Republicans jockey to be Trump’s top defender during Jan. 6 hearings

Over the past week, some of Donald's Trump's fiercest acolytes on Capitol Hill have been jockeying to prove their loyalty to the former President by waging a full-scale attack against the select committee, using news conferences, social media posts and conservative-friendly cable news appearances to blame Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the security failures on January 6, 2021, and accuse Democrats of a political witch hunt designed to damage Trump. #CNN #News


  1. Thats pretty rich talking about the cost (rep. Norman) after hearing Bill Barr outline how much effort the DOJ put into investigating what Bill Barr said was 🐃💩

    1. @Sue Howie Does every time someone says “we must fight for…” mean physical violence? It’s common rhetoric to say something like “we must fight for better wages”. Doesn’t mean physically fight.

    1. @wildd900 So what you are saying is that trump’s economic failures have negatively effected you.

    2. @Red Rick Yes at one point. For example in March of 2020 I was laid off my job due to safety issues (Covid) that could of been prevented, but due to Trumps Stubbornness he waited last minute to stop flights and enforce lock downs. Which led to a high unemployment rate and a dead economy. However things began to change around late 2020 when he passed some pretty good bills that gave Americans some breathing room, tax breaks and tax credits which helped us bounce back

  2. Republicans sound like a drunk driver telling a police officer, _”Why don’t you go and arrest real criminals.”_


  3. The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that the Florida Department of Health had commenced an inquiry into the state’s reporting of COVID-19 deaths, after Governor Ron DeSantis suggested that the official reports overstate the number of deaths. According to the report, Governor DeSantis and members of his staff repeatedly questioned the accuracy of the COVID-19 death rates, with his press secretary Fred Piccolo Jr. tweeting: “we can tell you definitively that Florida is counting deaths that were not directly caused by COVID-19.” Mr. Piccolo has also sought to downplay the COVID-19 pandemic in other ways. On one occasion, he erroneously tweeted: “we had one COVID death in Florida yesterday . . yes you read that right. One.” In fact, on the day in question, there were 47 deaths. Ron.

    1. ​@Myran Wilson I mean, think about it, a man who used to own a casino (albeit bankrupt). He made a living off scamming people. That was always the goal, that’s still the goal.

  4. The truly stubborn will never change their mind because they refuse to even listen and are not capable of considering that they could be wrong.

  5. How can these ” Big Lie” candidates look at themselves in the mirror,how can their families, children,parents, etc.etc. even want to be associated with such creatures, the mind truly boggles!!!!

  6. “I’ve had it with this guy. What he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend that, and nobody should defend it.”
    — Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) on Donald Trump after January 6, 2021 attempted coup (audio recording released on 4/21/22)


    1. Apparently hiding in the basement and screaming orange man bad was good enough for you guys to vote for dementia patient. Go ahead. Tell us what a great job he’s done.

    1. RIGHT 👍.
      You might as well have had Ivanka Don Jr and Eric as a Jury at Trumps impeachment trial.
      Trial of his peers

  7. Attempted coup is far bigger story than guns, inflation, and other serious problems. No need to gloss over that event. First save the democratic process!!!! Just because we want to doesn’t mean we don’t care about the other pressing problems.

    1. Just let crimes pass because other things are also happening
      Except that there are 538 congresspeople
      Plenty to solve all sorts of problems at once!!

  8. “Republicans jockey to be Trump’s top defender during Jan. 6 hearings” so let’s otherwise #ConvinceItForward

  9. After seeing what’s already come out in these hearings, you can either choose to be a sane, intelligent and “decent” human being who actually cares about our democracy and the rule of law “or” you can be a Trump supporter, but you CANNOT be both of these things at the same time…Period

  10. Stepien’s statements should be used by Democrats wherever he is helping fascist candidates, so that voters are aware that his paymasters are dishonest and are willing to overturn their votes

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