Republicans Push Forward Restrictive Election Bill In Texas | MSNBC

NBC News Now Correspondent Priscilla Thompson and Director of the Voting Rights and Elections Program at the Brennan Center for Justice Myrna Perez join Geoff Bennet to discuss what could be next for HB 6 in Texas.

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  1. If Republicans go on record they are working for Donald Trump they need to get off our payroll and on his

    1. trump was caught pressing GA to find votes for him yet the right still think the left is doing voter fraud.

  2. Would be hilarious if the GOP’s voter suppression laws backfires and their own voters can’t vote 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @Cristian Armaselu And you are able to decode his drivel? I have no idea WTF he’s trying to say

    2. @PJ Celeste I beg to differ. I don’t think MSNBC showed that much hate for George Bush junior as much as what Fox did for Obama. Big difference there. With Obama, it was literally black skin hate on Fox.

    1. @DoMi all these troll losers seem to be posting bs but I’m still waiting for their proof of fraud

    2. @Google Gurgle The only people more dishonest than Trump is the cult of liars who need liars like that to lead them.

  3. Reps fight hard to keep the people down, but We the People will fight harder to make our voices heard

    1. @Google Gurgle troll do not underestimate millions people who do not watch propaganda and gaslighting media purely show. They do there home work and know what is going on.

    2. @Blessings m you spelled it “there”. Obviously you didn’t do your English homework. Thank you for perfectly proving my third point. 👍😂🤡

    3. @Blessings m Since you read TX SB 7 yourself you can explain how it suppresses, discriminates or restricts voting. Article and subsection please.

  4. The best way to set this correct is a national formulation of a single non-partisan election system, nationwide, no exceptions. It’s been toyed with far too long.

  5. Texas republicans literally had to admit that the last election was fair, secure, and accurate. And yet, they persist (with their blatant and desperate voter suppression).

    And I look forward to it backfiring when their own voters miss out on voting in Nov. 😅😂

    1. @Google Gurgle why do you keep posting the same comment over and over, are you capable of independent thought and providing evidence of voter fraud. All you accounts seem to never respond to having proof. Also Fox News and newsmax is definitely full of GED dead end job 🤡 especially the ones who talk down on higher education like college and Ivy League schools.

  6. They have no idea if it’s those claims are false. And if they do then somebody should question them.

  7. Just remember how powerful your vote was in 2020 and make it hurt even worse when they try to stop you from voting. Make sure they lose even worse the next time with the greatest power you have to send a clear message.

    1. Since you actually read the bill, would you please point out just one article in TX SB 7 that restricts, suppresses or discriminates any one who can legally vote.

  8. I’m a Texan and this is appalling. Abbott, Cornyn and Cruz…just to name a few, only represent themselves not Texas or democracy. VOTE BLUE ALL THE WAY!!

  9. Why has not the state AG had massive arrest for fraud of the election. If there was fraud, where are the investigations and jail time for those involved

  10. Why is our Federal government even allowing this farce to continue? These voter-restriction people need to be stopped NOW, not after they’ve done more damage.

  11. Eventually the Republicans will just have to come to terms with the fact that Americans simply do not want them in office.

    1. Then America will have one party and a totalitarian government. Kindergarten mentality runs amok in America.

  12. It might be strange if it turns out to backfire on them, putting unimaginable numbers of Democrats in office. Let’s see 👀 how this goes.

  13. My ancestors chose to come here, 200 years ago. I am deeply ashamed of them, and what they did, but surely what texas looks like right now was not the plan.

    My god, this place is such a DUMP.

  14. The Supreme Court became a grift shop after RBG. The last Justice with balls. Don’t count on justice to be done. We are now living in a fascist state.

    1. lmfao, RGB was a weak little coward who couldnt even stay awake at work or show up to do her job lmfao. useless.

  15. Fun Fact: People who watch Fox news are less informed than people who never watch the news.


    1. People who watch MSNBC News and think they’re more informed than people who watch Fox News are on the same drugs as Fox News viewers. Both channels are prostitutes but for different pimps.

  16. As soon as the media comes out against something, you have to know it’s something good for the country.

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