republicans of wanting to target the entitlement programs for service cuts.

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    1. You think shouting and yelling is less disrespectful than tearing a piece of paper? Please. Spare me with your bias.

    1. WHO, Rick Scott or Mike Lee ? They both look dumbfounded sitting next to each other, and Biden is talking about THEM. They’re the ones talking about cutting social security. I think YOU should receive the Darwin Award

  1. 100 billion for Ukraine, while misery spreads throughout the country, the poverty that exists in California after years of Democratic Administration is shameful

    1. If Putin takes over Ukraine, he’ll keep expanding. I know you guys love Putin, but handing him another country is opening the door to more violence.

  2. Republican Senator Ron Johnson called for subjecting Medicare and Social Security to annual budget negotiations. In fact, cutting Social Security and Medicare seemed very much top of mind for Republicans last year: Lindsey Graham declared entitlement reform a “must,” and the House’s largest Republican caucus, the conservative Republican Study Committee, released a proposal that urged raising the eligibility age for both Medicare and Social Security, called for increased means testing in Medicare, and suggested a move toward privatization for Social Security

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