Republicans Put On Show Of Outrage Over Fabricated 'Meat Ban' Boogeyman | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Republicans Put On Show Of Outrage Over Fabricated ‘Meat Ban’ Boogeyman | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


There is no meat ban. No one is banning meat. And yet the loudest voices on the right spent the weekend being upset about a meat ban they invented all by themselves. Aired on 04/27/2021.
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Republicans Put On Show Of Outrage Over Fabricated 'Meat Ban' Boogeyman | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. The far right has gone so much off the rails, at least with Obama they attack him on something Obama did and add their ridiculous twist like being mad at Dijon Mustard, with Biden they’re just straight up lying.

    1. @My Tale At least Obama was black … Joe just goes to work and does what he says he will do …hopeless , obviously

    2. @My Tale This. Lots of people may certainly not agree with some/most/all of his policy goals, ideals etc. But most of them still recognize that he’s not generating much controversy (himself at least), he’s not craving for personal attention, and he’s fully prioritizing _doing_ POTUS rather than _being_ POTUS. And whether or not they like the results, they see the work being done with competency.

      So yeah, Biden (and Harris) is “boring”. Not particularly so in general (V)P metrics, but because of all the endless, ceaseless drama and controversy the former guy fomented from dawn to… dawn – mostly for the sole purpose of masturb**ing his own ego and its incessant need for attention.

      As long as he and Harris keep on doing their jobs and not creating needless drama, deliver results that benefit the population at large (whether Conservatives agree with the means or not), and the DNC and their caucasing independents make sure to hold on to Congress majority – I think this Admin and Congress is gonna do well. And keep growing in favorable views among conservatives. The hellbent, coolaid-straight-in-the-artery MAGA section of the population (because far from all Republicans or conservatives overlap with the MAGA crowd) is big, but it’s not growing. It’s numbers appear to be dwindling, even though quite slowly. So the section of the population warming up to this admin, is growing. They don’t have to become liberals to appreciate leadership that just doesn’t care all that much about publicity, and just go to work every day with a mindset and track record of doing their job.

  2. Fox Anchor: “Do you think we should run with this Biden Bans Meat thing? It’s pretty stupid.”
    Fox Producer: “Umm, you do know who watches us, right? Stupid is what they do best!”
    Maga idiots: “Biden is going to ban hamburgers!!!”
    Fox Producer:

    1. You forgot the part where the Republican meat packer donors count their cash while conservatives rush the local grocery store to stock up on meat before the big bad Biden takes away their hamberders!!

    1. I heard slipper sox are next. It’s true, go on amazon and see it you can find them, not there.

  3. Something is wrong with people that live by conspiracies I don’t care if it’s intentional or not something is very wrong with them.

    1. These people must of had the most uneducated parents to be able to get them to believe in these people. Great parental skills & these people breed & pass it on like a fungus. They hate FACTS… Facts Always Confuse Trump Supporters

    2. @Chris Ward stop watching faux news. I don’t watch faux news for the same reason why I don’t eat or drink from the toilet. But if you do… Bon Appétit… Bless your heart

    3. @Chris Ward like pizza gate… and all your continued whining

      Or maybe Iran-contra? But you’re probably still whining about missing emails?

    4. I live with one
      It is insane how he sees a conspiracy in anything and everything.
      That’s not even to mention how he will politicize the most mundane topic in a matter of minutes. I pretty much no longer bother trying to even communicate with him because absolutely everything is politics and/or conspiracies or will be in under 5 minutes.

    5. Yes. Epstein killed himself and the government isnt hiding anything. Yes man.

  4. Even Senator Corey Booker, a vegan, didn’t support a meat ban. During the debates he said clearly said so.

  5. Remember when the world took America seriously ? No , me neither , but it was never quite as openly crazy as this …

  6. Lmao Dr sues and the meat ban what are they thinking I wouldn’t of believed it if I didn’t see it they just can’t stop being the worst.

  7. It’s absolutely clear why they are talking about the meat ban. They want to deflect away from Popeye and the spinach ban

  8. I’m also worried about the fact that they aver the Biden Administration is going to force us to drink “plant based beer”. Yes, really. I can’t wait to tell my neighbor who brews his own.

    1. @Red Dwarf hes making fun of the republican base’s ignorance. they are like sheep with zero education

    2. An tell your fake neighbor Dr brew Seuss that President Biden is going to try to force you MAGA cult to have clean air and clean drinking water and that will be an outrage to use in brewing Dr brew Seuss beer or your moonshine.

    3. Hey don’t make fun I eat Plant Based Butter. For real!. I love all these quips — Really Great. You can’t fix STUPID. So why not laugh?

    4. …Well, there goes my business ventures… Heiferweizen, Pulled Pork Pilsner, Steak Stout , and Beefweiser.

  9. “If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”

    1. I found the comment that I was looking for. Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other and yourself during this pandemic and social crisis

  10. I love the way Rachel calls out the idiots. She really knows how to use the fake information by showing it up for how ridiculous their “concerns” are. This “meat ban” should provide some pretty good mileage for lot of others as well. Meanwhile, I have to go out back and trim my hot dog hedge. Want to ketchup with my neighbour, but I don’t relish working in the rain though.

  11. Distraction, that’s the GoP modus operandi these days.
    “Oh, look over there, at that non-existent scandal I just made up, while I pick your pocket and screw you over.”

  12. At this point I’d be more surprised to hear a member of the GOP actually say something that made sense/was real..hilariously entertaining tho

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